Boy With Luv Episode 25



I removed my cap and pulled up by the roadside. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the headrest.

“I miss you so much Goldie” I muttered

“I really love you” I added and bit my lower lip. I opened my eyes and looked at my reflection in the rearview mirror.

Why doesn’t she like me? Probably I’m not her spec. But she’s definitely my spec. With her round face and full lips and her large eyes. She’s not as tall as I am and I think I’m slimmer than she is. She’s just someone I’d like to kiss on the forehead

“gosh! Will she ever be mine? Or I’m going about this the wrong way?” I asked myself

I looked at my time and it was few minutes past 6pm. I started the car, turned around and headed to Marigold’s place. I know I said I couldn’t bring myself to face her yet but I miss her, I better pull back my fears of her attitude towards me changing

When I arrived, a black car was moving out from the front of the house. The car wasn’t tinted and I saw that a girl was in the car. I checked probably and heaved a deep sigh when I realized it wasn’t her. For a split second there, I thought Marigold might be seeing someone else.

I parked my car and got out, I walked to the front door and knocked. I knocked again after about a minute. The door opened and my heart leaped when I beheld the almighty Mari.

What would be her reaction? Would she slam the door in my face? Or would she give me a reaction that means she doesn’t want me around her?

Anyway I’m glad to say non of these expectations came to pass because I was surprised with a lovely hug from her. It was so tight and warm that I had to wrap my arms around her and pull her up from the floor. I walked into the house and dropped her gently

“hey” I cooed and arranged her hair
“hey!” she said excitedly and I smiled

“did you miss me?” I asked and her smile faded
Oh no! Maybe I shouldn’t have asked

“well I… I… I missed you Will” she mumbled and my eyes widened. I moved closer to her

“you did?” I asked and she nodded and smiled
“I… I missed you too. I’m sorry I didn’t come to see you the past few weeks”

“yeah and you’ll have to go through a little punishment” she said and blinked her eyes

“what is it?”

“I wanna eat sushi” she stated and licked her lips

“good thing I know a sushi place. It’s Wini’s favorite”

“should I change?” she asked and looked at her outfit

“you might wanna grab a jacket”
“I’ll be right back”

She ran off and I sat down. She’s so excited to see me. I didn’t expect this from her. But why does it seem she really likes me but doesn’t really have feelings for me? This isn’t normal, girls throw themselves at me and I don’t want them But unfortunately the one I want doesn’t want me

She came back a few seconds later with a brown jacket.Haven’t I seen her with this jacket before?

“have I seen this jacket before?” I asked her
“a million times. I had it when I started working at KFC. And that’s where I met you. It was a man who gave me 200 peso as a gift and I bought my drugs and this jacket… Or was it the two thousand peso you gave me in exchange for my mats that I used? Hmmm… I think I’ve forgotten who’s money I used” she said and shrugged. I stood up and walked to her

“is your health getting better?” I asked looking down at her

“yes. I no longer catch colds easily. The pneumonia is fading” she said and smiled

“I think we should branch at a place before going to get sushi” I said as we began to move out


“somewhere” I replied with a chuckle and she pouted. I laughed and opened the door and we stepped out then she locked it

We began to walk towards my car
“how’s Eliza?” I asked
“she’s fine” she replied and I opened the door for her. She sat in, I went in through the other side and drove off

We didn’t really talk while we drove on. It was when I parked that she spoke up
“where is this?” she asked

“the mall” I replied and got out of the car. She also got out without waiting for me to open her door

“why are we here? You want to meet someone? If you’re meeting someone I’ll just wait for you in the car” she said and made to enter back into the car

“no. I want you to come with me. I’m not meeting anyone, just want to grab something quickly”

“OH okay” she said with a shrug and we walked into the mall. It was filled with people

“I think I forgot something. My cap” I said
“do you want to go and get it?” she asked
“I have to. Don’t want camera lights flashing on my face” I said with a grin

“wait here… I’ll be back” I said, she nodded and I hurried out

I looked around at the reception and saw a pretty lady talking with the receptionist. She had a pink lipstick on and her lips moved with etiquette. She looked flashy and she’s way taller than me. I kept looking at her because her way of talking and gesturing was quite amusing though I didn’t hear a word of what she was saying

She eventually looked at my direction and saw me staring at her. I quickly looked away and looked back moments later, she had resumed her talking.

I packed my hair from falling on my shoulders to staying at the left side, only on my left shoulder. It would make me look a little classier. I also removed my jacket and held it on my left arm. I looked at my shoes and I was glad I had worn my white canvas. My shirt was a body fitting T-shirt and I wore tight jeans (I got that from Eliza)

I looked beside me and saw large mirrors on a wall. I walked there and looked at my reflection

“not bad” I muttered and wet my lips with my tongue. It became moist and shiny
“that’s my natural lip gloss” I teased and laughed at myself.

I saw Wilbur coming in through the mirror and I smoothed my hair well with my palm then turned to go. Before I could reach him, the strange lady I was staring at had walked up to him and hugged him. He pulled her away and they began to talk. I stood still and watched them, it seems he wasn’t very delighted to see her but reverse was the case for her
Maybe she’s a fan of his. But why would he put on that attitude with a fan?

Hmm, I think they know each other.

The lady began to run her hand on his chest and he didn’t seem to care, he was just looking around. I know he’s looking for me but I stood still and watched how he jerked her hand off and spoke to her sternly. If only I could hear what they were saying The lady frowned and walked away angrily. He sighed and stood akimbo, still looking around. Finally he saw me and I waved at him gently with a smile. He chuckled and beckoned on me to come.
I walked over to him

“sorry I didn’t come back quickly like I said” he apologized.

“it’s okay” I said, knowing that his delay made me do my own little makeover

“let’s go, come on” he said and held my hand.

“who was she?” I asked as we walked on

“Kate… That’s her name. Eduardo’s girlfriend” he replied

I looked at him “Eduardo’s girlfriend?” I asked and he nodded. Why would Eduardo’s girlfriend be literally flirting with him. Are they having an affair? Maybe he was acting somehow towards her because they weren’t supposed to be acting all cordial in public places.

“she’s… She’s a pest” he said as if to clarify my thoughts


“yeah. She’s troublesome, talkative, and thinks she can always have her way” he said

“do you guys have anything to do with each other”

“I despise her but unfortunately she’s crushing on me. I’ve told her to stop disturbing me but she still insists she want us to have an affair”

“that’s gross” I mumbled

“come on, this way” he said and we took a turn. We kept walking through a hallway then got to a door. He opened it and we entered a large room with lots of clothes

Wow, if only I had money, I’d empty this room.

“you like the clothes?” he asked when he saw the amusement in my eyes

“I do. They’re lovely” I replied

“great… Let’s start shopping then. They’re all feminine so the shopping is for you.”

“wait… What? Shopping?” I asked as he moved to a rack. He picked up a nice shirt, yellow with a picture of Spongebob Squarepants on it

“do you like this shirt? It’s beautiful and big. I think baggy shirts would fit you” he said and raised it up

“wow” I muttered loud enough for him to hear

“wow I like this one. It’s unisex I think. Black with white writings” he said and showed me a nice T-shirt. I smiled, I like it already

“if you continue standing there the sushi place would close before we leave here”

I walked to him and collected the T-shirt
“I like it;” I said
“me too”

“you said it’s unisex right?” I asked looking at the shirt
“yeah” he answered

“then get one for yourself too” I stated and he looked at me like he didn’t understand what I just said
To Be Continued