Boy With Luv Episode 39



“Marigold, come on sit down too. You must be tired” Eliza said and pulled me to sit down beside Will

“did you bring my takeaway?” she asked

“oh, yes… It’s actually in the car. I forgot to bring it out” I said

“so if I didn’t say Will should sit down he would have gone with it?” she asked and glared at me

Will cracked a smile
“I’m sorry. I’ll go get it now” I said and stood up

“don’t worry. Will should get it because I don’t want you moving with these heels again. I bet your feet are sore”

Will got up
“let me get it” he said and left

“Eliza why are you acting a little bit weird?” I asked as Will had left and closed the door

“me? Weird? What? No!” she laughed and I raised a brow at her

“trust me it’s nothing” she said and waved off with her hand

“gosh! I’m already late for frat party”
I looked back and saw Simona putting her phone into her purse

Simona’s back?

She looked up, saw me, stopped walking and started laughing

“what is this one laughing about?” Eliza asked
“you look like a circus girl” she said and started laughing again.

“why did you dress up like that? Did you attend a wedding?” she asked with a voice laced with mockery

“she went on a date with her boyfriend” Eliza answered and I shook my head and began to remove my shoes

“and you had to steal that dress right? For your information, it doesn’t look good on you. You should take it off” Simona said and arranged her hair

“I never asked for your information Simona” I said and stood up with my shoes in my hand

“you know, I wonder who the unfortunate ugly he-goat who’s taking you out is. I really wish I could see him and laugh to his face” she mocked and I wondered why Eliza wasn’t even saying anything but just crossing her arms and looking

“I’m right here” Will said immediately he opened the door. We all turned to look at him.
He closed the door and walked to me then held my waist

“you said you wanted to laugh to my face?” he asked Simona who was standing like a stature

“can I have my takeaway now?” Eliza asked with a smile

“sure” he replied and handed it to her with his other hand. She collected it and opened it

“oh thank you Wilbur” Eliza said and she smirked at Simona and sat down. Now I see what her plan has been

“are… are you the one? For real?” Simona asked with surprise and a gentle voice

“of course he’s the one. You were so dumb to think it was really a lookalike you saw that day and you were even dumber to think we wanted to play a prank on you when you overheard us talking about him” Eliza said and rolled her eyes. She began to bring out the food in the polythene takeaway bag

Will looked at me then at Simona

“never talk to my girlfriend or Eliza in that manner again. Why do you have to mock them even when what you’re mocking them about is not authentic? I don’t like that” Will said and he looked really serious

“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I’m really sorry” she apologized and Eliza who was already eating scoffed

“it’s okay. Will you have to go now. Thanks for tonight” I said and hugged him. He hugged me back and rubbed the back of my shoulder

We separated and he kissed me

“awwwn” Eliza exclaimed and I smiled into the kiss. We disengaged and Will smoothed my cheek with his thumb

“I’ll see you tomorrow okay? Meanwhile, you have to start…packing” he whispered the last word into my ear and I chuckled

“okay I will”
“I love you” he said
“I love you too” I replied and he kissed my forehead and withdrew from me

“bye Eliza” he said

“thanks a lot Will. Good night and my regards to Winifred” she said amidst mouthfuls of chicken thigh

“okay, I will.” he turned and walked to the door while I sat down

“remember to tell Eliza” he said before opening the door

“I will. Bye” I waved at him and he smiled and walked out then closed the door.

“you have to tell me everything about the date? Where did he take you? Did he kiss you?” Eliza asked then licked her five fingers with her eyes on me

I laughed

“I’ll tell you everything. And there’s big news for you” I said and her eyes lightened

“oh my God” Simona muttered and ran to the door, she opened it and ran outside without closing it

“is she okay or she’s gone coco?” Eliza asked rhetorically

I peeped outside and saw her gawking at the car as he drove out

She ran back inside after he had gone

“oh my God! Oh my God! That was him! That was truly him! How did you know him? How did you meet him? Are you truly dating? You have to tell me everything on how you knew Wilbur Sanders” she said while bubbling with excitement

“did you really ask if they’re truly dating? Didn’t you hear him call her his girlfriend? Didn’t you see them hug and kiss and say the three magic words to each other?” Eliza asked

“well, it could be some kind of hallucination because what would he be doing with this lowlife” Simona said with mockery again

“lowlife?” Eliza and I asked at the same time

She gasped and covered her mouth for like two seconds
“I’m so sorry that was a slip of tongue. Please don’t tell him. I don’t want him to be angry with me”

Eliza laughed

“he was pretty angry with you few minutes ago” she said

“I’m sorry please” Simona apologized again

I stood up with my shoes and yawned
“I’m so tired. I’m going in” I said
“I’m coming with you. And Simona, close the door you opened. Oh, aren’t you forgetting that you’re supposed to be at a party right now?” Eliza asked

“I’m already late. Uhm, mind if I join you guys? So we’d just… talk” Simona said

“no” Eliza and I answered at the same time.

“just tell me the big news already! Did he pop the big question?” she asked with bulging eyes

“what? No! That’s too early Eliza” I said and we laughed

“hey, what about princes that get engaged to unknown girls just because they attended and won their hearts at a stupid ball party” she said and I shook my head

“well that’s their fate” I said

“so tell me what the news is actually”

“Wilbur wants me to move out from here” I said and she gasped

“are you serious? He wants to relocate you?” she asked and I nodded. She squealed and took my hands in hers

“to where? Have you talked about where he wants you to go?” she asked

“yes, the house he hosted my party”

“OMG! That magnificent building! OMG!” she screamed and hugged me. I laughed and pulled her away immediately

“wait for the best part… He wants you to move in with me” I said and her jaw dropped.

“oh my Goddddddddddddd!!!”

I paced around in front of Mari’s room. They are screaming but I can’t seem to hear their conversation

I can’t believe Mari is dating Wilbur Sanders. I just can’t believe it. But that guy earlier was definitely him. No doubt it’s him. The voice, the look, that’s him. How in the world did she even know him? Or is she someone else? Is she not who I think she is? She has always been quiet and peaceful, too peaceful for my liking. What if she was just in disguise all along? Then I’m definitely on her bad side

“damn!” I yelled and hit my fist against the wall

I then bit my lower lip. What I’m I going to do now? I can’t let the opportunity of knowing a celebrity slip by just like that. And it seems I’ve already made a bad impression on him already.

I sighed and faced the door. I’m going to knock and swallow my damn pride and apologize to Marigold. But that Eliza should better shut up while I’m doing it or I might snap and rip her hair off her scalp
To Be Continued