Boy With Luv Episode 47


I checked my time and ten minutes had already passed. I wondered what was keeping him so long. He might be insane but he’s not that insane, he can talk and I have to find out what in the world made him kidnap my girlfriend

“Sir” the man who was supposed to call out Eduardo for me said

“where is he?” I asked
“I’m afraid you can’t see him today sir. He’s under a special treatment today and he has been given some sedatives. He won’t be conscious for two days”

“darn it” I mumbled.

“okay thank you” I said and stood up. I walked out of the building and entered my car. I drove straight to the agency I walk under.

“you’re quite early today. You’re supposed to be here in the next one hour” my manager said. He has his own office in the building

“so what? Should I go back?” I said, a bit rudely.

“whoa. What’s up with the temper?” he asked and I breathed in and out
“I’m going to get a drink or two… Want to tag along?” I asked

“sure, we don’t have anything to do until after the next one hour so I guess I could tag” he said and closed his laptop, We went to a place that wasn’t crowded

“so why are you too quiet? I know you’re always quiet but this time, it’s like you’re not quiet in your mind. You’re busy thinking inside your mind and you’re now awfully quiet outside because you’re busy inside” my manager said

I looked at him
“I don’t understand a word of what you said” I stated and looked away

“how would you understand, you’re too drifted off to even hear me properly” he said and poured himself another glass

“have you ever wondered why…” I paused and looked back at him. He looked up at me with furrowed brows, properly trying to know what I want to say

“have you ever wondered why Eduardo kidnapped Marigold?” I asked

He shrugged “that’s because he’s insane” he answered
“why do y’all keep saying that? Eduardo has a reason, it’s not because he’s insane. Eish!” I shot out

“wait… Why does it seem like you’re suspecting him with something? It seems you know he’s holding something”

“what? No… It’s… It’s not that.. It’s just. Ugh! Forget it!” I said and waved it off

“we came here to drink and you haven’t even finished a glass of wine”

“I’m driving us back, I don’t want to drink much. Look at you, you’re already getting drunk”

“no I’m not. This is just my second glass” he stated

“have you ever tried to ask Marigold what Eduardo did to her?” he asked

“no I haven’t. Should I?”

“of course you should”

I bit my lower lip and looked up at the door. My eyes widened when I saw someone I didn’t think I’d ever see. He walked to me and grinned

“hello… Bur” he said and grinned at me

“what? You’re speechless?” he asked. I blinked my eyes repeatedly and remembered his last words to me before he left

? I’ll be back to take away your joy the same way you took mine

“hi, you must be his manager” he said to my manager

“hello” my manager said and took his handshake



I sighed in relief with the rest of the students after the professor rounded off his two hour class. I’m so hungry and I need to take a long soothing bath.
I took my purse and looked at my wristwatch. It was almost 1pm.

“hey Mari, I’m going towards the first junction after the school gate, do you mind dropping me off? Please?” Rose asked

“sure, come on” I replied

“oh thank you”

We went to my car together and I dropped her off. As I was getting back into the car I noticed that the car behind me had also pulled over by the roadside. I didn’t care though, I just entered my car and drove off. Few minutes later I was to take a turn and I looked at the rearview mirror. The car was back behind me and when I took my turn, it also did same
To be continued