Boy With Luv Episode 35



“just shut up and kiss me before she gets back” Marigold shunned me

“wait what?” I asked with furrowed brows

“just ki..” she stopped when Eliza came back

“there was no beef sandwich Mari” she said as she stared at her friend

Mari began to gag and I looked at her

“are you okay?” I asked and she nodded and took a glass of water. She gulped it down then stopped.

“I think I’m gonna throw up” she said and stood up then hurried away, Eliza tried to follow her but I stopped her

“don’t worry, I’ll go. You need to have your breakfast, okay?” I said and stood up

“okay” she said and shrugged. I ran upstairs and knocked on her door

“Mari? Mari are you in?” she didn’t answer so I opened the door. I saw her sitting on the bed with her hands crossed

“Mari are you okay?” I asked as I walked towards her

“yeah I’m good” she said
“you’re sure?” I asked and stood in front of her. She got off the bed and suddenly hugged me

“OH my!” I exclaimed in surprise because I wasn’t expecting that.

“Mari are you okay?” I asked because I thought something might be wrong with her

“I just… I don’t know. I just wanna stay right here for some minutes” she said in a low voice and I hugged her back and rubbed her

“there’s something I think you wanna tell me” I said

“there should be. It’s not just time”

“I’m always here for you okay? I’m not leaving, and that’s a promise”

She pulled away from me and held my hands
“you’re not gonna break that promise, right?” she asked and with the look in her eyes, she was struggling to believe what I said

I held her face in my palms
“I’m not gonna break it” I said with the whole of my heart. I truly meant it

She smiled and nodded. I brought my face closer to hers and kissed her tenderly. It was a short kiss though

“can we go back now? I’m starving” I said and she laughed

“all right then” she said and we walked downstairs hand in hand without saying anything

“I hope there’s still some bread left because I mistakenly ate yours” Eliza said while munching on a sandwich

“mistakenly?” Mari asked
“yeah, mistakenly” she replied with a shrug and I chuckled

“I’ll just make more sandwiches. Seems we’re all pretty hungry today” I said and pecked Mari’s cheek before she sat down

“I think it’s because we were exhausted last night” she said

“yeah. I’ll be back in at most ten minutes” I said and left the dining room



“so what really happened to you?” Eliza asked me as Will left

“I felt worried and I needed to talk to him” I said and began to run little and slow circles on the table with my index finger

“I knew that gagging wasn’t real. When did you start acting lessons Mari?”

I chuckled and shrugged
“so what were you worried about?” she asked and I heaved a very deep sigh

“seriously, Mari don’t tell me you’re still having insecurities about your decision”

“I can’t help it. That fear keeps coming” I replied

“you know what, just act like you’re doing this for fun. Just be happy and don’t let your past ruin your present. Wilbur Sanders isn’t a man to have and let go because of fears of the unknown. Do you know how many girls wish to be in your shoes? Both the rich and the poor want it to be them. And unfortunately for them, Marigold Cruz is the lucky girl”

I smiled to that
“I guess I am”

“yeah you are. And I’m the best friend to the lucky girl and that’s why I had the opportunity of attending a five star low-key birthday party last night. The first time in my life I’m attending a party with an actual birthday cake”

I laughed out loud “you’re so funny” I said and she laughed too

“but I’m right. And it’s because of you that I could sleep in a king sized bed with soft pillows and thick blanket last night. Also because of you I’m eating a sandwich made by a celebrity”

“I guess we’re lucky”

“yep we are” she said and winked. I smiled and breathed out

Then I suddenly remembered Goldie
“oh my goodness, what about Goldie?” I asked

“oh I forgot to tell you. I actually gave her extra milk, water and treats before leaving yesterday. She’ll be fine before we get back”

“what if she has to use her potty?” I asked

“well… I don’t know about that” Eliza said and shrugged. I bit my lower lip and hoped we could go back home before noon time
“so, I’ll come see you tonight” Will said as he picked his keys to drop us off

“okay” I said
“I’ll be going back home this evening so I’ll see you maybe next weekend” Eliza said
“oh really? Wow, okay then. Let’s see how it goes”

We walked outside and we entered his car and drove home. He then helped us take my birthday presents inside. I was given presents last night but I was too tired to open them. Eliza and I would do all that today

“take care of yourself okay?” Will said as he was about leaving. Eliza had gone to give Goldie more water as she had drained the extra she was given from yesterday

It was just Will and I in the living room

“yeah, I would” I said with a smile. He pulled me and hugged me to his chest. I wrapped my arms around his waist and we stayed there for few seconds

“I love you” he said and I smiled and lifted my face to look at him
“I love you too” I replied and he kissed my forehead and not withdrawing for about five seconds. That actually made me feel safe.

“I’ll see you tonight” he said after we had disengaged from the hug.

“my regards to Wini” I said
“sure, bye” he said and left the house. I sighed and sat down on the couch then looked at the gifts on the table. Eliza came back holding Goldie

“hey” I cooed and collected her from Eliza. She licked my hands and was wagging her tail

“I’ve missed you baby girl” I said to her after I lifted her up to my face

“shouldn’t we start opening your presents?” Eliza asked and picked one up

“this one’s from Jay. Who’s Jay?”
“Will’s cousin” I replied and watched her open the small box

“wow, look at these” Eliza exclaimed and showed me the diamond earrings and a necklace
“wow, so pretty” I said and collected the box. I picked them out and kept them on my palm

“they are damn expensive.” she said as she stared at them

I returned them to the box and Eliza took another present. This one was a big box and was heavy a little

She unwrapped the wrapping paper and looked at the box

“makeup kit?” she asked. I looked at it and the picture on the carton box was that of a makeup kit and a pretty lady with makeup on her face. And of course, the name was there.

Eliza hurriedly opened the box and brought out the kit. She dropped it on the floor and pressed a certain button and it opened and divided into about six segments. Each segment had it’s own makeup tool

“wow, I’ve seen this in the movies. Only the rich can afford this” Eliza said and picked up a lipstick

“who’s it from?” I asked and she looked at the wrapping paper

“Wini” she replied and I smiled. I was expecting it to be her.

I caught sight of the one with Will’s name tagged on it. I quickly picked it up and it was a flat and somehow wide box. Like the shape of a chocolate bar, just a bit bigger than that.
I unwrapped it and my jaw dropped. Finally, I have a phone like my mates



I wasn’t expecting to see Eduardo sitting in my living room when I arrived. I just sense trouble around him

“where are you coming from?” he asked as I entered

“the last time I checked Eduardo, this is my house and I don’t think I’m supposed to be asked that question” I replied and dropped my keys on the table.

He scoffed and stood up from the sofa

“you think I don’t know what you’re up to? You ran a party last night for a girl, the same miserable girl! You didn’t invite me, why?” he asked

“because you don’t like the girl. Why invite you to a party when you dislike the celebrant?”
I walked to my bar and took a bottle of red grape wine. I poured it out into a glass and dropped the bottle on the bar table

“what is going on between you and that girl?” he asked with a glare

“she’s my girlfriend” I proudly replied and his eyes widened. He stared at me for like forever then turned to go

“Eduardo” I called him back. He turned and looked at me with cold eyes

“what has come over you?” I asked and he scoffed

“does your girlfriend know that you are a…”

“Eduardo stop! Stop it!” I ordered and he smirked

“you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into” he stated

“okay… You’ve always been a jerk and a pervert but with the way you’re acting now, I think I’m going to add psychopath to the list” I said and he just laughed and walked out.

I was so confused. Something isn’t right with him. He has never acted this way despite the fact that he’s always bossy and trying to be lord over me.

And what does he mean by ‘you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into’?
I knocked on the door gently and she opened almost immediately. She was wearing a large smile

“hey” she hailed at me and I smiled

“you came late” she said as she opened the door wider for me. I entered and she closed it

“I’m sorry. I had to make some arrangements with my manager and I ate into the time” I answered and dropped the big bag I brought on the table

“I hope you’re not stressed” she said and walked to me

“not anymore. I had a long soothing bath before coming here” I said and sat down. She sat beside me and won’t stop smiling

“what?” I asked
“thank you for the phone Will” she said gently and with gratitude in her voice

“I don’t think you have to thank me for that. That was my duty” I said and she laughed out loud

“duty you said? You’re just a boyfriend, not a father. That’s not your duty but you still did it. I really appreciate that. And you have to thank Wini and Dani and your elder brother, also Jay for giving me presents” she said and I nodded

“I brought some stuff. I hope you haven’t had dinner” I asked

“I already have. What did you bring?”

“well, some food and snacks” I said and pointed to the big bag. She sat down on the floor and opened the bag. She brought out the pizza box, McDonald’s paper bag, popcorn, chicken wings, a big can of creamed yoghurt, two small bags of chips and finally two cans of Pepsi

“seriously? How can we finish all of these?” she asked and I chuckled and sat on the floor too

“let’s give it a try. Come on” I nudged her and she chuckled

“so which should we start with?” she asked and I picked up the pizza and opened it

“I’m supposed to be on a diet but for today, I’m getting my producers pissed” I said and she laughed. She picked up one slice of pizza and just as I was about doing same, my phone beeped. I brought out the phone and it was an email from my manager. An email saying I have been hired to play the lead role in a Hollywood movie. The name of the movie rang a bell in my mind.

It then suddenly dawned on me that, that was the same role Eduardo lost two days ago. He was texted and said to be too tall and dominating in his looks and couldn’t play the part they wanted him to.

So I’m the one who took that part from him? I don’t think he’s ready for the realization that I just replaced him
To Be Continued