Boy With Luv Episode 44



I looked around hoping to find anything that would help me escape. I tried to move the chair closer to the table where I sighted a scissors but the chair was metal and was heavy.
I thought of screaming for help but I remembered he said it was his house and he could be anywhere near, screaming would make him tape my mouth again.

Minutes flew by and I was still clueless on how to escape. I then began to cry because I didn’t know what would become of me. Eduardo doesn’t seem to be in his right mind and people like that tend to do the unthinkable.

After crying for long minutes, I slept off and woke up when I heard sounds. It was Eduardo. He was setting a table in front of me

“you must be hungry” he said and dropped a plate of spaghetti on the table with a glass cup and a water bottle

“you have to eat cause you got a long way to go” he said and dropped a fork then looked at me. I looked away

“are you going to eat or what?” he asked

“my hands are tied” I said and hoped he would untie me so I could plan my escape. But he took another chair, sat opposite me, took the food up and brought it to my mouth
“open up” he said. I rolled my eyes
“I’m not hungry” I said in anger and disappointed

“don’t get me angry” he said
“I said I’m not hungry! Get that into your skull!” I yelled.

He groaned and punched my face. I winced and turned my head. He took the plate and hit it on my shoulder, the food poured all over me and my shoulder hurt so bad. Even the ceramic plate shattered

He stormed out of the basement and I was left alone to cry. I felt very strong painful tingles from my shoulder and it sent chills down my whole body



I was sitting on a couch in my room when I got a call from my manager that policemen had come to see me and were waiting for me downstairs. I hopefully went down.

“how are you doing today Mr Sanders?” one of them asked

“fine thank you. Please sit down” I said and we all sat down

“one of our men said he saw Miss Cruz two days ago, when she was going into Ortiz Resorts at around 7pm” the policeman started and I sat up immediately

“Ortiz Resorts? That’s Eduardo’s family hotel” I said

“we’ve had the hotel checked and the security said she indeed came in but didn’t go out. All the guests that night have been traced and interrogated but non of them has been found guilty”

“wait. So you’re saying that there’s still no clue yet?” my manager asked and it was as if he read my mind because I was just about to ask that exact question.

“well, we now have a clue because we know the hotel. We just have to figure out what happened to her there” the second police officer said

“have you searched the whole hotel?” I asked

“the search is still ongoing” the first officer said

“okay. Thank you officers” I said and stood up

“my manager will attend to you from here” I added. They stood up and each gave me a handshake. I then went around and climbed up the stairs to my room. When I got in, I sat on my bed and closed my eyes

“what would I do if something really bad happens to you?”

I rested my back on the bed and opened my eyes. I remembered that it was Ortiz Resorts that she was seen last, I should call Eduardo and tell him.

I called him but he didn’t pick up so I just dropped the phone


I felt someone lifting my hand and I opened my eyes. I had been sleeping and it was Eduardo who was loosing me, I watched him untie the hand that was hurting and I was so glad he didn’t handle it roughly, although I doubt if he knows it’s dislocated.

He untied my legs and stared at me

“get up” he said to me. I tried to stand up but I couldn’t. My legs were weak and I almost fell back to the chair but he held my other hand.

“let’s go” he said and began to pull me

“where are you taking me?” I asked

“to see my doctor” he said.

I stared at him and made a plan. I was no longer tied up and I could now escape. I just had to wait till we get to his car, then I’d knock him out with any energy left in me. Or I’d enter the car and on the way to the doctor’s house, I’d open the door of the car and scream for help
But, what if the doctor is in his house here? Oh no, that would ruin my plans

“where is your doctor?” I asked
“he’s in his house” he replied.

When we got outside, I realized it was actually night time. That means no one would be able to help me if I scream out. So knocking him out is my only option.

I began to get ready to hit his neck so hard.

“wait” he said when we got close to the car
I stopped walking. He grabbed my two hands and in about five seconds he had handcuffed them to the back. I screamed when he twisted my hands to the back because of my dislocated shoulder.

“just in case you have any stupid ideas of escaping” he whispered then pushed me forward to the car. I felt very sad.

He opened the door to the back seat and I gently sat in, not wanting to do anything stupid because we were still in his house and he could even kill me.

He closed the door and he entered through the other side. He drove out and he opened his remote control gate.

I looked through the window and saw people walking and going about their activities. Then I looked at the time in his car and it was just 7:15pm. Unfortunately the car was tinted and I couldn’t do anything.

We arrived at the doctor’s house and he covered me with a big jacket, that should be because he wanted to hide my hands.

We walked to the from door and he looked at me
“you say one thing from your mouth, I’ll shoot you” he threatened with killer eyes. I gulped down and he huffed and rang the doorbell.

A little girl of about five years opened the door and she smiled when she saw Eduardo

“hey little princess, where’s your daddy?” Eduardo asked

“he’s upstairs. Come in, he’s been expecting you” she said and we entered. I was scared because I didn’t know what we were doing at the doctor’s place. Did Eduardo connive with him to do something bad to me?

The little girl ran upstairs and few minutes later her dad came down with a stethoscope and a medical kit.

“good evening Mr Manuel” Eduardo greeted. He had an evil smirk on his face and I just couldn’t understand why. He had that exact look back at the hotel

“you were supposed to come three hours ago” the doctor said and sat down

“my apologies” Eduardo said
The doctor looked at me slightly and looked back at his kit. I was breathing heavily

“why don’t you sit down young lady” the doctor said and I looked at Eduardo who just chuckled and looked away.

I looked up the stairs and saw a beautiful woman walking down with the young girl. That must be the doctor’s wife because she has a striking resemblance with the doctor’s daughter. She saw me and paused then gasped and covered her mouth. She quickly held her daughter and they hurried back the stairs. Why did she do that?

I heard the doctor gasp and I looked at him. Lo, Eduardo was pointing a gun to him.

I gasped too and moved back

“what… What are you doing?” the doctor asked
“I hate you Doctor Manuel. You give me orders like I’m your apprentice. I told you I wanted to cancel the appointment but you insisted to meet me today, well today would be the last. I would so fvcking kill you!” he yelled angrily and cocked the gun, I screamed and Eduardo glared at me

“keep your damn mouth shut or I’d kill you too” he said and I shut my mouth immediately. I’ve never been so scared since I was lost in the snowy mountains

“I’m sorry Eduardo. Please forgive me, I promise I’ll never do that again. Please sit down and let me beg your forgiveness please” the doctor said calmly.

“hell no! I’m here to kill you and that’s what I’m going to do” and with that, Eduardo pulled the trigger at the doctor and I screamed and fainted.


I received a call from the police station demanding my presence immediately. I was hoping I’d get a call from them so I hurried there immediately.

“we’ve got news for you and we already know who abducted Miss Cruz” the head of police told me immediately I sat down in his office

“tell me, who?“ I asked

He brought out a big brown envelope and handed it to me.

“this was a photo from a footage of a CCTV camera in Doctor Chris Manuel’s house last night”

I collected it and opened it. I brought out a large black and white photograph. I looked at it and saw Eduardo pointing a gun at his doctor and Mari standing behind him looking terrified
To Be Continued