Boy With Luv Episode 33


I looked at my time and I was already five minutes late. The party would begin at exactly 7:15pm and it’s already 7:05pm. I quickly entered my car and drove to Mari’s house

I knocked on the door and Eliza opened

“is she ready?” I whispered and she nodded

“Mari come out already” she said and Mari gently walked out of her room. I began to grin from ear to ear. She’s so beautiful

“hey” she said shyly
“hey” I said and we both stared at each other without a word

“you guys are getting late” Eliza whispered and I chuckled
“you look so beautiful” I said and took her left hand. She smiled brightly
“thank you Will”

“well, shall we?” I asked and she nodded. I pulled her out of the house gently and we waved at Eliza before moving to the car. Mari was now the same height with me, power of heels.

I opened the door for her and she sat in then I went through the other side. I started the car and drove out gently into the street. I made sure I was slow

“how’s Goldie doing?” I asked
“she’s doing great. She’s so happy with me and she sleeps on my bed with me” she answered

“isn’t she a cute pup” I said and we chuckled

I turned on a slow love song and I glanced at her. She smiled at me and I noticed she was unusually excited tonight.

“you look really good looking Will” she said and I looked at her

“really? I do?” I asked and she nodded
“thank you. I suddenly feel handsome” I said and she giggled

We didn’t say anything again until we got to the beach house

“is this where the award show is taking place?” she asked as I helped her out of the car

“no, it’s a party” I answered and held her waist.
“who’s party?” she asked but I didn’t answer

We got to the door and the body guards bowed a little. They opened the door and we entered. We began to hear music

“the party’s upstairs” I said and we gently climbed the stairs.

“Will, aren’t you gonna tell me who’s party it is?” she asked

I smirked at her then held the doorknob to the party room

“it’s your party” I answered
“my party?” she asked and I opened the door

Everyone inside shouted “Surprise! Happy Birthday Marigold!”

She gasped as she stared into the room



I couldn’t believe it. was actually my birthday and I forgot. I totally forgot

“OH my God!” I exclaimed and covered my mouth with my hands

Winifred and Eliza came out and held my hands.

“surprise!” she said and giggled

“OH my goodness”

“don’t worry, it was all Wilbur’s idea” Wini said and I looked at Will who shrugged. I remember telling him my birthday some time ago, I can’t believe he didn’t forget.

“come inside and meet everyone” Wini said and pulled me gently.

“Happy Birthday Mari. Will has told me good things about you” a beautiful lady said to me

“really? Thank you” I said with a large smile

“by the way, I’m Jay. Their cousin” she introduced and gave me a handshake
“it’s nice to meet you Jay” I said and she smiled

“nice to meet you too. I’ll excuse you now” she said and walked to Wilbur

“wow, I’m so surprised” I muttered

“that’s the essence of a surprise party” Eliza said
“so you knew about this?” I asked

“she was informed. I went to pick her up after you left with Will” Wini said

“Happy Birthday” a man said to me

“and this is our elder brother Lucas. He came too” Wini said

“OH wow, it’s nice to meet you sir. And thank you for coming” I said and he grinned
“I’m proud of Wilbur this time and I’m glad about his actions” he said and I smiled

“you’re really beautiful you know, more than what Wini explained” he said and I giggled
“really? Thank you” I said and he smiled and lifted up his glass towards our back. We looked and Wilbur was standing there with his hands in his pocket

“I think he wants her back” Lucas said and we laughed

“go on now, he wants you back” Wini teased and he gently pulled me

“I’ll take it from here. Thank you” he said and walked me away

“Will you did all these for me?” I asked looking up at the cut out of my name largely handing across the room from the ceiling

“I love you” he said and I blinked my eyes. Is this the right time to tell him I love him too?

His face drew closer and he almost kissed me
“aren’t you going to introduce me to her?” a girl asked, causing him to stop his kiss procedure

“OH Dani… Mari this is Dani, my cousin from my father’s side” he introduced

“hi Mari… The girl who stole Willie’s heart” she said and hugged me

“it’s nice to meet you Dani. You’re so beautiful” I said and she blushed
“I like you already” she giggled. She seems like a teenager

“Dani, we’ll be right back. I have to introduce her to the rest”

“okay” she said and walked away.

Will introduced me to everyone. The guests were just around seven and mostly his family and few of the families friends. They all seemed to like me and I was glad because I felt free.

The guests began to go to the buffet table to get different types of exotic dishes. I was so hungry but I couldn’t go there. I had taken a glass of champagne though

“come and sit here. Let’s eat” Will said and I gladly accepted. We sat down and someone in a uniform brought us food. We began to eat and I noticed that anytime I looked down at my plate, Will would steal glances at me.

We talked sweetly and watched some dancers perform on the stage while eating.
The party was really fun.

“uhm, I want you to follow me somewhere” Will said as we finished eating

“where?” I asked and he stood up
“it’s somewhere around the house. Come on” he lifted me up and walked me gently downstairs. We went through the living room

“is this place yours?” I asked as we walked out of the house through the back door

“yeah it is” he replied

We walked under the stairs and went to a medium sized room filled with beautiful aquariums. Some on the wall and some on the floor

“wow” I exclaimed as we got out
“this place is lovely” I said
“I planned on moving in to this neighborhood. It’s quite reserved and awesome”

“I love this” I said and held his hand tightly

“your love for water is overwhelming. Are you sure you’re not a mermaid?” he teased and I giggled

“what if I am?” I asked and faced him. He placed his hands on my waist and kissed my forehead

“then you’d be more beautiful and amazing” he said and I smiled lightly

“there’s something I have to tell you Will”

“yeah? What is it?” he asked and I breathed out nervously

“I… Will I… I want to be… I.. Oh gosh, I don’t know how to say this” I stammered and looked away

“talk to me. Come on be free” he said

“I’m in love with you” I said and his eyes widened

“you… You are?” he asked
“I love you Will. I do and I’ve been trying to hide it and deny it but I can’t anymore. I’m sorry I’ve been keeping you waiting”

He beamed with smiles

“I love you so much” he said and we hugged

“do me a favor. Please” I said and fiddled my fingers together

“what is it?” he asked and took my hands then intertwined them with his

“kiss me” I said and he looked a little bit… Well I don’t know what he looked like. I kinda felt he wasn’t gonna kiss me

“you don’t wanna kiss me” I said and lowered my face sadly

“are you kidding me? I’ve been dying to kiss your lips since the first time” he said and before I could even look up, he had lifted my face by himself and brought his face very close to mine. He didn’t kiss me immediately and I almost poked him to kiss me.

He deeply looked into my eyes then gently and slowly connected our lips. He kissed me so softly that I almost felt like leaning on him and falling asleep while still being kissed
To Be Continued