Boy With Luv Episode 40


Mari Gold

“this is going to be awesome! Imagine us roaming around that big house! Mari you don’t know how happy I am” Eliza said happily and we giggled

“I’m glad too. And it has a beautiful aquarium room, I can’t wait to look at those Beautiful creatures again” I said

“I hope the fridge is going to be full of all those rich food” she said and winked at me

I sighed “Eliza, sometimes I wonder if you’re the same girl who doesn’t eat all her food just so she could sneak to my window and give me. What happened to you? Why are you suddenly turning to a glutton?” I asked and shook my head in a pitiable way.

“you know that time, I felt guilty eating a whole plate of food while my best friend doesn’t even eat half a plate for a whole day. How can I eat when I knew you were starving? But now, you’re not starving, you’ve got a millionaire lover boy and you still don’t want me to eat? You’re wicked!”

I laughed and she pouted

“okay I’m sorry. You’re free to eat anything you want.” I said and she cracked a smile

“that’s my best friend” she said and I giggled

“when should we start packing?” she asked and I climbed down from the bed to take my phone from my reading table

“I don’t know… You choose” I replied

“let’s start now. We’ll get your things set then when school resumes on Monday and they open the dorms, I’ll get my own things” she stated

“why the hurry?” I asked and picked up my phone

“Mari are you seriously asking me? Do you think I even want to sleep on this small bed tonight when I know there’s a king-sized bed waiting for me?” she asked rhetorically

I rolled my eyes
“whatever” I muttered and sat on the bed. I opened my gallery and handed the phone to her

“what?” she asked as she took the phone

“Awwn, you took pictures? So cute… Look at how beautiful you are” she cooed and smoothed my hair. I grinned and sat closer to her so we could look at the pictures together

“this place is beautiful. Looks so romantic” she said as she admired the place we had our dinner

“I loved it too” I said. She kept swiping and she had something good to say about each photo

A knock came on the door and we both looked up at it

“someone’s knocking” I said
“yeah someone’s knocking” she said too
“who could it be? Do you think it’s Will again?” I asked and she shook her head
“I don’t think so” she dropped the phone and went to the door then opened it

“Simona?” she asked

“Simona?” I asked too then stood up
.“hi” Simona said to me as I stood in front of the door

“hi” I answered in a way that showed that I was confused as to why she was standing at my door

“Mari can I talk to you?” she asked and I heard Eliza give a slight chuckle

“alone please” she said and I looked at Eliza who shrugged

“why?” I asked because that doesn’t happen at all. Just to be on a safer side and not get strangled to death

“please make Eliza excuse us” she said and Eliza chuckled again
“okay, I’m going to get a glass of water from the kitchen” Eliza said with a smirk and she left

Simona sighed and looked at me

“Mari I’m here to apologize” she started

“oh… What for?”

“because of the way I’ve been treating you and picking up fights with you and Eliza. I’m sorry” she apologized.

“but why are you apologizing?” I asked
“because those actions were wrong” she answered

“and what made you realize they were wrong tonight?” I asked and crossed my arms

She was quiet

“you know what? I don’t really hold anything against you, at least not much. It’s Eliza who’s at loggerheads with you so apologize to her, if she forgives you then I’ll forgive you too” I said and her face stiffened. Of course she doesn’t want to do that

“what? You’re not going to do it?” I asked and she faked a smile

“it’s not a problem” she said and I smiled and nodded

“okay then. Bye” I said and closed my door. I stood still to hear if she was still there or not.
I didn’t hear any sound so it was obvious she was still standing there. Later I heard footsteps approaching then I heard a scoff which sounded like that of Simona then I’m sure she left.

The doorknob moved and I stepped back. Eliza opened the door and stepped in.

“let me guess, she apologized to you” Eliza said and closed the door

“Eliza you and I know that isn’t a guess, you were eavesdropping” I said and walked to the bed then sat down

“what? Me? Eavesdropping? No…” she said in a funny way which meant she was actually eavesdropping

I chuckled softly
“so she wants to apologize to me huh?”
“she doesn’t… I am the one who wants her to”

“trust me, after what she saw today, she’s gonna want to dine with us” she said and sat down and collected the phone from me

“I know I’m stupid, but not that stupid to let her do that” I stated

She didn’t reply to that but was going through my phone


Wil Bur

“OMG! There’s a pool” Eliza exclaimed as we got to the back of the house

“wow” Mari exclaimed
“why didn’t I see this that night?” she asked me in particular

“I had it filled yesterday and I don’t think we came to this room” I answered and smiled at her.

“and it’s large… Great for pool parties” Eliza said

“yeah” I muttered.

“I’m hungry… I ordered some spaghetti and meatballs. It should be here any minute” I said

“yeah I’m hungry too. All those unpacking and arranging exhausted my breakfast” Eliza said and Mari shook her head

“you speak as if you unpacked fifty boxes. I don’t have much property so what unpacking are you talking about?” Mari asked as we walked out

“whatever” Eliza snorted and walked ahead of us. Mari chuckled.

After Eliza was out of sight, I pulled Mari into a hug from behind

“hey” she said and I smiled
“I can’t hug my lover?” I asked with a smile

“that was unexpected” she said and I pouted. She turned her head and looked at me

“you’re so cute” she said and kissed my cheek

“and I’m hungry” I said and she laughed

“we don’t go now, Eliza finishes everything before we come”

“I thought about that” I said and released her

“have you asked Eduardo about that movie role?” she asked as we walked on

“I haven’t. I intend doing that this weekend” I answered

“why wasn’t he at my birthday party?”

“uhm, we’ll talk about that later but for now let’s go and eat lunch” I said and she shrugged

I sighed in relief as my father’s plane came to a stop. I quickly unbuckled my seatbelt and stood up and pulled out my bag from up, I walked out of the plane and hurried to the limo waiting for me. The chauffeur opened the door and I quickly stepped in and sat down. I relaxed and brought out my phone. I stared at my lock screen wallpaper and smiled

“I’ve missed you” I muttered and rubbed my thumb on her beautiful face. It’s been a whole month since I went to USA for the movie. Mari and I have only been chatting, calling and seeing each other through Skype. I didn’t even have the opportunity to rush to the Philippines to see her and I felt bad. I missed her touch so much.

“you’re taking me straight to Exclusive” I told the driver as I looked up at him

“yes sir” he said and I looked back at the phone.

Mari doesn’t know that I’d be home today. It’s a total surprise and I can’t wait to thrill her.

After some minutes of a smooth ride, we arrived in front of Mari’s house. I quickly stepped down from the car without waiting for the door to be opened for me. I rushed to the front door and immediately rang the doorbell. Few seconds later the door opened and right in front of me stood the lady I had grown so in love with over the past three months

“oh my Goddddd!” she screamed and jumped on me. I carried her up and turned around with her clinging tightly to my body

I dropped her and she was so full of smiles
“oh my goodness I can’t believe this! Will it’s really you” she exclaimed and cupped my face in her palms. I laughed and wrapped my arms around her

“are you surprised?” I asked with a grin

“I’m so so surprised. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” she asked

“if I did you wouldn’t be this surprised and I pretty much wanted to surprise you” I stated and kissed her shortly

“come inside. I’ve missed you so much” she said and drew me inside

“Mari I’m spending the night here. My things are still in the limo, let’s get them first” I said

“okay” she replied with a shrug and we walked back outside hand in hand

“where’s Eliza?” I asked as she pulled along my luggage and I carried a smaller luggage on my hand

“she has classes” she replied and opened the door. We entered inside and dropped the luggage by the sofa. I sat down and Mari hurried to get me a drink. She had refused to let me hire maids for her so she does everything herself

She came back moments later with a jug of cold peach juice and two glass cups. She poured it out and we each took about two sips before she dropped her glass and collected mine from me

“do you have any energy now?” she asked. I wasn’t really clear as to what she meant by that

“energy?” I asked

“okay take a gulp and get stronger” she said and brought the glass to my lips. I took gulps and almost drained the glass then she removed it and began to kiss me. She sat on my legs and held my face
To Be Continued