Boy With Luv Episode 23



“are you gonna tell me or not?” I asked

“it’s… Well.. It’s about your appearance”
My mind shook. I hope it’s not that I look awful and out of place. Oh gosh! Maybe I should have worn just the bikini instead He took my hand up and squeezed it

“you’re the sexiest lady here” he said and kissed my hand

“OH… I.. I wasn’t expecting that Will. Thank you” I said shyly and withdrew my hands from his

“come on, let’s get you a drink” he said and walked me to the place where drinks were kept. He brought out a drink and took a glass then poured it in. He handed it over to me. I smiled and took it

“thanks Will” I said and he smiled and poured himself the same drink. I tasted the drink and I loved the flavor. It tasted great especially that it was chilled

“wow, what flavor is this?” I asked as I took another sip

“black currant. You like it?”

“yeah. It’s lovely” I said and stared at the glass. It was a fine purple colour

“do you wanna sit down?” Will asked
“uhhh no. I wanna take a walk to those flowers over there. I think there’s a marigold in that bush, right?”

“OH yes. I ordered some few months ago” he said and looked at me. He rubbed his hand on my pony tail then said “after I met you”

I blushed and bent my head. Can’t believe he bought them because he met me

“come on let’s go see them” he said and we walked to the flower bed where they were. He had yellow, red and orange marigolds there.

“wow” I muttered and bent down. I ran my hand over the orange one “I love marigolds” I said as he bent down too

“you should. Even though you don’t want to, your name would force you to” he stated and I chuckled

“hey guys! We’re back!” came Wini’s voice from behind us. We looked back and she and Eliza were waving at us

Will got up quickly and pulled me up. “thank you” I said and he smirked

We began to walk towards them and I sipped my juice like twice before we reached them

“what took you so long?” Will asked

Wini moved closer to him and whispered something into his ears and she laughed while he just chuckled and looked at me then looked away. What did she tell him? Is it about me?

“we couldn’t find the sunscreen in her kit. We had to order another one when she remembered she didn’t bring them here” Eliza spoke up

“OH. I was beginning to think Eliza got lost in the house and you were looking for her” I said and we all laughed

“hey what drink is that? Let me see” Eliza said and almost took my glass from me

“no oo. Leave my drink and go get yours” I said with a child’s intonation

“let me just taste it. Come on” she said and snatched the glass from me. She began to run with the glass up to her lips

“hey Eliza come back here” I said and I began to pursue her to get it back.

She ran to the other side of the pool and stood there. I ran to her and found her with an empty glass

“hey why did you finish my juice” I asked
“cause you weren’t willing to share. Next time, you’d be a good girl” she answered and stretched the glass to me

“I’m not taking it” I said and crossed my arms

“haha, you’re so cute” she said and squished my cheek

“I’m still not happy with you”
“okay, don’t worry. I’ll get you a new one” she said and began to walk away. I chuckled and stood there, I looked at Eliza and saw her talk to Will who had met up with her at the adjacent side of the pool. They spent about two seconds saying something before Will began to walk to me. I stood there till he reached me

“hey, take this” he said and gave me his juice

“but aren’t you drinking that?” I asked
“no, I actually filled this glass because I saw Eliza had emptied yours. So it’s actually for you” he said and I collected it

“thank you”
“you have to quit thanking me for everything I do for you”

“if I don’t thank you, how would you know I appreciate you?”

“I would know”


“OH no I’m not psychic. Haha”

“I really love this drink. I hope there’s more of them. I might get potbelly because of this”

“since you like it, then I’ll let you have all of them there”

“great! And don’t let Eliza taste any of them” I said and poked his chest. His soft white chest
He was wearing only shorts. White shorts

“hey come over here you two!” Wini yelled
“come on, let’s go” Will said and awkwardly, he held my waist


I decided to tell her after the party. It would be best to do that when she’s about leaving. I want her to go home and think about it. I don’t want her to give me answers speedily cause I wanted them to be genuine.

When Wini and Eliza came back, I asked what took them so long. She walked to me and whispered into my ears “as if you didn’t like it”
I chuckled and she laughed. I looked at Marigold. Of course I liked it

Right now I’m walking Mari to the other side of the pool. My hand was wrapped around her waist and I felt she didn’t feel comfortable with it, I wanted to remove my hand but it seemed Wini read my mind and she gave me a stern look for me not to withdraw my hand

We got to where they were and Eliza spoke up
“we need to play a game”

“what game?”
“truth or dare!” she screamed out

“what? That game?” Mari asked
“don’t worry we won’t make it that bad. ‘So let’s all sit and start. Come on” she said and pulled Mari’s hand. We walked to the beds and sat on it. The sun wasn’t high so we didn’t put on the umbrellas

“all right who’s gonna start” Eliza asked

“I’ll start with Eliza” I said
“okay. Hit me” Eliza replied

“truth or dare“ I said
“truth” she replied

“what’s that one thing you’re scared of?” I asked and smirked. I knew it but I just asked, She was quiet for some time

“I’m scared of excavators” she mumbled and I chuckled

“what’s that?” Eliza asked

“it’s a kind of machine used in construction sites, to dig holes” Mari replied her

“oh. Why would you be scared of them?” Eliza asked again

“because they’re monsters! They tried to eat me when I was little” Wini yelled out and I laughed out loud

“what’s funny?” she asked with a stern face

“the excavator wasn’t trying to eat you Wini. It was trying to do its job of digging. How would it know a six year old was on the sand?”

“it’s more like a crazy brother was pushing buttons and I didn’t know” she said and crossed her arms

“let me guess what happened. Wini, you were on the ground underneath the machine and Will was in the machine pressing buttons and the machine took you up” Mari analyzed

“exactly! It felt like it was gonna eat me” Wini said and we laughed

“thank God it didn’t” Eliza cooed and we laughed again

“who’s next? Let’s go clockwise. Wini it’s your turn to with Marigold” Eliza said. Wini and I were on the same bed while Eliza and Mari were on the opposite bed

“okay. Mari, truth or dare” Wini voiced out

“hmmm dare” Mari said

“I dare you to feed Wilbur” Wini said with high giggles

“what? Feed? No” Mari protested

“if you don’t do it, you have to pay a price of 1000 peso and you’ll make breakfast for us tomorrow morning”

“it’s better you just feed him now. Tomorrow morning you’ll have to come and make breakfast here” Eliza said

“what I’m I going to feed him with?” Mari asked innocently

“chicken nuggets! They are right there on the table” Wini said and she stood up to get a plate.
I was just smiling. I loved the idea. She came back with a plate and gently sat beside me while Wini moved to where she sat before

“you’re permitted to feed him as much as he wants.” Wini said again, Mari looked at me and I smirked

“are you gonna starve me? Come on, I’m hungry” I cooed and Eliza and Wini giggled and held each others hands.

Mari sighed and shifted closer to me, her leg touched mine and I felt a spark from that connection of our skin.

“OH gosh! I should video this” Eliza said excitedly and took her phone from beside her. She began to video

“this is crazy” Mari said and picked a nugget with a fork and brought it to my mouth.

I gently opened my mouth and took it
“awwwn this is so cute!” Eliza wined
“I’m so loving this!” Wini giggled

I looked at Goldie and winked at her. She blushed and bent her head. I used my right hand to lift it up then used my left hand to point to my open mouth, gesturing to her that she has to feed me

“come on! Feed him already!” Eliza said and she fed me again

Marigold kept feeding me and the two other girls kept screaming and giggling. Finally the plate was empty

“I need to drink something” I said and looked at her

“come on Eliza! Go get a glass of juice and give it to Mari! Go go go” Wini shouted out and Eliza quickly ran up and went to the bowl of drinks. She quickly filled a glass with orange juice and ran back. She handed it to Mari

“but the dare didn’t say I should also give him water” Mari protested

“feeding is feeding. Either with water or food” Eliza said and Mari groaned She stared at me and I smiled. She brought the glass to my lips and I held her hand as I drank, pushing it up when I needed the glass to go up

“wow!” they both exclaimed and Eliza started clapping

Ah! What a dare! Why would they make me do something so uncomfortable? Hmm, I guess that’s the essence of truth or dare

I’m glad the feeding is over. I went back to sit beside Eliza and Wini went back to Will’s side

“Mari it’s your turn with Eliza” Wini said

“truth or dare”

“Eliza, if Will was in love with you and he asked you out, what would be your response?” I asked and she weirdly looked at Wini and Wini looked at Will and Will looked at Eliza and Eliza looked back at me

What’s with all the looking?

“if will asks me out?” she asked
“yes, that’s what I said” I answered and waited for her answer

“if he was in love with me right?” she asked again

“OH please! Stop repeating my question Eliza!” I yelled jokingly and she chuckled

“if he was IN LOVE with ME and he asked me out, of course I’ll say yes to him. Especially if we get along” she answered, She had laid emphasis on the words IN LOVE and ME.

“great!” I exclaimed

“it’s my turn on Will. So Will are you ready?” Eliza asked him

“yeah” he simply replied

“truth or dare”

He looked at me “dare” he replied without looking away

“I dare you to… Carry Marigold on your back and walk round the pool” she said and my eyes widened

“what! No! No! Please change it!” I said

“nope, he must do it” Eliza insisted

“and what’s the repercussion if he doesn’t?” I asked

“he has to wear a ladies’ pantie, take a picture and post it on instagram” Wini said

That’s worst than carrying me

“OH goodness” I mumbled and covered my face

“videoing this again” Wini said
“why do you keep videoing when it comes to me?” I asked and pouted

“cause your part is always fun” she replied and Eliza stood up and pulled me up. Will stood up too. My stupid best friend pushed me to him and I frowned at her while she just laughed

“come on. Piggyback ride” he said and turned. I sighed, rolled my eyes then jumped on his back

“loving this so much” Wini cooed

Will began to move and I found myself hugging him tightly. I placed my head gently on his shoulder and his grip on my thighs were quite firm. As he moved, his sister and Eliza wouldn’t stop giggling.

“are you okay?” he asked quietly
“yeah” I replied in the same tone. I closed my eyes and breathed out. The walk was making me sleepy

My eyes were closed till I felt like we were falling. I opened my eyes and the next thing that occurred was a big thud sound of water and water splashing out.

We had fallen into the pool

“ahhh!” I screamed when we had entered

Wilbur began to laugh while looking at me
“OMG! Did you do that on purpose?” I asked and he swam too close to me, He placed his hands on my cheeks

“maybe I did” he replied and I groaned

“in coming!” Eliza screamed as she was running towards the pool. She jumped in and I giggled

“I need to video every inch of this. Where’s my tripod stand? I brought it here earlier” Wini said

“it’s behind the buffet table” Will said and she rushed there and brought it. She connected it and jumped into the pool

“whoaaahh!” she exclaimed when she was jumping in

“this is so fun!” Eliza said and I chuckled. She’s so excited to be in a pool.

Will took a big blue ball with white dots and threw it on me

“hey!” I yelled at him. It’s not like it was even painful

I took the ball and threw it at his head.

“seriously?” he asked and threw it at me again but I quickly swam away.

Eliza swam and took a yellow ball then threw it at me. It hit my head and she laughed at me

“let’s play another game with these balls. Let there be two teams. The first team should throw up a ball and if the second team catches it, they get a point” Wini said

“wow! Sounds fun!” I said

“Eliza you’re my partner” Wini said

“OH I wanted her to be my partner” I cooed
“she’s wearing red bikini just like me. And you’re wearing the same color with Wilbur” Wini said and I nodded

“don’t worry. We’ll beat them” Will assured me and placed his arm around my shoulders

“yep, we would” I said and chuckled

Eliza threw a ball up and before it came down to the water, Wini caught it

They clapped and cheered for themselves.

They threw the ball again and I caught it

“whoah! That’s my girl!” Will cheered and gave me a high five.
I threw the ball up and Will caught it. We were so happy cause we were winning.
Though at the end of the game, we had a tie. No body won
We each had five points.

“let’s eat. I’m hungry” Wini said and we got out of the pool. We dried ourselves with the towels there and went to the buffet table.

There were lots of food there. Turkey, chicken, rice, veggies, fish, noodles and spaghetti. Those are the ones I can call

We were supposed to serve ourselves since it was a buffet. We each took plates and put in it whatever we wanted to eat.
Eliza had two plates, I guess she’s willing to try out all the delicacies

“are you okay with that?” Will asked beside me

“yeah. I’m okay;” I replied and took a fork from the table. I also took a knife

As I looked up, Will was pointing a fork with a slice of chicken on it

“open up” he said
“I don’t wanna” I said but he got even closer
“open up” he repeated. I pouted and sighed then opened my mouth. I took the chicken and a light flashed on us

“hahahaha” giggled Eliza and Wini as they stared at Wini’s phone

“what? You guys took a picture?” I asked

“no… It’s not you guys” Wini said and I shrugged and walked to the chairs. I sat on one and placed my plate on the table. The rest also sat down and we began to chat and eat. We were all talking about our experience with knives or other sharp objects

We finished eating and we went to the bowl of drinks and began taking the drinks of our choice. I took the juice I took earlier but later began to drink other flavors like peach and mango.

We did some other games in the pool like swimming competition. Eliza won it all

At the end of the party, Will said he wanted to talk with me in private.
After we showered and changed, I went to his balcony where he said he wanted to meet with me.
He was already waiting there

“hey” I said as I came to him.
“hey” he replied and stood upright because he was leaning on the railing

“how was the party to you?” he asked

“awesome! I loved it” I said and we laughed

“Goldie” he called and took my hand
“yeah, what’s it you wanted to tell me?” I asked as we both looked each other in the face

“Goldie” he called again and used his second hand to arrange my flying hair on my hairline. I had blow dried it so it wasn’t wet anymore

“I don’t know how you would believe me but… Everything has changed ever since I met you. I’ve been wondering why I feel so attached to you. I found myself clinging to you even when you kept pushing me away. I remember deciding to have nothing to do with you but I still came back to you even after months of staying away. I care about you Mari and I know you know I do. I wondered why I felt so happy and at peace when we hold hands and I finally got my answer”

He held my second hand and looked deep into my eyes

“I’ve fallen in love with you Marigold.” he said and that sentence hit me like a blow. My mouth flung open

“Goldie, I want you to give me the opportunity to love you even more. I want you to let me show you I care about you. I want us to be something more. I want you to be something more than a friend… I want you to be my girl. Please give me that chance Mari”

Wilbur Sanders is asking me out and it’s not a dream. No… This is too much for me to take in. I can’t even think right now

I shook my head slowly
“what?” he asked
“no… No… I.. I can’t… I can’t Will.. No” I said with my words breaking

“don’t do this Marigold. Don’t say no to me, please” he pleaded but I withdrew my hands from him

“I can’t” I said and ran out

“Marigold! Marigold!” Will called after me but I ran off without looking back, Eliza was waiting for me in the living room

“come on… let’s go” I said to her
“why are you panting?” she asked.
“OH.. I… I ran down here” I replied
“why?” she asked and stood up with our bag

“because Wini’s driver would be waiting for us. Come on let’s go” I said and drew her out.

“you suddenly seem to be in a hurry”

“I have a test in school on Monday and I haven’t read a thing out of the hundred pages of my note” I replied.
We got to the car and entered.

The car began to move. We got to Eliza’s dorm in about twenty minutes. She was actually talking about the party throughout but I answered very few of what she had to say

When she got down, I let her take the bag and told her to give me my own things in it when she comes visiting.

As he drove into the University Staff Quarters, I was feeling down because my nightmare had sprout out in the real world. And I was scared to see the result of it sprouting out too
To Be Continued