Boy With Luv Episode 24



I opened my door and entered my room. I fell on the bed with my belly on a pillow.

I feel so terrible. I was happy few minutes ago and now I’m so sad.

But how can Wilbur ask me out? I thought he wasn’t like the rest of them. I thought he just wanted to be genuine friends with me and not using that to try and get me. I heard rich guys can do anything to get girls and that they are never genuine when they confess love to a girl especially if she’s below their standard.

Those were my fears when I first met Wilbur. It was too good to be true that he wanted to be my friend and I couldn’t help but think he wanted to use me. I became glad as time went on and he didn’t ask me out only for him to dash my expectations today

I adjusted myself on the bed and placed my head on a pillow. I sighed and closed my eyes. After a while, I opened them and my eyes fell on a white nylon bag. I knew what was inside and I wanted one of those.

I got up, took the bag and sat on the bed. I opened it and picked up a small candy. I unwrapped it and put it in my mouth

The chocolates Will bought for me last week are still remaining. He was so kind to me.

Well I heard they are usually kind to the girls they want, but when they have their way they turn back on them.


I was seated in the library reading. I needed to be at the book store in about an hour. I couldn’t go home because from my house to the store is about thirty minutes by taxi and before I reach my house from campus it’s about ten minutes by foot. That’s 40 minutes. I don’t think there’s anything that I would do at home with just 20 minutes so I rather stay in school and read then head on to the store in the next half hour. The store’s not far from school so it’s just about 10 or 15 minutes drive

I flipped through the pages of the textbook I was reading. I was looking for a particular page.

I suddenly felt somebody by my side and heat was emitting from the person towards me. It either means the person’s really close or the person is angry.

I looked up and saw Eliza with a face that could kill. She was puffing and breathing with invisible smoke and fire gushing out of her nostrils

Eliza’s damn angry

“who got you angry?” I asked lowly cause it was a library though I was the only one sitting in that corner.

I looked back at my book waiting for her answer. She suddenly grabbed the book from me, closed it and placed it on the table

“Eliza?” I asked with confusion on why she did that

“Marigold” she called back and crossed her arms

“it’s not fair to vent out your anger on me. I didn’t do anything” I protested because I felt she was transferring her aggression on innocent me

“you didn’t do anything? Did you just say you didn’t do anything? Ugh!” she scoffed and sat opposite me

“is it me you’re angry with? Well if it’s about the cookies you wanted me to keep for you, I’m sorry. I was so hungry and it was the only hope I had before Mr Beno’s long class” I apologized and confessed at the same time

Her brows furrowed

“what? You ate my cookies? Marigold you ate my precious cookies? How dare you?”

“wait… You didn’t know? I thought you knew“ I said. If I had known she didn’t know I ate them I wouldn’t have told her about it because it’s certain she’d forget

“that’s not even why you’re angry” I said, wondering what’s pissed her off so bad

She breathed in and out with her eyes closed. She’s trying to calm herself down

She opened her eyes and stared at me. With the look in her eyes, babe was still angry

“why did you turn Wilbur down?” she asked and my eyes widened. How did she know? Gosh, I was gonna hide this from her till I’m able to present it in a way she won’t kill me

“Mari, why did you say no to Wilbur Sanders?” she asked again and I sighed. I’m in for trouble today

“I… I just.. I just couldn’t. Wait… How did you even know?”

“this is the main reason for my anger! Will asked you out and you hid it from me! You hid it from me Marigold!” she yelled in a loud whisper

I closed my eyes because I knew I was wrong in hiding it from her

“I was… I was gonna tell you” I stammered and opened my eyes

“it’s been a week already. I don’t think you were even planning to tell me. I feel so hurt. I couldn’t believe it when Wini told me to beg you to give Will a chance. I was confused because she said ever since you refused he has been down and almost sick. You need to see the surprise on her face when I asked if he had asked you out already. She was so surprised you hid it from me”

“I’m so sorry Eliza. I didn’t tell you because I couldn’t face your anger. I was thinking of a way to tell you and make you understand my reasons”

“and what are your reasons?” she asked. I sighed and took the book, I opened it and she hit me very well on my bare arm

«“drop the damn book and tell me your reasons!” she yelled loudly that it echoed through the whole library

“Eliza” I called out in a whisper. She huffed and puffed and suddenly stood up, grabbed my arm and pulled me along. She continued pulling me and walking hastily out of the library.

We got outside of the building and she pushed me to her front

“I’m listening” she said, blinked her eyes repeatedly and crossed her arms

I sighed and adjusted my hand bag that has been hanging on my shoulder ever since

“Eliza, I don’t know if you’d understand that I’m scared. I’m scared he’s just going to use me and dump me just like the other rich guys out there. I’m afraid Will is just like them even if it’s hard to believe because he’s been good to me. But I heard that’s how rich boys pose to be. They act like they care about you but once they get you, they leave you broken hearted”

She sighed

“I understand perfectly why you’re scared. But you just have to give it a try. Hmmm, Mari this might sound selfish and greedy to you but… What if you accept him and taste wealth from him. Get him to do things for you, maybe buy you a car, a house or give you enough money to help yourself with a business or your studies. Even if he was never genuine and decides to leave you, you already benefited from him and your life would never remain the same. Our lives would never remain the same. Think about it Mari. This is a golden opportunity here, even if you don’t want to accept him at least, think about what I said. I just want what’s best for you sweetheart”

She sighed again and moved closer to me, she pecked my cheek and left.

I stood there for some minutes before I sluggishly walked out towards the street to get a cab

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“Mr Sanders I’m not feeling your light this evening. Your smile is dull and counterfeit. I need you to smile like you used to, give me the vibes Sanders. Stop dulling! No dull moments here” the photographer complained and I sighed and gave him a large beautiful but fake smile. I hope he’s contented with that one

He flashed his camera lights on me then stopped, stood still and shook his head

“why don’t we reschedule this photoshoot? How about next weekend? Is it fine by you Mr David?” my manager asked

“yeah let’s reschedule. I’m already tired of being stuck in Mr Sanders sudden depression” the photographer said and began to decouple his cameras. I smirked and looked at my manager who gave me a glare. I shrugged, slipped my hands into my pockets and walked out of the photo studio. I entered my dressing room and closed the door then slumped onto the sofa there

“ugh! Dammit!” I cussed and palmed my face. I was feeling hot though I was moving around air conditioned rooms since morning and it’s already late.

I’m so tired

I sat up and looked around the clothes, I decided to wear a vest and sweatpants then a baseball cap and shoes out. I stood up, took a quick cold shower and wore the outfit. I dropped the ones I just removed in a laundry basket and walked out.

I was feeling down so I put on music and wore my earplugs then walked out of the studio building

“Sanders stop!” that was my manager, no doubt

“whaat?” I asked and turned to face him

“what’s wrong with you?” he asked as he reached me

“I’m hungry… And tired” I replied and leaned against the car

“and depressed… Obviously” he stated

“what makes you think I’m depressed?”

“well your eyebrows won’t raise no matter what. Your aura is kind of dull. Your voice is low and too cool. The last time I saw you like this was when Layla left you”

I bit my lip and scratched my head

“have you been dating behind my back Wilbur? Did she leave you?”

I stared at him like I didn’t understand what he meant but I understood perfectly

“Colby just let me be okay. I can’t talk right now” I resisted the urge to tell him there’s this girl I like who turned me down. I better keep this to myself because since she’s not a rich girl, they might tease me


It’s Saturday night, Simona is getting ready to go to a party and the house would be quiet, left for only me to roam around. I feel really bored tonight and Eliza has refused to come and stay with me. She says there’s a distribution of food stuff for the students in the dorm this evening

I was watching a show on TV. It was a game show and I was engrossed in it till my mind darted to Will. It’s already two weeks, no call… Not even a glimpse of him.

Is this how he intended to be? Just because I turned him down he went away? Does it mean that I was right all along? That he was with me for selfish reasons? If he truly loved me he wouldn’t disappear like that and not care to check on me

I hoped he would come back and show me his love was genuine but I guess that hope is also dashed.

I suddenly heard a car horn outside the house and lights flashing in. I ran up immediately and went to the window. I removed the curtains and saw a black car outside

“OH my God! It’s Wilbur!” I exclaimed and ran outside. I ran to the car and just then the door opened and a strange man stepped down. He was middle aged.

“OH” I muttered

“is something wrong Miss?” he asked because he was startled at the way I ran towards his car

“no… No… I..” Simona’s voice cut me short

“baby you’re here!” she screamed behind me and I looked back. She was dressed in a skimpy silver dress that glittered and she had red lipstick on. She quickly ran to the man and hugged him

“you look beautiful” he said and she giggled and turned around for him. She gave me a mocking glare and I swallowed and turned to go

“hey hey!” Simona called out

“make sure you lock the door immediately you get in. I’ll be back tomorrow morning” she said with a tone of sarcasm

I shook my head and went inside. I felt so embarrassed. I sat on the floor and placed my head on the couch. I felt down and lonely

I stayed in that position for about ten minutes then a knock came on the door. I looked up drowsily and sighed as the knock came again.

I stood up and slowly walked to the door. I opened it and I gasped

“Wilbur!” I screamed and threw myself on him



To Be Continued