Boy With Luv Episode 34


I was filled with joy as if it was my own birthday. At first it was unbelievable that she actually fell for me, I couldn’t even believe my ears.

Our lips separated and her eyes opened slowly. We stared at each other for some seconds then suddenly started to laugh

I took her hand
“thanks for making me so happy tonight” I said
“thanks for making me happy always” she replied and I smiled and began to kiss her again

“hmm hmm” someone cleared his or her throat. We parted immediately and looked to see Eliza

“I’m so sorry I have to intrude. I hate the fact that I have to ruin this perfect moment between you two but it’s very important and I hope you guys can please continue this another time… Please” she pleaded and I chuckled, why is she feeling bad for intruding?

“what is it Eliza?” I asked politely
“it’s time for her to cut the cake” she stated and stood with her hands clasped in front of her

“okay, then. We’d be there in a few minutes” I said and she giggled
“hurry” she said. Then she eyed Mari and left happily

“I wonder why she’s in high spirits” I said to Marigold

“it’s because she saw us kissing” she answered and I drew closer to her
“really? We kissed? When?” I asked jokingly and she laughed and placed her hands on my shoulders

“you’re silly” she said and we began to kiss again. Not too slow, not too fast

When the kiss was getting intense and taking longer than expected, I quickly separated my lips from hers
“we really need to cut that cake” I said and she smiled

So we walked hand in hand back into the party room. Mari cut her cake and took pictures with the guests. She looked even happier than she was earlier

Later, I saw her in a corner giggling with Eliza. Eliza was all smiles and jumping as they held hands. What exactly is making this girls excited? I have to ask Marigold

“so you finally got the girl, huh?” Wini said as she stood beside me

“finally got the girl” I answered with a smirk
“the fight was worth it. And she seems really happy”
“she is” I replied while still having my eyes glued to Marigold

“what plans do you have for the both of you now that you’re finally together?” Wini asked and stood in front of me

“my plans with Marigold?” I asked back
“yeah. Is there something you intend to do? You know, relationship goals”

“I wanna try to win her trust and make her comfortable. I’m thinking of moving her out of where she is presently” I said

“exactly what I wanted you to say. I’ll do the house hunting” she suggested

“is there a need? How about she stays here? You know this place is secure and comfortable. She already loves it”

“that’s a great one. I just hope she doesn’t turn down the offer”

“uhm, she might likely turn it down if I tell her immediately. I don’t wanna rush things so I’ll just take it slow. I’ll get her to trust me and probably, involve her in all my activities. She’s going to see a reason to move in here someday” I stated

“wow… I can’t believe you’re the one saying something as sensible as this.” she teased and I frowned

“seriously? You don’t have to steal my line. I’m the one who always tells you that”

“feels good to say it to you” she said and I shook my head

“the guests are leaving, shouldn’t we bid them farewell?” Wini asked

“Mari and I would do that” I said
“okay, I’ll go make a call to Jenifer” she said and left

I walked to Mari
“uhm, excuse me” I whispered and the two ladies looked at me

“we need to thank the guests for coming. It seems they’re getting ready to leave” I said

“OH, okay. Excuse me Eliza” Mari said

“you are excused mademoiselle” she replied with a French accent and I chuckled.
I slipped my hand around Mari’s waist and we walked to each guest and thanked them for coming as they were about leaving.
Later it was just me, Mari, Eliza and Wini that were left. With the workers starting to clear up the place

“where’s all this food going now?” Eliza asked while pointing to the remaining food on the buffet table

“garbage can” Wini replied and poured herself a glass of wine

“what? But they’re still good and it’s not even the ones that were left over by the guests” Eliza protested

“you’re right but since it’s not much, let’s just dispose them” Wini said

Eliza heaved a sigh and walked to the waiter. She began to speak to him in words that we couldn’t hear

“wow it’s really late already. It’s past 10pm” Mari said while looking at the clock

“yeah it is. You had a great time?” I asked
“had the best time. Thank you so much Will” she said and hugged me.

“anything for you Mari” I said while still hugging her

We then stopped hugging and she yawned
“is that sleep or tiredness?” I asked

“it’s both” she replied amidst the yawn

I chuckled

“how about you spend the night here? You know, freshen up well and sleep tight. Then tomorrow after breakfast, I’ll drive you home” I suggested and she began to think

“hmm, I’ll miss church” she said
“just for tomorrow. You’re so tired. You need rest or your body would break down”

“okay then. But is it just me?” she asked

“Eliza’s staying. I can also stay” I answered and she nodded

“fine then. We’d spend the night here” she said and I smiled

“tell Eliza. I need to get the doors open. I mean the doors to the rooms and ventilate it” I said and she nodded. I kissed her forehead and headed for the rooms



“Will asked us to sleep over till morning” I said to Eliza who just finished drinking a bottle of water

“sleep over? Where?” she asked and sealed the cover of the bottle back

“here. I’m really tired and he said we could get a proper rest here” I said and took a bottle of water from the table we were standing by

“wow. Thank goodness. We could have a hot bath and sleep on large beds. Perfect!” she said and I chuckled

“I don’t know why I’m still hungry.” I said and looked at the workers packing the food away

“that’s because you didn’t eat enough like I did. You should have some of these remaining pancakes. Have you tasted them? They’re so good” she pulled me to the buffet table and quickly put about four pieces of round and large pancakes in a plate for me. She then gave me a glass of cherry squash and led me to a table to sit down

“come on, eat up. You shouldn’t be hungry on your birthday” she said and sat beside me

“where is Wini?” I asked

“she’s been on the phone for some time. I think she has gone out of the room” she answered and I nodded

I looked at the workers and I noticed they were packaging the food in plastic cans

“why are they doing that? I thought they were going to dispose the food. Why packaging them?”

“because I asked them to. There’s no way I’m letting food waste. I’ll put them in a big bag and take them home tomorrow”

“aren’t they gonna spoil?”

“there’s a machine here that can preserve already cooked food” she said

“really? What’s it called?” I asked amidst munches

“a fridge Mari. It’s called a fridge” she said then scoffed

“okay, a fridge. Haha” I laughed
I woke up around 6am and I stretched. I stepped down from the bed and walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth. After brushing, I headed for the living room.

I was wearing one of the white T-shirts I saw in the closet. They seemed like a company shirt that were given out for free to its workers. The logo of the company was written at the top right corner in blue.

I was wearing the shirt on my undershorts.

As I entered the kitchen, I took a glass cup, rinsed it and fetched water from the filter. I drank it then went back upstairs.

And thirty minutes later, I began to feel hungry

“what’s with me and hunger now?” I asked the ceiling

I gently stepped down from the bed again and made towards the stairs to go downstairs. Eliza had said she would keep the food in the fridge so I would check and if possible, warm and eat.

As I entered the living room, I saw Wilbur doing something by the dinning table. I walked up to him

“good morning” I greeted and he turned

“morning sunshine” he said and I smiled.

He was dropping plates of sandwiches on the table

“did you make these?” I asked
“yeah. Just now” he answered

I was really hungry and I couldn’t wait to eat.

“Eliza is still sleeping?” he asked and I nodded

“sit down and eat” he said and I sat down. I began to eat while he poured out warm milk for me. He looked at my face and chuckled

“what?” I asked and he just sat down and took his own sandwich

I decided not to say anything else

“first time I’m seeing you in the morning. And you’re beautiful” he said and I blushed

“thanks Will” I said and licked my fingers

He moved closer to me and bent down to kiss me but Eliza giggled and we looked up

“HI guys. You’re free to kiss don’t worry” she said and he just chuckled

“come and sit down Eliza” Will said and she sat opposite him.

“Eliza check the fridge, there’s a beef sandwich there. It’s for you. Will made it for you but you weren’t awake” I said

“really?” she asked and stood up. She left and Will looked at me

“I didn’t make any…”
“just shut up and kiss me before she comes back” I cut in

To Be Continued