Boy With Luv Episode 37


I sat in the living room playing a game on my new phone and eating from the fries Will brought on Sunday night. We didn’t finish all the food that night like the popcorn and fries.
I had fun with Will that night. I felt freer with him and he fascinated me with his laugh and smiles and winks.

Goldie was peacefully sleeping on my legs, though it wasn’t really sleep. It was more like resting with eyes closed

I took a French fry and kept it in my mouth and began to chew it. A knock came on the door

I paused the game then gently laid Goldie on the couch. I stood up with the phone and French fry poked into my mouth. I opened the door and it was Wilbur

“hey baby” he hailed
“hey” I said and hugged him

“you smell like fries” he said. I laughed and separated from him. I was still chewing on the one stick of fry without holding it. It was just in my mouth

“stop acting like a moron” he said jokingly and removed the fry, I pouted and he chuckled and placed a kiss on my lips

“should I come in? Or stay here” he asked

“come in” I said and pulled him in gently with the hand I held my phone with

“I miss you. And I’m glad I met you in a good mood” Will said as I closed the door

“been playing games on the phone you got me” I said and jumped on the couch

“come on” I pulled him unto the couch and he laid down and placed his head on my thighs then closed his eyes

“you’re so cute” I cooed and played with his cheeks

“I’ve heard that from a couple of ladies before” he said and my expression changed

“oh” I said in a slow and long whisper

He opened his eyes and smiled

“but I don’t know why yours got my tummy tingling baby” he added with a cool vibe. He pulled up and placed another short kiss on my lips then laid his head down again

I smiled and twirled my hair

“I bet you’re twirling your hair now” he said with his eyes still closed

I lowered my head and gently began to kiss him. I felt a movement like he was surprised and he suddenly relaxed and kissed me back

We kissed for about two minutes then separated. He played with my hair as I stared down at him.

“are we forgetting something?” I asked
“yeah, our date” he answered
“should we postpone it?” I asked

“till weekend right?”

“yeah. Cause it seems like we can’t make it today”

“so what are we gonna do tonight?” he asked and I just shrugged

“how about we go for a walk” he suggested and that reminded me of the walk I took yesterday and the bubble gum girl

“okay. But won’t you be recognized?” I asked
“hmm, let’s go for a ride then” he said and I nodded

“did you win any awards?” I asked as he sat up and pulled me to lay on him.

“two. Best male lead and one other one” he replied

“which one is that?”

“it’s really not important” he said and chuckled. I sat up and poked his stomach

“ouch” he winced
“what’s the other award?” I said in a commanding voice

“okay… It’s most romantic actor”

“wow, but I haven’t seen that romantic side of you” I said and crossed my arms. I looked under the table and Goldie was just curled up and sleeping. What’s with this pup and sleep?

“really? You wanna see it?” he asked with a smirk that looked like a smile

“well… Yeah… Show me” I said

“okay then. I would” he said and just sat there

“aren’t you going to show me?” I asked and he chuckled

“chill baby. I’m not going to be romantic when you’re expecting it. Now go take a shower and let’s go out”

“we’re taking Goldie” I said and stood up

“sure” he said and I left


I stared at my phone as Mari went inside. It’s another email about an ambassadorial award from Samsung. They want to sign me as one of their phone models

I grinned and replied them then sent a screenshot of it to my manager though I’m quite sure he already knows about it.

I was still grinning when Mari came back

“so soon?” I asked
“didn’t want to keep my boyfriend waiting” she said and that got me smiling. She picked up Goldie and hooked in her belt.

“let’s go?” I asked and stretched forth my hand

“yeah” she replied and took my hand. We walked outside and she locked the door then we went to the car

As I drove out, I kept stealing glances at her

“if you want to look at me, just look and stop stealing glances like I’m still your crush”

I laughed

“okay, you got me” I said and laughed again

“but do you know you’re like my good luck charm?” I asked

“what do you mean?”

“it’s not even up to a week we started dating and I’m already getting new endorsements and opportunities. On Sunday, I got a major role in a Hollywood movie and the text came when I was with you. Today, I just got an email from Samsung that they want to sign me up as one of their ambassadors”

“OMG! Really? Gosh, congrats Will” she said and ruffled my hair

“hahaha. I’m glad I met you, you have a angels around you” I said and she chuckled
“you should be thanking God” she said

“okay, thank God I met you” I said and smiled at her. She smiled back too

“Will, did you meet up with any girl three days ago? Uhm, a tall brunette. In her father’s company”

“three days ago?” I asked


“I… I think so. How did you know?” I asked and she looked at the dog and ran her fingers through her fur

“I was taking a walk yesterday and I saw a huge billboard with you on it. It was an ad for a toothpaste and I was just staring at it and admiring it and feeling proud that I… Well.. That you were my boyfriend” she said and I smiled. I love it as she’s acknowledging me as her boyfriend

“yeah?” I asked so she would continue

“then there came this girl that was chewing a gum and making bubbles. She said she saw you in her father’s company and you two exchanged contacts and you said you were single” she said and gulped down

“whaaat?” I said in a long pronunciation

“I only saw her for like two minutes. She introduced herself as the daughter of the CEO of the company and said she was a huge fan. She requested we take pictures but my manager declined because we had to leave immediately. I can’t even remember her face anymore but I do know I met someone like that. I don’t like her, she’s too sharp and talks more than Winifred”

“so you guys didn’t really talk?”

“yeah, she was the one just blabbing. Wait… She told you I said I was single?”


“gracious! Hahaha, what a personality. Though I haven’t really opened up about my relationship status since we started dating yet but I haven’t told anyone that I’m single ever since then”

I heard her give a deep sigh. I looked at her and smirked… “hey, were you worried?” I asked and took her hand

“yes I was. Somehow” she answered

“I don’t think there’s any need to worry. I’m all yours baby” I said and she grinned and her cheeks turned pink

“I really love it when you call me baby” she confessed and Goldie barked with her tiny voice, as if she was in support of Mari’s confession

“then I better start calling you that always” I said and she chuckled softly



“what do you mean she walked out?” I asked Anita

“what you know by walking out. She entered a taxi and left” she replied

“you were supposed to bring out words from her mouth you b*tch!” I yelled and she flinched

“don’t get pissed already… Ugh! I’ll get her okay. I just need time. It’s not something I can do in a minute. Ugh!” she scoffed again and I banged my fist on the desk

“get out of here” I said in a mumble

“huh?” she asked

“I said get out!” I yelled and she rolled her eyes and left the room

I huffed out hot air and sat down on the chair. I pulled open my drawer and brought out some narcotic pills in a plastic container. I dropped two on my palm and threw them into my mouth and swallowed them
To Be Continued