Boy With Luv Episode 36



“hey” I called out to Will who just kept staring into his phone
“yeah?” he said without looking up at me
“are you busy with something?” I asked and he sighed softly and dropped the phone on the table

“nope I’m not. Come on let’s eat” he said with a smile. I bit my lip as a realization hit me, the realization that I have kissed the lips of Wilbur Sanders. I grinned and watched him open the pizza box

“what would you be doing this week?” I asked as he placed the box between us. I picked a slice first then he did.

“uhm… There’s an award show tomorrow night and I have to be at the agency I work for from noon for some orientation and all their talk. On Tuesday I have to accompany my director to a small island close to Manila here. He needs to get some things in place for a new drama. On Wednesday I’m free, on Thursday I’m going for a photoshoot. Then I’m free during the weekend” he said

“so when I’m I seeing you again? Wednesday right?” I asked. I must confess, I always want to see him

“are you missing me already?” he asked with a silly smirk. I covered my face with my half eaten pizza

“hahaha, don’t be shy. Just tell me you’re missing me already” he cooed and I laughed

“come on it’s too early for me to start saying stuff like that. We just started dating yesterday” I said and looked down at the floor

“but we didn’t fall in love yesterday” he stated and I chuckled and looked up

“okay I miss you” I said and he smiled beautifully

“that’s my girl” he said and rubbed his thumb on my cheek. Of course that made me blush

“when you go to Bantayan for a week, I won’t see you” I said and licked my fingers gently

“Bantayan?” he asked with furrowed brows

“yeah. You said you were going to Bantayan Island for a week. Because of a photoshoot” I told him and he laughed quietly

“what? Isn’t that what you said?” I asked because I thought he was laughing because I said the wrong thing

“yeah, I said so. But… There was no real photoshoot” he said and picked up another slice of pizza

“no real photoshoot? I don’t understand you” I said and stared at him waiting for an explanation. He chewed on the slice in his hand and began to talk amidst munches

“I just wanted you and I to go on a vacation to a beautiful place. I planned it. Too bad you didn’t fall for my trap”

“what? Oh my God” I said with a laugh

“you’re so hilarious. So what if I had come with you, how would you have explained not going to any photoshoot but staying with me all day?”

“hey, I had it all planned out okay? I was going to hire a photographer and his crew to take pictures of me. I was also planning for them to take secret pictures of you and I”

“oh goodness. Never knew you could be this cunning” I said and he laughed

“why didn’t you even agree? It would have been a fun time”

“I was… Well I felt like going with you would just complicate things for me. I wasn’t sure or rather I didn’t want to be sure about my feelings for you and going to a place like that with you, it could make me say yes” I stated and he smiled

“I’m glad you eventually said the yes” he said and I smiled

“I wanna confess” I said and he furrowed his brows

“confess what?” he asked

“that I was jealous of you kissing another girl and I angrily pushed down the television”

“what? You mean that wasn’t an accident? Gosh! Gold you are such a jealous type” he laughed and I laughed too

“don’t blame me. It looked so real and it got me pissed” I defended myself and he even laughed more. I know he said they were just stage tricks but that kiss was looking so real and the thought of Will kissing another girl really pissed me off

“well, at least you were jealous of a human. I was jealous of an ordinary puppy… I was so jealous of Goldie that night we got her” he said

“you were jealous of Goldie? Why?” I asked

“well, you wouldn’t stop cuddling her and adorning her with kisses. I wanted to be the one you’d kiss but she was having all the affection I’ve been craving for” Will confessed and I found it so funny that he was jealous of the poor puppy that night. What a dramatic guy

“so it’s settled then. We’re both jealous freaks” I stated

“you’re more of a jealous freak than I am” he said and I frowned

“no I’m not… Why did you say that?”

“because you destroyed a whole television because of me.” he said and I pouted.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” he asked jokingly and I chuckled

“I’ll take that title just for now” I said and continued to pout

“hey, how about we go on a first date as a couple on Wednesday”

“to where?” I asked

“do you wanna go swimming with me? On a beach. I can make it a private beach if you want” he said

“would there be sea food?” I asked

“lots of ’em” he replied and I nodded

“then let’s go” I said

“great… Aren’t you thirsty?” he asked as he took one can of Pepsi

“yeah” I simply replied and took the second can



I ruffled my hair as I waited for my manager to pick up. I wanted to ask the details of the sudden swap from Eduardo to me in that Hollywood movie

?yo Willie congratulations man!
I frowned
?how in the world was I chosen to play that part?
?why do you sound more like anger compared to joy
?just tell me how I got the part please

?well you know they were looking for a Filipino to act that part. Actually Eduardo auditioned for it and got the part but changes were made to the character and they needed someone feeble and sweet. Eduardo doesn’t fit in at all

I groaned
?you haven’t answered my question
?okay. I quickly vouched in for you and luckily they saw that you fitted in and they gave you the part.

?I want to decline

?How I’m I going to face Eduardo? Come on, it’s sick.

?you and Eduardo have separate lives to live. You can’t ruin yours just to please him. Do you know how this role is going to boost your career? Will you can’t loose this. This is like the biggest thing in your life so far

?no buts… I’ll see you tomorrow

He hung up and I sighed in distress
I don’t like the way things are going. Plus Eduardo’s sudden change of character from bad to worse

I sat down on my sofa in my room and wondered how to face my so called friend. It’s not gonna be easy but I just have to accept this role


I was taking a walk on Tuesday evening with Goldie when I noticed a billboard with Will’s picture on it. I stopped and stared at it then smiled.

“that’s my boyfriend right there” I said to Goldie, I chuckled and looked at the billboard again

“he’s cute, isn’t he?” a girl chewing a pink gum asked beside me. She was just looking at the billboard and blowing big bubbles

“uhm, yeah he is” I answered

“you know I once met him. At my father’s studio. He’s really nice” she said and faced me. She blew a very big bubble and busted it then began chewing again

“oh really? When was that?” I asked

“yesterday. We got along really well. He said he was still single and I exchanged numbers with him. I’m gonna call him tonight” she smirked at me like she just beat me to a maths test

“he said he’s single?” I asked

“yeah, what? You want his number?” she asked and chuckled

“no… I’m actually going now. Bye” I said and began to walk away. The girl ran after me

“hey, can we be friends? Let’s talk some other time” she said and I stopped a taxi

“it was nice meeting you” I said and I entered the taxi then it drove off
To Be Continued