Boy With Luv Episode 38



“hey, it’s a first date not a wedding ceremony. Stop being nervous” Eliza said and hit me playfully on my shoulder

“what exactly happens on a first date again?” I asked and stared intently at her

“you eat then talk about stuff. Mostly about the both of you. You ask questions about his personal life, things like his hobbies, favorite food, favorite color… All those stuff” she answered and I sighed

“sweetheart come on, you’ve gone out to dinner with him several times”

“yeah, but not in a fancy dress and heels and makeup” I said and she laughed

“then forget you’re wearing all those. Mari stop being nervous”

“easy for you to say” I mumbled and she chuckled

“I wonder what’s keeping him so long. He ought to be here by now” she said and stood up from the bed where we both were sitting

“you have to remember to give Goldie her milk by 8pm. And please make sure she poos before 9pm” I said

“sure baby” she replied and looked into the mirror

A car honked outside and I knew it was Wilbur

“wish me luck” I said as I stood up
“good luck. Whatever happens, don’t forget to bring a takeaway”

I laughed and opened my room door

“I can’t forget something as important as that Eliza” I said and she laughed

“bye, my regards to Will”

“okay” I replied and walked to the front door

I was wearing a pink dress and Eliza had curled my hair but let it fall on my left shoulder. I also had a purse, a white purse

I opened the door and almost gasped when I saw Will. Gosh he looked so beautiful. I mean beautiful.

His hair was no longer in bangs and it appeared darker. He was wearing a black suit and his skin shone brighter.

“Goldilocks” he said with a smile

“hey” I said and returned the smile

He moved closer and gently and slowly placed a warm, moist and long kiss on my neck. I felt tingles and electricity ran through my nerves. My legs became wobbly and I held unto his arm for support

He held me to himself with his left arm firmly wrapped around my waist and trailed short kisses upward to my cheek. He kissed the side of my lips and then kissed my chin then went up and kissed my forehead

He pulled himself back and gave me a flower from his right hand. So he’s been holding a flower all these time?

I collected the red rose with a smile though I wasn’t happy he didn’t actually kiss me after giving me signs and symbols that he was gonna kiss me sweet.

I inhaled the fragrance and looked at him

“smells like you” I said and he grinned

“you really look beautiful tonight. I almost got jealous of myself that I’m taking you out” he said and I laughed out

“crazy” I said and he smiled

“come on, shall we?” he asked

“yes we shall” I answered and moved out. He wrapped his arm around my waist again and walked me to the car. He opened the door and I sat in while he went through the other side

We arrived at the beach hotel. A man in suit came to lead us to our spot just beside the ocean. It wasn’t on the same though. It was on a wooden pavement and it had a thatch roof.
It was a little bit high up above the water and we could see the ocean clearly as it sparkled against the neon lights radiating from the hotel.
The roof had pretty lights fixed into it and it lit up the space underneath it. The table itself had a beautiful flower vase that brought out light.

Will drew a chair for me and I sat down. He sat opposite me and cleared his throat gently.

“this place is awesome” I said and looked at the water

“that’s why I chose this place. Because of you” he said and I looked at him and smiled

“your beauty makes the inner me smile twenty-four seven” he said and picked up my right hand then kissed it. I blushed and placed my second hand on my cheek

He looked up at me and chuckled then dropped my hand gently on the table where he took it from

“we should definitely start going through the menu before the waiter comes” he said and picked up the menu in front of him. I picked mine up and went through it. The images of the food were boldly printed and the things they were made of so I had little difficulty in making a choice.

I looked up at Will who was still looking through the menu and I felt relaxed. His innocent countenance was genuine and a deep part of me told me that this guy was here to stay

“I hope you’re gonna choose dessert too. Because you’re staring at me instead of the book” he said without looking up at me. I gave a short laugh and continued to go through the menu

Minutes later we were done and the waiter had arrived. We gave him our orders and few minutes later he was back with them

“so, when did you get out of high school?” Will asked and I dabbed my lips with the napkin

“about four years ago” I replied
“I got out of high school five and half years ago” he said

“what was the name of your high school?” I asked

“oh, I studied at home”

“rich kid huh” I teased and he smiled
“it wasn’t really because of that. It was because I was too timid and I hated to be with people who weren’t my sister or some of my friends” he said and picked a piece of beef from his beef stew

“and what exactly would you be doing after school at home?” I asked

“watching movies, learning about cool cars with my phone, doing homework” he replied

“did you have any hobbies?” I asked

“you paint?” I asked
“yeah, that’s like my natural born talent.” he replied and I smiled
“wow. I really admire painters. It’s so amusing to see beautiful artworks” I said

“maybe I should show you my collection soon. I’ve painted both nice and scary pictures” he said

“I’ll love to see them. Is it possible I see them tonight?” I asked

“we still have tomorrow. I don’t want you to be too stressed out.” he said

“okay then” I replied and sipped the chicken soup I had scooped in my spoon

After both the meal and dessert, I decided to stare at the water so I stood over by the railing and looked over the flowing ocean

Will had his hands wrapped around me and his chin was resting on my shoulder. Our bodies were so intact that it felt like we were glued together

“the air feels so fresh” I admitted and tucked loose hair strand behind my ear

“if you want we can come here more often” Will said

“I’d love that. Haha, I remember when you took me to the beach and how I was so scared of the waves” I said and he chuckled
“yeah” he simply said

His hands began to rub my tummy gently and I leaned in on him, Next his lips gently touched my neck and I softened at his touch. He turned me around and kissed me directly on the lips. I placed my hands on his shoulders and kissed him back

Our kiss was slow and long. It seemed we weren’t getting enough of the kiss and we kept hugging each other even closer as we kissed.

We finally separated our lips but our bodies were still glued to each other

“I love you so much Mari. I don’t wanna make you regret giving me this chance to love you” he said as he stared so deep into my eyes

“thanks for bringing me out of my shell” I said and placed my head on his chest with my hands locked just behind his head

He began to sway slowly and suddenly cool slow music came on. I lifted my head and he smirked at me

“how did…”
“I figured out we might need music after eating so I told the management beforehand” he cut in. I smiled and rested my head on his chest again



I was watching TV when there came a knock on the door. I wondered who it was and I didn’t open immediately. It couldn’t be Mari because it’s not up to an hour they left and even if it’s her, why didn’t Will drop her off.

I stood up and walked to the door then opened it

“oh it’s you” she said and rolled her eyes

“excuse me” she said and pushed me away

“why are you back?” I asked
“because school is resuming on Wednesday” she answered and pulled her luggage behind her

“why did you come on Friday?” I asked again and sat on the couch

“because I chose to. Quit asking me questions already, you’re not my mom” she blared and entered her room.

Oh God! Just when I was beginning to enjoy how quiet the house was without having to shout and fight.

Few minutes later she entered the living room again and screamed all of a sudden

“what? Why do you want to scare my lungs out?” I yelled at her

“take that thing away! Take it away!” she screamed pointing to the floor. I stood up and saw she was pointing at Goldie

“Goldie?” I asked her

“take it away from me please” she pleaded and screamed as the pup moved closer to her

“why?” I asked with a smirk and I crossed my arms

“I’m allergic to dog fur!” she screamed out and I laughed

“better get used to having a dog around then” I said and sat down

“take it away” she said again and I groaned

“Goldie come over. Come on, leave the witch” I said as I squatted. Goldie ran into my arms and I cuddled her

“ewww” Simona said

I ignored her

“wait… That’s a new television… OMG, this one is the latest flat screen TV. I can’t believe the school provided it for us. Gosh!”

She went over to the television and ran her fingers on it

“hey get away from it. It might get scared and stop working because of those heavy hands of yours. And please, the school didn’t provide it. It was Mari’s boyfriend who bought it”

She looked at me and began to laugh hysterically that even Goldie began to bark at her ugly laughter

“first of all, that ugly and timid girl can’t get a boyfriend. Secondly, even if she has a boyfriend, he won’t be able to afford this” she said and rolled her eyes then went outside

I scoffed and determined to give her the shock of her life



“so, Eduardo is angry with you?” I asked as Will and I took a walk on the beach. I had removed my heels so I was barefooted on the sand

“yeah. I called him severally and he didn’t pick” he answered

“I can understand him though. I guess he really wanted that role”

“yeah… But Wini and my manager won’t let me decline it. What do you say about that?”

I became silent. I wouldn’t want him to take up that role because it would cause controversy between him and his best friend.

“I really think you should ask him if he would permit you to take it up” I said and stopped walking.

“he won’t let me take it. I know Eduardo” he replied

“then don’t take it. It’s for peace to reign. You might hurt his feelings if you take up the role when he doesn’t want you to. Nevertheless, just ask him first” I said and he nodded

“all right I will” he said and I smiled

“let’s take another picture” he said and pulled out his phone. It was a selfie and he sent it to me

“I’m thinking of something” he said as we walked back to the deck

“that I should get you a new house” he said

“what? Why? What’s wrong with my present house?” I asked and he chuckled and wrapped his hand around me by my shoulder, thereby pulling me to himself

“I just want you to have your privacy. You have a roommate that’s a problem and I don’t want you staying there with her anymore. Also, I want you to be somewhere comfortable.” he said

“hmm. So where could that be?” I asked

“the house your party was held”

I gasped
“no way” I said with a smile and widened eyes

“yes way” he said and I laughed

“you really want to give me that house? Come on, that house is way above my standard.” I said

“you’re the girlfriend to Wilbur Sanders, what exactly should be your standard?” he asked and I chuckled

“I don’t know” I said and we laughed

“hey, I love you and I’m ready to make you better than those celebs who won’t let me be” he said and placed a kiss on my cheek

“should we make them all end up like Kate?” I asked

“no ooo” he said

“why?” I asked

“because it means I’ll get drugged again and raped and get sick for a week” he whispered and I couldn’t control my laughter

“you’re mocking me” he said with a cute pout

“can’t help it” I said and pecked his pouted lips.

“come on let’s go. Oh, I need to get Eliza a takeaway. Without it, she won’t open the door for me” I said

“I wonder why that girl isn’t fat already” Will said and I laughed. Eliza can never get fat



Mari and I went to take a look at the house

“what do you think you’d like to change here?” I asked her as we walked up the stairs

“I don’t know. Everything seems pretty to me” she answered

“okay, but if you want to change anything… Just tell me” I said

She nodded. We got to the hallway and we opened the door to the first room

“this was where you slept last week” I said
“yeah, I remember it” she said and walked in

“I love it, it’s spacious” she added

We kept looking through the rooms and she decided to take the room I slept in last week. She said it smells like me

When we came back downstairs, we were thirsty so I brought out some canned fruit drinks from the fridge. In all my houses I have drinks and some lasting food in the fridge or cabinet for emergencies.

Mari was sitting in the cushion chair with a cushion on her laps and her hand resting on it. I sat beside her and gave her a peach flavoured drink

“thanks” she said and opened it immediately.

I removed my suit and was left in my long sleeved shirt. I took my drink too and opened it

I looked at her as she sipped and looked at the ceiling. I gulped down mine and I collected hers from her

“hey” she tried to protest
“shush” I said to her then covered the space between us by kissing her



I watched as Simona walked out of her room, all dressed up and heading out of the house.

“I’m going for a party cause it’s Friday so I…”
“I never asked you to tell me about where you’re going” I cut her short and I heard her scoff
“whatever” she muttered and opened the door. She closed it and opened it again after five seconds

“damn! I forgot my phone” she muttered as she hurried back into her room.

I rolled my eyes and faced the television.

A car flashed it’s light on the house and I stood up immediately. It’s definitely them cause it’s past 9pm already.

I quickly opened the door and Will was helping Mari out of the car.

I felt excited. They walked to the house

“hey, how did it go?” I asked excitedly as I hugged her

“Wilbur spilt a drink on my dress” she said with a pout

“but I dabbed it with my own personal handkerchief” he said and she glared at him.

I laughed
“this tells me the date was fun” I said

“well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Good night baby” he said and kissed Mari

“wait… No, you’re not going just yet. Come in for five minutes” I said and pulled him in

“come on sit down” I said and pushed him gently to make him sit
To Be Continued