Boy With Luv Episode 41


Wil Bur
I took her hair sideways so it would stop falling over her face. She disengaged from me and gave me a smile

“what?” I asked with a grin and she giggled and buried her face in my neck. I stroke her hair and kissed her forehead

“I’ve missed you” I said and she got off me and gulped down her glass of juice

“and you didn’t let me finish mine” I said and she laughed

“well, I was so eager to kiss you” she said with a shrug

“and was that short kiss enough for you, huh Marigold?” I asked and she pouted and blinked her eyes at me

“come here baby” I cooed and stretched forth my hand to her

“leave me” she stated and ran up. I ran up after her and pursued her round the living room till I caught her and held her tight

“Will, will let me go” she laughed out and I wouldn’t even budge

“come on, kiss me” I said and tried bringing my head to collide with her mouth but she pulled away

“no ooo” she screamed and I carried her up. She was giggling.

“would you kiss me or not?” I asked as I still carried her up

“I don’t wanna” she replied
“you want the silent treatment?” I asked and she was quiet. Mari hates the silent treatment so much, I remember I almost made her cry

I brought her down and made her face me. I cupped her face
“you want the silent treatment?” I asked again and she slowly shook her head

I drew closer and kissed her softly for like three seconds then let go of her lips. They then curved into a smile and I laughed at her

“look who’s been giving me attitude” I teased and she hit my chest

“I’m hungry. I didn’t have the appetite to eat in the plane” I said and sat down on one of the other sofas

“why?” she asked and arranged the glasses in the tray

“cause all I wanted was to see you” I replied and she chuckled

“well I’ve had lunch and there are no leftovers so should we order something or should I put something together for you” she asked

“uhm, let’s go out. My French restaurant” I said

“okay then. But I’m not eating much, I’m watching my weight” she said

“you’re on a diet?” I asked
“no, just not eating too much” she replied

“you should take a shower Will” she said and went to my luggage. She pulled it along and rolled it towards the stairs

“come on, let’s go up” she said again. I stood up, took the second luggage and we went upstairs. We went to my personal room in the house and dropped the bags. She then went to her room to change

As I was about entering into the bathroom with just a towel around my waist, my phone beeped and I checked. It was a message from Eduardo, it said WELCOME BACK, LET’S MEET

I was surprised because I didn’t tell anyone I was coming back home today. How did he know? Or did he see me? I dropped the phone without replying and entered the bathroom. I had my shower in about ten minutes and came back out to the room.

Mari was arranging the pillows properly. That was when I noticed she changed the sheets

“hey” I called out to her and she smoothed a pillow without looking up at me. She was wearing a dress that reached her knees and her legs looked so beautiful and sexy with that dress

“hey” she replied
I walked to my luggage and got out a tight T-shirt and blue short jeans.

“you came out fast” I said and wiped my face with another towel

“yeah. I hurried” she replied and finally looked up at me. She smirked and I moved closer to her

“why that smirk?” I asked and she chuckled
“I got an A in Math test” she said and smiled brightly

“whoa. Are you serious? An A? Like how did you do it?” I asked and she laughed sweetly. I could see she was happy with the way I responded

“I got the brain” she said jokingly and I pulled her into a hug

“let’s share this brain of yours then” I said and smoothed her hair. She looked up at me
“no, you’ve got yours” she teased and I smiled

“really? You’re not gonna share with me? Remember I’m your baby” I said with a pout

“awwn so cute” she cooed and squished my cheek. She then tip toed and kissed me

“come on, dress up. I’ll be downstairs. I love you” she said and kissed me again. It was short and as she disengaged from me, she brushed her soft palm on my waist. I shuddered a bit and realized I actually wanted to bed her.

She left the room and it was as she shut the door that I found out I forgot to tell her I Love You Too.

I hurried to the door, opened it and peeped out

“hey Gold” I called out
She looked back immediately

“I love you too” I said and she chuckled and blew me a kiss then walked away.
I entered inside and closed the door back

After dressing up, I wore two hand bands on my left hand and slipped on a ring unto my index finger. I creamed my hair and left it in messy bangs then I left the room.

She was downstairs drinking the remaining juice when I came down

“hey, let’s go. We’re taking your car” I said and she threw me her keys. Mari is using the car for this house. She actually refused that I get her a new one and a driver too. She said she could drive since when she was eighteen and all I should do was to renew her license which I did

I held her hand and I was swinging it as we walked out

“aren’t you going to tell your chauffeur to maybe go home?” she asked as she locked the front door

“he went home after we took my bags” I replied and checked my pockets because I thought I had forgotten my wallet on the bed. But thank God I didn’t.

We went to the car and entered. I drove to my favorite French restaurant, the one I took her too the first time we had a meal together

After we ordered, I decided that we talked about our secrets over the food

“babe, if you’re fine by it, why don’t we talk about things we should really know about each other. Like, let’s confide in each other” I said and she furrowed her brows then released them

“oh, I never thought of that” she said

“hmmm, so what do you say now that I brought it up?” I asked

“it’s fine by me” she said with a smile

“great, anyway you’re starting” I said and she frowned though it was a playful frown

“why me?” she asked

“ladies first… Remember” I answered and she sighed and glared at me

“well, I don’t really have secrets. The things that happened in my life aren’t really secrets. You already know about who my mom was and how she got me. And how she disappeared and never came back.” she said and I nodded

“and you already know about my mom too. She was my dad’s mistress. How she got pregnant for him and he had to marry her” I said and she nodded

“yeah, I know” she said

“I… had three girlfriends before I met you” I said and removed my hands from the table as the waiter dropped the plates. Non of us spoke as he dropped the food. We both waited for him to finished. He then bowed to us and left

I picked up my knife and fork and uncovered my dish. Mari did same.
We began to eat

“so you were saying you had…?”
“three girlfriends. I dated three girls before I met you” I answered

“so I’m the fourth babe” she said and shrugged. I forgot Mari was the jealous type

I chuckled at her expression
“my relationship with them wouldn’t just end well because I couldn’t meet up with their standards and I… I couldn’t bring myself to love them no matter what. It was only sex that kept the relationship going” I said and sliced steak then put it in my mouth. I noticed Mari’s face turned a little red

“what’s wrong?” I asked

“only sex kept the relationship going?” she asked

“yeah. There was no love” I answered and sipped a little of my wine

“but we do have love in ours right? You love me right?” she asked with eyes that held a kind of fear in them

I didn’t answer immediately cause I was trying to know the reason for that look in her eyes. Maybe it was from me

Mari 🍁

The words Caleb told me flashed through my mind and I became troubled. Caleb didn’t love me at all, he just wanted sex. Will didn’t love any of his ex girlfriends and sex was the reason he was with them only for some time. Which means sex isn’t even a proof of love. What if he asks me for sex? That would mean he doesn’t love me and is just looking for a way to keep the relationship going

“but we do have love in ours right? You love me right?” I asked and he didn’t answer.
My heart began to race. I know Will loves me, he’s proven that to me over one month of our relationship. But does he love me to the extent of not wanting sex from me?
What if he wants sex? Does that mean there’s no love in our relationship?

I felt a lump in my throat and I tried clearing it to get it out but it even formed more

“I… Excuse me… I need to use the restroom” I said and got up immediately and tried walking away

He held my hand
“Mari” he called gently

“I’ll be back” I said and he released my hand then I went to the restroom to clear my throat out

Will 🍁
Sometimes I don’t understand Marigold. She’s so unpredictable. She’s suddenly moody and trying to shut me out… Or so I think.

Is she jealous about my ex girlfriends? She shouldn’t be. I love her

I sighed and tapped my fingers on the table while waiting for her. I stared at my food and noticed it wasn’t steaming anymore. It would get really cold soon. And I’m hungry

I began to eat and I was half way through when Mari came back

“hey” she called out to me with a smile

“uhm did something happen in the restroom? Because you left here looking tensed and now you’re smiling” I said and she chuckled and sat down then picked up her glass of wine

“ever wondered why it’s called a REST-room?” she asked with emphasis laid on the ‘rest’ and gulped down a mouthful of wine

“seriously?” I asked with a laugh

“I’m sorry I just had a lump in my throat and I had to get it out” she said

“uhhh okay”
“can you believe it? I met that weird girl in the restroom. The one you met at her dad’s company. You remember right?”

I nodded and wiped my lips with the napkin
“the one who made you feel jealous? Of course I remember her” I said and she glared at me

“whatever… Anyway I met her in the restroom. She’s just weird” she said and I chuckled

“weird girls are all around me and I hate them all. The only one I can’t do without is you” I said and winked. She smiled a bit and looked down

“oh the second weird girl I like is Wini” I said and she laughed

“hey… I forgot to ask about Goldie. How is she?” I asked

“she’s eating too much. Eliza’s gotten to her” she answered and we laughed and started to talk about other stuff

I decided not to continue with what we were talking about at first though I really wanted to tell her about my two deepest secrets

Or maybe it’s too early for that

I smirked as she left the restroom. I brought out my phone and called Eduardo

📲hello boss?
📲is it done?
📲yes sir. I bugged her
📲good. I’ll call you when I need your assistance next. What I need is to know where she stays now and you’re already helping me to get that done. So bye

He hung up and I scoffed

“arrogant prick!” I snorted
To Be Continued