Boy With Luv Episode 45




“it was the doctor’s wife who recognized her as the missing girl on the news. She ran back upstairs immediately and phoned us. That was a very lucky step for her and her daughter because just a minute after that, Eduardo shot the doctor” the police man said

My eyes widened
“what! Dead?” I asked in disbelief

“luckily, he’s not dead. But he might not make it.”

I gulped down and tried to comprehend what was just revealed. Eduardo shot someone, he shot his own doctor? How could Eduardo do that? What was he thinking? No way, he can’t do something like that.

What I’m I even saying? The proof is right here in my hands. He even kidnapped my girlfriend and pretended to feel bad for me. Oh goodness

“where’s my girlfriend now?” I asked after I lifted my head up

“we still haven’t traced them. He ran off with her immediately he shot the doctor”

I scoffed. I actually thought they were already found. I feel so disappointed right now

I ran my fingers through my hair in desperation.

“don’t worry, we already know the abductor. All we have to do is find him and get your girl” the police man said as if he knew what was in my mind

“you have to get her. If Eduardo can kill in cold blood then she’s in big danger” I said and the man nodded.

“we’ll get to you when we get more information”

“thank you” I said and stood up. I left the office and walked out of the building. I entered my car and didn’t know exactly where to drive to.
I just rested my head on the steering wheel and hoped Eduardo won’t hurt my girlfriend


I opened my eyes slowly and looked around. I was lying down on the sand in a beach. I sat up immediately and placed my hands beside me. The ocean was right in front of me and my feet were even touching the water.

I looked behind me and didn’t see anyone else. I was all alone.

I stood up and saw that my hands were free. I wasn’t handcuffed anymore. I can finally escape. But where I’m I?

I began to walk hurriedly away from the beach hoping I’d see someone. I saw someone moments later but unfortunately it was Eduardo.

I gasped and he saw me. I frowned and began to run away. He yelled at me to come back but I was determined to run away even when I didn’t know where I was running to

I looked up and saw him catching up with me. I screamed and looked in front of me. A tree was right in front of me and I ran into it. I hit my head hard on it and also my left knee and I fell down. I groaned and pressed my head.

He showed up above me and laughed

“you’re going to get a big red bump on your forehead. Hahaha” he mocked and I frowned and punched him in between his legs with the hand I used to press my head.

He groaned and fell on his knees. I stood up and tried to run but my knee stung me that I almost fell down. I looked back and he was still groaning. Good! I used my whole energy to kick him in the…!

I began to limp-run farther away from Eduardo. I heard cars moving so I kept going towards that direction. It was really cold that morning and I was left wearing my dirty short dress that felt heavy on me instead of being light as it should be.

I got to the road and heaven so kind, two police cars were approaching. I began to scream and wave my hands in the air

“help me! Help me please! Help!”

The cars got closer and stopped. I began to leap towards them

“help me! You have to help me please” I said.
A police officer stepped out and gasped

“it’s her! It’s Miss Cruz!” he yelled and his colleagues came out of the car too. Two of them ran to me and held me. I was breathing heavily

“please sit down here. Calm down and just breathe in. You’re safe now” a female officer said to me. She helped me to sit by the edge of the road on the grass and handed me water. I took it and gulped down half the bottle

“he’s still there. Eduardo is still there” I muttered to her. She faced the other men

“search the area! Eduardo is still around here. Call for assistance” she said. Right then Eduardo ran out in search of me and they all sighted him. One of them screamed and two officers pointed their guns at him

“freeze!” he yelled. Eduardo froze and then began to run back. Well they began to pursue him. Two other officers joined them and I was left with the female officer and one other male officer.

“we have to take you to the station now” the female officer said and helped me up


I finally decided to drive home. I wanted to be alone and the comfort of my room would serve that purpose. Just as I parked my car a call came in from the head of police

?hello Mr Sanders. We need you back at the station. Miss Cruz has been found

?what? OMG! OMG! Okay, okay I’m coming. I’ll be there. I’m coming

I quickly hung up and started the car again. I drove out of my compound and headed back to the station. I called Wini to tell her

?hello Will
?Wini! Marigold has been found, I’m heading to the station now. Meet me there

?oh my God! Okay I’ll meet you there. I’m coming!

She squealed over the phone and I hung up

“oh goodness! Hang in there babe, I’m coming for you” I said with a smile.

I was back at the station in no time and I ran out of the car into the building. I ran towards the office of the head of police

“Mr Sanders” I heard my name

“over here please” the officer said. I walked to him and he led me to a door. He opened it and Mari was seated on a bench and a female police officer was holding ice on her head

“Mari” I called and she looked at me

“Wilbur” she called out, stood up and I ran to her and hugged her tight. She winced loudly and I quickly released her

“her shoulder’s dislocated” the woman said and Mari smiled at me
“I’ll excuse you now” she added and left us

“goodness… Babe, ”
“it’s okay Willie. I’m fine now’’ she said and hugged me gently

“gosh! I was so worried baby. Thank God you’re fine” I said and kissed her forehead

“I’m so sorry… About Eduardo. I can’t believe he could do something like that” I apologized and held her hands in mine

“he… He killed a man in his own house… Right in front of me” she said in a cracked and tearful voice.

“it’s okay… It’s okay don’t cry please” I begged because I didn’t want to see her tears. I hugged her and she began to sob

“he had a family Will. He has a daughter” she said and I stroke her hair

“babe stop crying please” I said and she began to sniff

“Mari!” two female voices squealed
“Wini! Eliza!”

They ran to hug her but I stopped them
“she has a dislocated shoulder so hug her one after the other and as gently as you would hug a snowman” I said and Mari chuckled

They actually did as I said.

“I’ve missed you so much girl. Thank God you’re back” Eliza said and hugged her again

A police man entered
“please we need you and the girl to come sign some papers” the man said to me

I nodded and held Mari and we walked to the lobby together with Eliza and Wini. She was asked some questions and I was asked if I wanna lay charges against the abductor. I said yes

“the abductor was found?” Wini asked and the police man nodded

“who?” Eliza asked. Right then, Eduardo was walked in by two wardens and he was in handcuffs

“Eduardo?” both of them said

“Eduardo abducted me” Mari stated and Wini’s eyes dropped open

“oh I’m going to kill that son of a—”
“—no no no.. You’re not going to kill anyone” I said and quickly pulled her back

“I can’t believe this” Eliza muttered and Eduardo looked towards our direction. He smirked at us and walked off into the interrogation room

At the entrance, Layla walked in. She hurried towards us

“oh my goodness. I came as soon as I heard that you were found” she said to Mari immediately she reached us

“thanks” Mari uttered

“you guys are free to go now. You should take her to the hospital of your choice with this warrant. A police officer would accompany you there” the man said and I took the paper from him

“thank you” I said and we all walked out, gently though because Mari was leaping.

“I warned you about Eduardo Will but you wouldn’t listen. I knew that he was going to get worse ever since he began to skip his doctor’s appointment” Layla said

“do you work in the hospital he usually comes to?” Eliza asked

“no, but my friend Moira does. She’s the assistant doctor to Doctor Manuel” she replied

“what’s the name of the hospital? Eduardo never let me know, in fact I only knew his doctor by chance” I said

“de Guadalupe psychiatric hospital” Layla answered

“psychiatric?” we all asked

She looked at us in surprise

“yes psychiatric. Wait… You guys don’t know that Eduardo Ortiz has mental illness?” she asked and all four of us just gawked at her in shock
To Be Continued


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