Boy With Luv Episode 21



I loved staying on my own right from the day I was born. The midwife thought it best to keep Wini and I together in the same cot but I cried so much until the midwife took me and I suddenly stopped crying. She placed me in a different cradle and I slept off.

She told me that story herself because she became our nanny

I was standing on my balcony as usual but this time I wasn’t drinking. I just wanted to stand still and think, clear my head.

The night was cool and not windy. I looked into space and pondered on why I like Marigold.

“she’s different” I said after minutes of thinking. That’s all I could come up with. I like her because she’s different

How I’m I gonna tell Wini this is why I like Mari? She’s of course going to see it as dumb

“OH God” I muttered and looked down into the pool. I breathed in and breathed out heavily

I’m glad she’s getting cool with me

I can’t believe she let me hold her hand at the beach today. We had a fun time.

I suddenly began to miss her.

I looked at the sparkling water below and I had another idea. Why don’t I invite her for a pool party?


“you think she’s different?” Wini asked with her eyes popped at me

“yeah. She’s just different. She’s not greedy or like the girls now. She’s beautiful and amazing and I… I like her. She’s just…. Gosh! Mari… She’s everything. She makes me happy at the same time makes me nervous. I love it when she smiles at me. I… I really feel like holding her hands like… Forever. I don’t wanna let those soft fingers detangle from mine and I wish I could braid her hair always. I… Like the way she makes me feel whenever I drive her somewhere. I feel full… That emptiness I usually feel gets filled up just by driving her. I… Winifred I love Marigold”

“wow! Now those are the words I’ve been waiting to hear amongst all your blabbing and panting heavily and stammering and walking to the door and coming back” she said.

Well I have been walking around and pouring out my heart. I didn’t even think I’d say anything like the things I said but the words just came out

“so now that we’re done with the feelings, we’re moving to the next level” she said and I sighed and walked to my bar. I got a bottle of nonalcoholic wine and a glass then sat on the stool. Wini came and sat down on the other stool

“so what’s your say on this?” she asked and I scoffed and poured myself the wine

“babe, you haven’t even said anything”

“I said we should move to the next level” she said and tucked her short hair behind her ear

“what’s this ‘next level’” I asked laying my emphasis on the last two words

“matchmaking!” she squealed and I squeezed my face

“we matchmake the both of you” she stated and flapped her lashes

“wow! That’s your great plan.” I said with a tone of sarcasm

“come on Willy! It’s a great plan. We just have to fix the both of you together.”

“how? If I may ask?”

“first we need the both of you to be together and then I can bring up some things to you know… Matchmake you”

“this is a very terrible idea and I’m not saying this because I wanna help you. I’m saying this because I actually planned this” I stated and sipped from the glass

“okay, tell me” Wini said and she adjusted herself, placed her hands on the bar counter then clasped her fingers together

“I wanna invite Marigold over for a pool party, right here”

“OMG! Yes! Yes you have to. That’s a great idea!”

“stop squealing already. You’re damaging my ears” I said and she laughed

“you know what? Invite her friend too”


“yeah. Come on. And make it this weekend”

“I just hope she agrees. I hope she doesn’t turn me down again” I said and ran my fingers through my hair

“if she turns you down, I’ll take it from there. No body turns Wini-Red down” she said and stood up then opened the bar

“hey! Take exactly what I’m taking. My wine delivery isn’t until next month”

“sorry bro but I’m in need of something…. hmmm…” she hummed as she scanned all the drinks with her index finger pointing at them and moving around.

She then stopped and pointed to one

“Red!” she said and picked it up. I shook my head and left her at the bar to take her ‘something Red’.

I went upstairs and dropped the bottle on a table after I filled my glass. I then stood by my window and looked down.

So I said I loved Marigold right? Hmm, it’s weird how those words popped out of my lips. I know she makes me feel nervous in a good way and that I love her company. And that I really want to be close to her… Always. I care about Goldie a lot and I really want her to see me the same way I guess this is what they call feelings huh? I’m having feelings for her then.

I smiled and picked up my phone. Maybe I should phone her and know how she’s doing tonight


I tossed around in bed, I was feeling hot. About ten minutes ago I was literally shivering and gnashing teeth because of cold. That was before I took my drugs. Just five minutes later I threw off the blankets and now I’m feeling like I should pour cold water on my body

I stepped down from the bed and removed my socks, head warmer and scarf. I also stepped out of my cotton pyjama trousers that my mom gave me and out of my sweater too. I resulted to wearing only my undies and I then opened my window and removed my blankets from the bed. I laid down face up and breathed in. I was feeling tired.

The telephone in the room rang and I got up. I picked it and it was Eliza

?hey girl! How are you doing tonight?

?I’m fine. How are you?

?I got into a fight with that Chinese girl again

?you know she knows Kung Fu right?

?haha. You’re crazy. Just because she’s from China doesn’t mean she actually knows Kung Fu. Of course I beat her ass

?Did you get any injuries?

?yes. A finger scratch on my back

?good for you

?haha. So how are you doing? You’re better, right?

?yes I am. I already took my drugs

?okay, just to check up on you. Be a good girl

?I should be the one telling you that

?whatever! Good night Mari. If there’s anything I’m forgetting, I’ll call you back

?sure. Good night

I dropped the telephone and went back to the bed. Just as I was about to lie down it rang again. Oh Eliza! Has she remembered something so quickly?

I picked up and sat down on the stool



?OH my God! Wilbur



?how are you doing tonight? How do you feel?


?you feel hot?

?I was feeling really cold few minutes ago but after I took my drugs, I threw my blankets out.

?are you serious? Wow! So what are you wearing now?

I didn’t answer. How will I tell him I’m wearing my undies?

?Marigold…. Are you naked?

?what? No. No I’m not

I heard a car door closing in the background

?okay. You’re going to prove you’re not naked

?and how?

?I want you to come outside in the next ten seconds

?ten seconds. In ten seconds. But why?

?your time starts now


I hung up and sighed. Just to come outside. Thank God it’s not too late

I quickly threw an old dress on. It was quite big on me and really old.

I went outside and saw Wilbur leaning against his car. I suspected that a little so I’m not too surprised but I wish I had worn something better

He flashed a smile at me and I sheepishly walked to him. He stretched his hand and I placed my hand in it then he squeezed my hand

“hey” he cooed and I bit my lower lip without replying

He looked at my dress

“you remind me of my mother’s childhood picture with that dress” he said and I bust out laughing

“if you wanna tease me, go ahead” I said and he chuckled.

“so you were calling me from outside” I said

“I was actually in my room by my window, drinking when I called you. Then I decided to just see you”

“wait… Your house is quite far from here, you definitely flied here”

“I guess. I’m a fast driver” he said and lifted my chin up


I stared at him

“will you… Will you attend a pool party? At my house, this weekend” he said

“a pool party?”


“you’re hosting a pool party and you want me to come?”

“it’s a private one. Just Wini and I”

“OH. Thank God! I thought all the celebrities were gonna be there. I would have said no”

“which means you’re saying yes?”

“yeah. I’ll come as long as Eliza follows me this time”

“I was gonna invite her too.”

I smiled and leaned against the car with him.

“let’s go out” he said

“no. I don’t wanna”

“we’re not actually going somewhere. I just wanna drive you around. Let’s go pleasure driving”

“hmm, so we’re not getting out of the car right?”

“you’re not” he said and opened the door

“okay, let me lock the door”

“don’t change the dress” he said as I walked to the door. I chuckled and entered inside, took my key and got out then locked the door

“let’s go” I said as I approached him. He held my hand and walked me to the door then opened it. I got in, he shut it then entered through the other side.

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I chuckled to myself as I looked over the pool side. It looked good. There was a long table with different food and snacks just by the flowers.

There was a barbecue stand close to the table.

There was a stool close to the barbecue stand with a big blue bowl of ice and drinks including some bottles of nonalcoholic wine.

Just opposite the pool were beds and umbrellas just in case the sun got hotter.

In the pool, there are huge balloons for playing.

I can’t wait for Mari to come over. I plan to tell Eliza about my matchmaking. She has to help me.

I entered inside and showered but still sat down to wait for Will to get back with the girls.

Few minutes later, he texted me that they were already here and that the girls had gone to change.

I ran up and wore my bikini.

This is going to be superb!


To Be Continued