Boy With Luv Episode 46


“here babe, it’s a bit bitter so you might have to gulp it down at once” Will said to me and handed me a tea cup

“tea?” I asked
“well, yeah. It’s a type of healing tea” he replied with a shrug. I exhaled and brought the cup to my lips. I paused and looked at it, it was hot but not too much

“you said it was bitter?” I asked still looking at the tea

“yeah” he replied. I exhaled again and opened my mouth, I placed my lips on the lid and poured in the tea as I took gulps of it. I tried my best not to let my tongue taste it and I did a 70% job on that. I hate bitter things.

I lowered the cup and gave it to Wilbur.

“it would help kill the pain. By the way should I bring up some ice?” he asked

“uhm no. Eliza brought some about an hour ago before she left for school” I replied and placed a pillow on my thighs then I pressed my hands on it. He then went out of the room, probably to drop the cup

I was sitting in bed with my back leaning against the bed frame. I was wearing a white silky loose dress and my legs were under the blanket.

Will had come to see me and he has been doing things for me, things that I can actually do like wearing my own slippers.

It’s been three days since I got back and I’ve been getting loads of love and care from people I know and even those I don’t know. But Wilbur won’t let everybody see me. He got police men to hang around the house and only those who have very close personal relationship with me or Wilbur could see me. Most of my school mates had tried to come but couldn’t enter so they went back. However, Eliza said they didn’t actually come to see me but the house and a glimpse of Wilbur.

“hey, do you need a massage?” Will asked as he walked back into the room.

I chuckled “no I don’t need a massage. But I might need a shoulder to rest my head on” I answered with a smirk

“boyfriend to the rescue” he chanted and hurried to me. He sat beside me and I placed my head on his shoulder. He began to rub my cheek and I closed my eyes

“how are you feeling now?” he asked gently

“Will I’m fine” I replied. He’s been asking me that too much already

“I don’t mean that Mari. I mean, how are you feeling inwardly? Not physically but emotionally”

“oh” I muttered and opened my eyes

“I… Well… I’m…” I stopped and heaved a deep sigh. I sincerely couldn’t answer that question because I didn’t know if I was actually fine.

“do you feel depressed?” he asked and I shook my head

“still scared?” he asked again
“not really” I replied

“do you feel empty?”
“a little” I answered

“it’s okay. You have to forget about the things that happened okay? You’re safe now and you’re back with me” he said then pecked my forehead. I chuckled and cuddled with him

“is the arm still painful like before?”

“it’s even worse” I said

“what? Even with the ice and balms and drugs?” he asked with a raised tone. I laughed and stared at him

“I’m just joking. It’s better now but still painful” I said and he exhaled

“better” he mumbled and I smiled

I swiped through the pictures and non suited my taste. Mari would like something that’s love shaped and crystalic. I am trying to order a nice necklace for her, one she would really like.

I sighed softly as I went through the pictures again. I just couldn’t find the type I think she’d like or maybe she would like any. Or, should I get one customized for her? I would have done that if I had gotten the idea earlier. It’s tomorrow evening I want to give her the necklace.

My phone rang and it was Winifred. I rolled my eyes and rejected the call. She wants me to lend her some money to purchase a stupid bag. It’s not like she doesn’t have the money, it’s just that she wants to drain my own bank account. That’s not possible at all

Her call came in again and I groaned and picked it
?hey don’t yell at me like that
?why are you calling me? Look, I’m busy okay?
?Lucas is getting married
?he’s getting married to Claudia Buenos
?that b*tchy lady? What?
?I actually overhead him telling dad about his plans about his marriage with her when I went to visit dad earlier today. It seems he’s going to propose to her soon or maybe he already has

?why can’t he find a decent woman?

?I know right. We can’t afford a witch to be part of our family
?yes you’re right. We already got one, we don’t need another

?what did you say?
?nothing. I wish them a happily ever after
?you’re crazy right?
?ugh! Wini just get out of my phone okay? And thanks for the info

I hung up and bit my lower lip. I dropped my phone and stepped down from my bed. I went to use the bathroom and when I came back I found Mari sitting on my bed

“jeez! You scared me! I thought it was a thief” I blurted out with my hand plastered on my chest

“seriously? A thief? And how would a thief get into your room?” she asked and I laughed

“babe, you really scared me” I said again and laid on the bed. She sat beside me and played with my cheek

“sorry baby” she cooed and I laughed

“where are you taking me tomorrow?” I asked as I stared up at her face

“don’t ask me. You’d see” she replied and ruffled my hair


“do you like it?” Will asked as he showed me a red love shaped necklace.

“wow” I muttered and collected it in my hand. I stared at it with smiles
“I like it” I said

“thank God. I chose to give you that at the dying minute. I couldn’t make a pick” he said and lifted his glass of wine to his lips

“thanks Will. And I didn’t even get you anything” I said and pouted
“give me a kiss then” he said jokingly and I giggled

“let me put that back into the box” Will said and I gave it to him. He put it back into the small box and he closed it and handed it to me

“thank you” I said and collected it

“babe, I’m thinking of going to see Eduardo”
I looked up at him immediately. The mention of that name gave me chills

“I need him to answer my questions” he replied with a stern expression

“reply your questions? Wilbur he’s in an asylum” I brought to his realization but he shrugged

“it doesn’t matter. He’s not in a critical condition so he can come out and talk”

“that’s dangerous”

“I know but it’s worth the risk. I have to ask him why he did that”

“don’t you think he did that because he was insane?” I asked as I peered into his eyes. I didn’t want him to have anything to do with that Eduardo again. That monster doesn’t have any human emotions at all

“Hmmm” he hummed and looked away from me, like he was thinking

“don’t go. Just let it pass please” I pleaded and he exhaled and looked at me

“okay. All right then”

“you’re not going right?” I asked
“yes” he answered and I heaved a sigh of relief
To Be Continued