Boy With Luv Episode 26


“you want me to get one for myself?” I asked
“yeah since it’s unisex. Come on, it would look nice on you” she said and placed the shirt in front of me then looked at it

“uhm, sure… I’ll ask the attendant if there’s another pair” I said and she smiled

“okay” she said and began to read what was written on the shirt. I looked over at the attendant who was arranging some clothes in a hanger. Luckily she looked at me and I beckoned on her to come over. She quickly walked to us.

“good evening sir” she greeted
“yeah evening. Uhm, do you have another pair for this shirt?” I asked and pointed to it as Marigold held it

“OH yes we do” she replied

“great! He needs a pair” Mari said with a smile. I looked at her and she looked at me smiling, her smile made me smile

“oh, sure. There are even more of beautiful couple outfits here. You guys would love them. Why don’t you follow me and I’ll take you to our lovers section” the lady said while beaming with smiles

“wait… No… We’re not a couple. We’re just …nothing” Mari stammered and my heart literally started crying out blood

“we’re… We’re not a couple. I just want a pair of the shirt for an occasion” I lied and the lady nodded

“okay sir. I’ll go get the shirt” she said and left.
I blew out air from my mouth and looked at Mari

“you should… You should keep looking at the clothes. Pick anyone you like” I said with a dull voice

“Will are you okay?” she asked with concern
“yeah” I breathed out

“I’m gonna use the restroom now. I’ll be back” I said and hurried away before she could say anything else. I went to the restroom and shut the door.

“dammit!” I grunted and banged my fist on the door, I walked to the sink and turned on the water then I plugged it so the water won’t sink out. I began to scoop the water on my face as quickly and swiftly as I could. When I felt better, I unplugged it and the water drained down. I washed my face one last time with the running water then I turned it off.

I’m suddenly depressed again. I wish Marigold and I were actually a thing. We look so good together but she just doesn’t want that. How I’m I going to cope around her knowing I want more than a mere friendship with her? What is this I’ve gotten myself into?

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I pulled out my handkerchief and dabbed the water off my face. I turned round and left the restroom.

“here’s your pair” Mari said and stretched it to me, I just smiled and took it

“you need a new jacket. Or new jackets” I said and dropped the shirt on a rack. I took her brown jacket and her shirt and dropped them too

“let’s look around” I said


“isn’t this sushi the best?” Will asked and I chuckled

“this place is supposed to be for me to eat sushi and be happy with you, but look, you’re the one having all the fun” I said with a laugh and he dropped his chopsticks and began to eat with his fingers

“man! I love the spice, it’s like it’s hot and sweet at the same time. And the aroma is just filling my whole body. I love this, no wonder Wini won’t stop coming here” he said and licked all four of his fingers.

“OH goodness! You look hilarious. Hahahaha” I laughed and used my chopsticks to pick a sushi piece from my plate

“thank God this is a private room or I’d be all over the news tomorrow morning” he said and I laughed and choked because I was chewing

“OH my! Sorry Goldie” he said and stood up, he stood beside me and lifted my glass of water to my lips. He began to pat my back gently as I drank from the glass. I drained it and he lowered it and looked down at my face.

“thank you” I said and smiled at him. He bit his lower lip and continued to stare at me

“is there something on my face?” I asked
“I wish there was something on your lips” he mumbled and sat down on his seat

“huh?” I asked because I didn’t really get what he meant by that

“ugh! My sushi is getting cold” he said and resumed stuffing his mouth with his fingers. I chuckled and dropped my chopsticks then began to eat with my fingers too

“what are you doing?” he asked
“it looks fun” I said with a shrug and he laughed

I picked a napkin and wiped my lips gently

“open up… Aaahhh” he said and opened his own mouth as he brought his hand closer to my mouth

“I don’t wanna. Don’t feed me” I resisted and pulled my head back

“take it or pay the bills” he said
“what? You can’t do that”
“let’s see if I can or I can’t” he said with a smirk

“you won’t do that Will. You won’t do that to me” I wined and he chuckled

“why are you so stubborn? You would have taken it already and save us the stress of arguing” Will said and I pouted

“just open up Goldilocks” he said and I sighed and rolled my eyes. I brought my head forward and took it from him. My lips brushed over his fingers slightly and I felt a sharp tingle in my face.

“good girl. You see, it didn’t bite” he said with a smile and licked his fingers. I chuckled as I ate, to be honest his is tastier than mine. Or is it because he fed me?

“maybe I should come here more often” he said and took water to his lips

I stared at him and sighed. He’s acting different tonight, like he’s really happy and I wanna know the reason. He also didn’t mention anything about what he told me, or maybe he didn’t mean any of that. He had told me I was special that day. I’m I really special to him?

He took the last dice of sushi in his plate and put it in his mouth

“Wilbur” I called out gently to him
He looked at my face


I swallowed and bit my lip, I was feeling nervous

“Wilbur do you really love me?” I uttered and my heart beat increased

His expression changed to that of sadness mixed with sincerity

“Mari, I love you” he stated and placed his left hand on my hand

“I truly love you. I know it sounds or rather it seems my love isn’t genuine and I’m here to probably use you and dump you, but that’s not true at all. I care about you so much baby and you know it. Please Mari, just give me a chance to show you I love you” he stated and I must confess I felt like my heart was melting when he called me baby.

“I… I don’t know… I just… Hmm… Can you please give me time?” I asked

“give you time?” he asked, looking confused

“yes. Time to think, time to know what to do because right now I don’t. I know you might be saying that I already took two weeks but to be honest, I didn’t even want to think towards you those two weeks. So I’m asking you give me more time. I promise I’ll come back with an answer.”

“how long do you need?” he asked
“maybe…. Two…. Months” I said and his eyes widened

He wanted to speak up but he swallowed his words
“just take all the time you need” he said and I heaved a sigh

“thank you” I said and smiled

“one more thing, please don’t tell me you love me during that time. It’s to enable me to think better about what I truly want”

“it’s okay. I’ll give you your space” he said with a smile

Give you your space? Wait… What does that mean?

“well hello you two” a voice said behind me. I looked back and saw a tall well built man with dark shiny hair and a protruding Adam’s apple. His figure is rather terrifying than charming

“Eduardo” Will called and stood up

“who do we have here Wilbur?” he asked looking at me with eyes that felt like that of the devil. I doubt if this Eduardo is in his right mind. He’d play the role of a psychiatric villain well in movies

He moved closer to me and wanted to touch my face but Will quickly stood between us and placed his hand on my shoulder

“she’s a friend. What brings you here Eduardo?” he asked and I heard a deep chuckle. Wait, how does Will manage to hang out with this man who feels like Lucifer himself?

“let’s say I wanted to eat sushi” he said and looked at me. I looked down immediately, my eyes can’t look at his

“mind if I join you guys?”
“we’re already done. Why don’t you just grab a takeaway instead?” Will asked

“better. Will come with me” he said

Will looked down at me and I nodded

“okay let’s go” he said and they walked out together not after Eduardo gave me a look that felt like a glare. No wonder Eliza doesn’t like him one bit


“explain what you’re doing with the janitor” Eduardo ordered

“what did you see me doing with her?” I asked

“you’re a punk you know. A big jerk. I told you to stop hanging with her didn’t I? Why are you so stupid?”

“Eduardo if you called me here to dictate how I should run the affairs of my life then bye, I don’t listen to unnecessary things” I said and turned to go but he jerked me back

“first you talk back at me, now you want to walk out on me. Are you crazy?” he asked while peering his darkened eyes into my eyes

I didn’t say anything because he was getting angry and he can literally rip someone’s head from the neck when he’s angry.

He released my hand and pocketed his
.“I’m going to your place. Let’s hang out there” he said..

I rolled my eyes and walked out. I walked to Marigold and she was standing by the window

“hey” I called. She looked back at me
I walked up to her

“we would have to go now. Eduardo and I have to go somewhere. I’ll just drop you off” I said

“no… No need for that. You guys just head on. I’ll take a taxi home” she said

“are you sure? How about your bags?” I asked

“they can fit into a taxi Wilbur” she said with a humorous tone and I laughed

“yeah, yeah. Let me just give you some money for transport and you’re gonna take some sushi home” I said and brought out my wallet

“OH my God Will why is your wrist like that?” Mari shrieked

I looked at my wrist. Red and had marks of Eduardo’s tight grip

“it’s just my skin that’s somewhat tender. It was just a grip” I said with a chuckle. But that grip wasn’t just a grip, I felt like my wrist was going to separate

“come, let me help you get your bags out and also let’s get your takeaway” I said and she nodded.

We got the takeaway and went to the car. The bags were two and I handed it to her. Just then a cab was driving by. I flagged it down and it stopped

“bye Mari. Be a good girl” I said and she smiled
“sure thing” she replied. I moved closer to her and pecked her forehead..
“good night” I mumbled in front of her

“good night” she said and moved away. She entered the taxi and waved at me then it drove off. I sighed and went back inside, I met Eduardo coming outside

“has your petty girlfriend gone?” he asked and I didn’t answer

I just turned round, walked to my car, entered and drove off while he followed suit.

When we got to my house, he made a maid dish out his sushi while I went upstairs to take a quick shower and come back downstairs in five or eight minutes. I saw a wine bottle in ice on my bedside table.

I thought I dropped that in the bar before leaving. I shrugged and went to shower. I got back with a towel around my waist and one over my neck. I took the wine and poured it into the glass cup on the table. I took a gulp down and filled the glass again then dropped it
I looked at the bowl of ice

Wait… I didn’t bring ice up here earlier. Even if I did it wouldn’t be looking like it just got down from the fridge. Somebody put it and the wine there Is Winifred here? But I didn’t see her car. And Winifred wouldn’t come to drink wine in my room

I suddenly began to feel drowsy and heavy. I also got an erection and I somehow felt weak

There was something in the wine.

“hey honey pie” came a slow seductive voice. I looked up and saw Kate wearing black panties and a black bra

“Kate?” I managed to call out. My vision was blurry already

“I told you I was gonna have my way earlier, didn’t I?” she asked and got closer to me

“you crazy b***h! You drugged me”

“sshh, stop making it look bad baby” she said and pushed me down to the bed then got on top of me

“don’t worry you’re not going to go unconscious. You’ll just be drowsy and weak so you won’t be able to stop me. Also, you’re already sexually aroused so you would enjoy every bit of the fun” she said then chuckled and removed my towel

“stop this… Stop please” I pleaded cause every inch of strength I had vanished. I can’t believe I’m about to get raped

She began her business and began to fill my room with ugly freaky moans.

Gosh! There’s a bigger problem. Eduardo is downstairs and if I don’t come down any minute from now he’s coming upstairs to my room like he always does whenever I delay in coming back down
To Be Continued