Boy With Luv Episode 49


My heart hit hard against the walls of my chest as I dialed Mari’s number. It wasn’t going through and I didn’t stop trying.

I looked at my wristwatch and realized that she would be back from school already so I just entered my car and drove to her house. I thank God I made that move because Mr Maxwell was already there like I suspected. I was actually worried if he had told her anything before I arrived

“Will, hey” Mari called out to me. I looked away from Maxwell and smiled at Mari, a very fake smile

“hey” I forced myself to say then I walked to her and pulled her gently, away from Maxwell. I hugged her and inhaled the fragrance from her hair. It feels like she just washed it and treated it

“you can release her now” Maxwell said and I released her and frowned at him

“what’s your stress? Are you the one hugging her? Is she complaining? What are you doing here?” I angrily asked. He laughed and looked towards the door then he looked at Mari

“I’ll be on my way now innocent one. I wish you could be exempted but an oaths an oath” he said, bowed his head at her then turned to leave

“Maxwell!” I said with a groan then I jerked him up by his collar

“oh my goodness! Will” Marigold exclaimed

“if anything… I mean anything happens to Marigold, I swear I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you all!” I yelled then pushed him

“get out!” I shouted and pointed to the door. He smirked and licked his lower lip in a way that his tongue came outside to do the job
He turned and left without a word

“who’s he?” Mari asked as I was walking to a couch

“Wilbur talk to me. Who was that man? He said you sent him here”

“I didn’t send him” I answered gently and lowly. I sighed and palmed my face

“baby? Baby what’s wrong?” she asked and sat beside me. She placed her hand on my back and I lifted my face to look at her.

I let my eyes pierce into hers and I was close to both tears and anger. She doesn’t deserve to pay for my mistakes and I’m never gonna let her

“there’s something you’re not telling me” she said and I smiled and held her face

“spend the night at my place tonight. Let’s keep each other company” I said and she raised an eyebrow

“seriously?” she asked sarcastically
“hey I’m serious here. Sleepover at my place” I said and she hummed
“promise me you’d tell me what’s wrong with you?” she asked and I nodded

“promise me you’d be strong” I said

“yes” she answered and I smiled and kissed her forehead


I made my hair into two braids or… Eliza made my hair into two long braids. I don’t have to take the credit. I wore big clothes because it was really cold outside.

“have fun” Eliza said as she stopped for me to enter my car

“are you sure you’re going to be okay for the night?” I asked
“hey, when did you start worrying about me this much?” she asked

“it’s not my fault I get too many insecurities now” I said

“oh that reminds me. Tomorrow after you come home, we’ll go see a therapist or we’d book an appointment” she said

“thanks Eliza” I appreciated and hugged her

“bye. My regards to Will” she said and waved me as I sat in.

“make sure you don’t stay up watching movies” I warned and she laughed

“I’ll try my best” she replied and I chuckled and drove out.

As I was driving, my mind drifted to the way Will had acted towards that man he called Maxwell. I know he said he was going to tell me why but I’m still wondering. They don’t look like they just met so whatever feud between them is from the past.

But what could be the feud? Will doesn’t seem like someone who could keep a grudge for long. And he certainly isn’t one to start up trouble. Maybe it has to do with family. Maybe the Maxwell guy is related to him and they aren’t at peace with each other

Few minutes later I was in Will’s house. I entered and saw that he had changed his decors. His cushion chairs were now white or black instead of pink and purple. Maybe he’s done being the Pink Model.

Val entered and was surprised to see me. I actually haven’t been here since I got abducted

“hello” I greeted hrr
“Marigold. How are you?” she asked with a smile

“I’m fine. How have you been?” I asked and sat down

“I’m fine too dear. Let me get you something to drink” she said and hurried away.

I sighed and looked around the living room. It finally looks manly.

Val came back with a tray and a glass filled with orange juice. She placed it on the table in front of me then handed me the glass on top

“thank you” I appreciated while collecting it

“can you please tell Wilbur that I’m already here?” I asked

“Mr Sanders? He left the house two hours ago and he isn’t back yet. But don’t worry I’ll phone him and tell him you’re here”

“two hours ago? He left my house two hours ago” I said.

I thought he said he’d just branch at a studio then be back in an hour before he arrives

“let me just call him now” I said and brought out my phone using my left hand

“I’ll be in the kitchen my dear” she said
“okay ma’am” I said and dialed Will’s number. It rang down without an answer. I called again and same thing, he didn’t answer. It could be that something came up at the studio

I gulped down almost all the juice and dropped the glass. I went upstairs to his room and laid on his bed. Minutes later I slept off and woke up about an hour after sleeping off. I went downstairs with my phone in my hand and drank some water. I looked into my phone and saw a message from Wilbur

?you would have to take dinner without me. Something came up

I was disappointed with the message. I actually thought he would say he’s on his way back. When I woke up I even thought he’d be back already.

I wanted to dial his number again but I reasoned that he’d be quite busy so I decided not to call.

I later ate dinner alone and watched TV for over an hour. It was already some minutes to 10 o’clock and still, no sign of Wilbur

If he was going to be so busy he shouldn’t have told me to come over.

I was beginning to feel sleepy but I decided to wait till it’s at least 30 minutes pass 10pm. Five minutes after my decision I began to dose off. I could barely stay up 10 minutes before I hurried upstairs and tucked myself in. I was even too sleepy to give him a call to ask if he’s on his way already

I could feel heavy eyebags pulling down the skin under my eyes. I hadn’t slept at all at night and it was just this morning at dawn that I slept for a little less than thirty minutes.

I staggered into my living room and sighted the cushion chairs. I held my head because it was aching badly and I found it hard to see. I fell into one chair and groaned with my eyes shut.

“I hate hangovers” I muttered with my eyes still closed. I felt sleep creeping in on me and I embraced it.

I woke up when someone was tapping me

“Willie? Come on wake up” she said and hit my back. I groaned and forced my eyes open

“what is it? Get away from me!” I half yelled and pushed the person away

“Wilbur! Goodness!” the lady exclaimed

I tried sleeping again but I felt her hand on my face. I opened my eyes and looked at her face. It was all blurred

“I want to sleep” I said drowsily

“okay, I’ll take you upstairs. You can’t sleep here, it’s not comfortable” the lady said and she lifted me to sit up. My eyes were closing and opening

She helped me to stand up on my feet and wrapped her arms around me. She then pulled me along till we reached the stairs

“we’re at the staircase now. You have to just climb it carefully” she said and I did so. She opened the door to a room and we walked in

“you need a shower Wilbur”
“I need sleep, not a job” I replied
“and who’s talking about a job? I said a shower” she said and I laughed.

She pushed me and I fell on the bed. I sighed and closed my eyes to sleep
I touched my forehead that felt cool and I opened my eyes fully. I was in my room and I was wearing only my shots. My windows were open and cool air blew into my room

I sat up and inhaled. Then I remembered the events of last night. How I drowned myself in alcohol and didn’t get any sleep. How did I even drive home?

The words that put me in an awful mood yesterday replayed in my head, LET HER GO OR WE MAKE HER GO

The meaning of that short saying was too clear for me and it got me too sad. They wanted me to break up with Mari or else they’d make her pay for my sins. They’d hurt me

The door opened and Marigold walked in. She looked at me and smiled. I partially smiled before frowning

“why didn’t you knock?” I asked sternly while frowning at her

“oh. I thought …”
“thought what? Just knock next time okay” I said and stepped down from the bed though I still sat on it

“who took my clothes off?” I asked gently

“oh I did. I did that last night when you were—”

I cut her short “—don’t ever change my clothes again. Please” I said and gulped down a lump in my throat. I looked up to see her face that had turned pale. I has embarrassed her. I couldn’t behold it and I looked down immediately
To Be Continued