Boy With Luv Episode 22



“gosh I just can’t believe we’re going to Wilbur’s house! Isn’t this amazing?” Eliza said as she brushed her hair down

I was sitting on the bed arranging what we’d wear at the pool. Will will be here any moment to pick us

“Mari, so Will actually said he was planning to invite me too” she said and I rolled my eyes.

She’s too excited

“yes” I simply replied and sighed

“aren’t you nervous… A little?” she asked

“not really?” I replied

“you’re not? But normally you’d be nervous about stuff like this” she asked, facing me

“maybe it’s because I’ve been to a pool party before and I know what it’s like” I said and stood up

“you never told me you’ve been to one” she stated and crossed her arms

“it’s not that I’ve been to one. I’ve been to lots of them and I usually had mine at least once in two months” I said with a shrug.

“I wish I knew you then” Eliza cooed and hugged me sideways. I smiled and pecked her forehead

“don’t worry. Things would get better” I assured her and she chuckled and freed me

“I can’t wait! I’ve never been in a pool” she giggled and took the bag

“let’s go to the living room already!” she said excitedly and I grinned and opened the door for her, she walked through it and I did same. We went and sat on the sofa in the living room, waiting patiently for Will.

The door knob creaked and we expectantly looked. Simona stepped in and Eliza groaned loudly

“do we have a dog in here?” Simona asked sarcastically

“of course we do… It just stepped into the living room” Eliza answered and I laughed under my breath

“you punk!” Simona cursed

“OMG Marigold! It talks! A talking dog! Guinness book of records has got to have its picture in it. A plumb, short and ugly dog”

“you’re calling me a dog! How dare you?” Simona yelled and waged towards us but she tripped and fell

“OH my God!” I giggled and Eliza laughed loudly. Just then we heard a honk from outside

“must be him” I whispered to her and we stood up and went outside leaving Simona on the floor.

“it’s him!” Eliza half yelled and I crossed my arms and we walked to the car.

He got out wearing an all black outfit. A loose black T-shirt, black trousers, black sandals and he was wearing black sunglasses

Eliza ran to him

“hey Wilbur” she cooed in a slow way that made me roll my eyes

“hey Eliza” he replied with a smile

“thanks for inviting me” she said and he chuckled and looked at me. I was just standing behind Eliza without a sound from me

“Gold” he called out gently

“Will” I replied looking at his face. He removed his glasses and stared at me, as if he was waiting for me to do something

“are we ready?” Eliza asked, breaking the awkward stare from both of us

“yeah” I answered and smiled. He opened the back door and I immediately rushed and entered though it was obvious he opened it for Eliza

“Eliza, go sit in the front. I want to stay at the back” I said and closed the door. I looked at the both of them through the tinted window. Will didn’t like that idea from his expression.

Eliza tried to open the door but I held it and wouldn’t let it open. Thank God they can’t see me

Will then gestured to her to sit in front. They went through the other side and I heaved a sigh. He opened the door for her and she sat in then he closed it and was going through the front to enter himself

“you’re insane Marigold!” Eliza said in Tagalog. I smirked and rested my back on the seat.

Eliza looked thrilled. It’s her first time in a luxurious car like this.

Will sat in and started the car. We drove off and soon we were in his house.

He was the one who opened the door for Eliza though he did that from the inside. I tried to open the door by myself but I couldn’t. I saw him smirking at me and I knew it was his doing.

He already got down with Eliza and I was helplessly sitting, waiting for him to undo whatever he did so I could come out.

He simply opened the door from outside and I was surprised. Was it that easy or it’s that I can’t open the door.

I stepped out and saw that his key had a pad with buttons on it. Hmm I see

He held my hand and walked me to the door. I didn’t feel comfortable with that. There was something different about his touch this time and I wish I could deduce it.

“OMG! Is this a mini heaven? Gosh!” Eliza exclaimed as we entered his living room. She kept looking up at the designs on the ceiling and also on the walls

“Eliza you’re going to trip” I warned and right about then, she hit a stool and fell on the floor with her butt and her hands on the floor

“hahahaha” I laughed and released my hand from Will’s and walked to her. I held her up and she chuckled

“the floor is the smoothest floor ever” she whispered and I chuckled.

“just wait here. My Chief Maid would come and attend to you” he said and we nodded and sat down on the sofa facing the television. He went up the stairs and Eliza sat on the floor again

“I can see myself in this” she muttered as she gawked at the floor.

This is hilarious

Soon, a woman with a white uniform came to us. She looked like she was in her mid forties.

“hello girls” she said with a smile

“hi” I said

“hello” Eliza said and stood up.

“I’m Valentina. But you can just call me Val. I believe I’ve met you before” she directed that last sentence to me

“yes ma’am. I think I’ve seen you before. The first time I came here”

“oh yes. You’re right my dear. Come on, I’ll lead you to the room you’d change and if you’ll need anything you can use a telephone to call me by dialing 9” she said as we climbed up the stairs

“okay ma’am” I replied and we quietly followed her to a room. She led us in and left us to change

We wore bikinis and Eliza couldn’t stop staring at herself in the mirror

“I look so rich!” she exclaimed. I chuckled and joined her

“yeah you do.” I cheered her on and she laughed happily.

Actually Will had given us money to buy some wears and cosmetics for the party two days ago so we came prepared

I remembered something and I went to the bag and brought out a white scarf. I’ll use this to tie my waist cause I feel exposed with this bra and panties

I tied it and Eliza shook her head at me

“what?“ I asked as I frowned at her

“I don’t advice you to tie that but since I can’t stop you from tying it, I’m gonna stop you from tying it in a wrong way” she said

I looked at myself

How is this the wrong way?

She moved to me and untied it then gently folded the edge a little. She then placed it a little under my waistline and tied it in a way that my right lap was exposed

“perfect! I bet Will’s gonna gawk at you while you’re walking around” she said and winked at me

“I don’t like it!” I wined and she frowned at me

“it’s either you wear it that way or you remove it. I can’t have you laughed at by celebrities. Besides, when you held such parties what did you wear?” she asked and I didn’t answer

“Now let’s go. First I’ll call Val” she said and went to the telephone. She called her and she soon came to the room and led us to the pool side


When she sat in the back seat I wasn’t happy at all. I was going to tell her to come to the front but it would be too obvious that I kinda like her.

When we started the drive, I realized where she sat was actually perfect. I could glance at her through the rear view mirror without being noticed. If she was sitting beside me and I was looking at her, it would be awkward.

So while the quiet ride lasted, I had all my looks on Marigold. How she twitched her lips and her large eyes rolling to look out the window.

The only thing that made me moody a little was when she left my hand and I felt that was deliberate. I decided to just let her be and stop forcing myself on her in a way

I walked into the backyard and met Wini with a glass of wine, taking selfies.

I sighed and walked to her

“hey” I simply said and took the drink from her then gulped it down

“hey you seem dull. I need you to be in high spirits” she said and ruffled my hair

“I brushed that!” I yelled and she shrugged and dropped the phone in her hand

“so where’s your princess?” she asked

“I wish she was my princess” I muttered and sat on a wooden chair. I rested my head on the top and closed my eyes

“stop being moody. Mari is your princess. And she’s going to be your Queen soon” Wini said and I chuckled. I like that idea

“oh here she comes!” Wini exclaimed and I immediately opened my eyes.

You know those things that happen in love movies? The slow motion thingy. As an actor I was conversant with this scenes though it doesn’t happen real life. It’s all part of studio work.

I truly thought it doesn’t happen real life until this very minute.

Marigold is all I see right now. She’s like an angel, slowing walking towards me to say she has a message for me from God.

She’s beautiful!

“oh my God…” I muttered as they approached us

“hey girls” Wini cooed and hugged them both at the same time

“it’s so nice to see the both of you again” she said and they giggled

“you look so fresh Wini” Eliza complimented

“oh thank you” she said with a smile

“I love your hair. Look how shiny it is” Mari said and gently stroke down the hair

“really? You do? I guess my hair stylist does a great job then”

“yes!” Eliza exclaimed and they giggled.

I was still sitting on the chair, just looking at them and waiting for them to finish

“oh Eliza, I need you to follow me and let’s get some sunscreen from my room. I forgot to bring them” Wini said and I knew why she said that

“we brought some. I’m sure it’s enough to go round” Eliza said

“oh. I have to use only that product. It’s more like a regimen that’s fixed. So follow me let’s get it” Wini said and held Eliza’s hand. She pulled her and they ran inside.

I was now left alone with Goldie. I felt like hugging her. To place my left hand around her waist and use my right hand place her head on my chest. Just like I do in the movies

“your pool is lovely” Marigold said and smiled and stood up

“thank you. Can you swim?” I asked as I moved very close to her.

“of course. But I’m not ready for a swim right now” she said and chuckled.

I held her hand and squeezed it while staring into her eyes

“Goldie” I called out gently

“what? What is it?” she asked as she looked at me

Isn’t this too early? Should I tell her I love her now or close to the end of the party?


To Be Continued