Boy With Luv Episode 42



“hey, be careful” I warned sternly with a deep frown while pointing my index finger at Wilbur. He relaxed on the couch and burst into hysteric laughter

“heyyy” I wined and pouted. Why was he laughing at me?

“stop it!” I yelled at him and even hit his chest to make him stop but he sat on the floor and continued to laugh.

“I wonder how you clean your ceiling fan, you always have to climb a twice as tall stool” he said and I sniffed. He was teasing me because of my height.

“stop it Will” I said and he stopped laughing

“I’m not that short” I said and he smirked

“yeah, you’re just perfect” he said and took my hand but I snatched it back

“oh come on, you know I was joking right” he said and I stood up from the couch and walked away towards the kitchen

“come on baby, I’m sorry!” he yelled after me but I ignored him and entered the kitchen. I opened the kitchen fridge and brought out an ice-cream cup. I had dropped it in there earlier today. I opened it and dug in a spoon then scooped out a large amount

“baby” Will called, he was leaning against the door frame

I took in the ice-cream and my whole mouth hurt because it was too much. My teeth literally froze

“oh my God” I exclaimed and opened my mouth. I began to breathe through my mouth while trying to lick it so it could quickly melt. I’m very sure I looked hideous doing that

“you know you’re weird right?” Will asked rhetorically

I glared at him and continued my little action. I heard him chuckle and then he walked to me.

He gently collected my ice-cream cup and the spoon. Thank God it was just remaining little in my mouth and I was no longer looking weird

“there’s something I wanna tell you” he said while looking into my eyes. He seemed serious

“what?” I asked after a few seconds of silence in order to swallow

“it’s… It’s about me.” he said

“I wanted to tell you earlier at the restaurant” he added

“uhm, okay. You can tell me now” I said, forgetting I was feigning a ‘jokey’ anger at him

“Mari, when I was a teenager I was always indoors and I didn’t go to an open school” he said

“I know, you told me that already” I said and collected the ice-cream from him

“I had this teacher, he was teaching me physics and he—”

“—oh my God Wilbur!” Eliza screamed and that had cut him shut

“Eliza, hey” Will said and she ran and hugged him

‘‘there’s no way you’re gonna tell me you didn’t come with it” she said while peering into his eyes

“yeah, yeah I brought it” he said and she squealed

“brought what?” I asked cause I didn’t know what they were talking about

“come on!” she squealed again and dragged him away

“wait… Eliza!” I called but she had already pulled him out of the kitchen. I sighed softly and began to eat my ice-cream

I tapped my fingers on the desk and waited for the email I was expecting from my doctor. My mom had booked a compulsory appointment with my doctor and I wanted to cancel it. I already sent him an email saying he should cancel it and I was awaiting his reply

I looked at my fingertips and grinned, I’ve really got to pay someone a visit tonight

The email came in and the doctor said he wasn’t going to cancel the appointment but postpone it instead. I got really pissed off that he’d say no to the order I gave him. I’ll deal with him later after I send a text to Will


I rubbed the towel around my neck on my hair to drain out the water. I was standing in front of the mirror but I wasn’t looking at my reflection. My phone began to beep and I slowly walked to where I kept it on the bed. I picked it and it was an anonymous message that said I’M GONNA MAKE YOU MISERABLE

I shook immediately and goose bumps stood up all over my flesh.

I read the text again and I was scared. I’ve never gotten a message like this and I prayed never to have. I know a couple of people who got such messages and things didn’t go well with them

I managed to drop the phone and dress up. Then I forwarded the message to my manager. He was shocked and he filed a report immediately

A knock came on my door and I slowly walked to open it. It was Marigold

“hey, aren’t you going to come down for dinner?” she asked and I sighed and palmed my face

“are you okay?” she asked and touched my face

“can you come in?” I asked and she nodded and stepped in. I closed the door and walked past her then slumped onto the bed

“Willie, is something wrong?” she asked and sat beside me

“I think someone’s onto me” I breathed out

“I don’t understand” she said. I looked at her

“I think someone’s trying to hurt me”

“what? Why? Who could it be?”

I picked up my phone and showed her the text

“oh my goodness” she exclaimed

“my manager already filed a report” I said

“but are you sure this message is meant for you. It could be a misplacement of numbers that led to it reaching your phone instead of someone else”

“hmm, are you sure about that?”

“I don’t know, I’m just saying”

“hey don’t be worried okay? No one’s gonna make your life miserable. You’re gonna be fine” she added

“okay, if you say so” I said

“let’s go have dinner” she stated and pulled me up from the bed


I collected a face towel from one of my assistants and rubbed it on my sweaty face. I just finished shooting a scene in a movie we were working on and thankfully, it was the last for the day.

I decided to take a long bath at home instead of taking a shower at the setting of the movie because there was a private shower for the actors and actresses.

After I entered my car, I decided to send Mari a text to get ready for our date by 8pm. I had made plans to take her out since last week and tonight I won’t be busy so I have to make it happen. After the text, I drove home.

By 8pm, I got ready and I drove to Mari’s house. I was honking at the gate for minutes and the security guard didn’t open up. I was patient and he finally opened.

“why did it take you so long to open?” I asked as I stopped by him when driving in.

“I’m so sorry mister. I was using the bathroom” he replied and I nodded and drove further then he closed the gate. I stepped out of the car and I walked to the door. I rang the doorbell and moments later Eliza opened

“there’s my friend in-law” she hailed and I chuckled

“friend in-law?” I asked

“yeah. You’re an in-law you know and Mari is my friend so… Haha”

I smiled
“can you please tell her to come already? Let’s get going” I said and her face changed
“oh, I forgot. She already left about an hour ago” she said

“an hour ago? But I told her I’d pick her up by 8pm”

“but she got a text to meet you in a hotel room by 7pm”

“a text? From who?” I asked a little perplexed

“you” she replied and her face spelt confusion

“I didn’t send that text Eliza. It’s not even in my phone” I said as I scanned through all the messages in my phone

“let me call her then” she brought out her phone from the pocket of her trousers and began to dial her number. I could hear it ringing without an answer. She dialed again and again and the fourth time, it was switched off
To be continued