Boy With Luv Episode 20



I put on my cap and looked at her
“what do we look like?” I asked and she chuckled
“I already ordered drinks and snacks. So we’ll just find a suitable place okay?”

She nodded “okay” I came out of the car and opened hers for her

“the only reason I’m letting you do that is because I don’t know how to open your car from inside. It’s like there’s a button for it”

I laughed and held her hand
“I was going to teach you but if it would stop me from being able to open the door for you, then I’m not gonna teach you”

“you’re impossible”

She adjusted her ponytail with her other hand. The face cap had no covering so her ponytail was bare.

“wow, this is quite beautiful” she exclaimed as we walked towards the beach where people were.

“you like water, don’t you?” I asked
“I love water” she answered with a smile. I looked down at our hands and wondered why she looked comfortable with it.

Earlier, thoughts of how I messed up and how I might mess up again had flown into my mind. It really affected me that I couldn’t drive. I didn’t tell her what was wrong with me because she might have other thoughts about me. That I’m here with another purpose

“OMG look at the waves!” she shouted partially and jumped up

“wow, so massive” she said and slipped her hand away from mine. She walked forward and gazed at the water

Isn’t she cute?

“can we get a spot now Goldie?” I asked after minutes of an amazed gaze

“can you go alone?” I heard her say

“and leave you here, come on, what if you get stolen”

She laughed and looked back at me
“I’ll be fine” she said and I nodded and went to get the drinks. I got it from the place I demanded for it to be delivered right there at the beach

I went back to the place and she was not standing far. I signalled to her and she saw me and came back

“isn’t this awesome?” she asked and showed me a tiny stone that was shining

“you love stuff like these” I asked her as we walked to find a spot. I handed her the drink and some snacks

“I love nature” she replied with a beaming smile

“I never had any interest in it while growing up. I was always indoors. The only time I saw trees was when I was in a car going to school and that was only when I reached my last class in high school” I said and opened my drink. I took the bottle to my lips

“wait that was only in your last class in high school?” she asked as she opened her own bottle

“I was tutored at home all my life.”

“what? Why?”

“I was scared of people” I replied and smirked. I was really timid and Wini was the sharp one

“let’s stay here, it’s cool” she stated and I nodded

“I’ll just text them to bring an umbrella and mats and more of the snacks I ordered”

“I wish I could play in the water” she said and moved to where the water began. She squatted and began to play with it. I kept staring at her, she looked so full of life and joy. I smiled and texted then came to squat beside her

“I’m so glad you’re looking lively. Your face earlier was dull” I said and looked at the drawing she was making on the wet sand

“earlier I was freezing” she said and I chuckled. She looked up and screamed when she saw a wave coming. It was a big one

“ahhh, it’s gonna swallow us” she said and ran back. I didn’t even know when she ran off. I looked back and saw her afar

“Goldilocks is a scare freak!” I teased as I left the water and walked to her

“no I’m not” she defended I reached her and grabbed her arm then began to run towards the water. Another wave was coming and she began to scream immediately

“Will please! I’m scared! I agree! Willlll! ”

I stopped right in front of the water and she pulled me back away from the water

“don’t be scared of the waves, they can’t come as far as the shore” I assured her and she laughed and palmed her face

“it’s not that easy Will” she said and I chuckled and held her hand

“look, they’re setting our umbrella already. Let’s sit down for some minutes” I said and we walked there, hand in hand. When we almost reached there, a guy and a girl also walked hand in hand past us to a spot few metres away. Mari and I looked at them for some minutes. It was obvious they were lovers and they looked cute. It reminded me of when Layla and I made love on the beach. Though it was a private beach. At the back of my beach house at McDiamonds. I think that was the only special day we had. Things never worked between us and I’m glad she understood my reasons even though she still refused to stay. That was two years ago, when I was twenty three

“they’re so cute” I heard Mari say.
“yeah” I simply replied

“have you ever had a girlfriend?” she asked out of the blue

“you wanna know if I’m single or not” I said jokingly and she laughed and removed her hand from mine. That hurt me

“let’s sit please” she said and we walked to the shade. The attendants were already gone but they left behind the snacks and other things used on the beach

We sat down and talked about different things. It was mostly about childhood memories. We ate and took strolls then took pictures though it took me almost an hour to convince her to. That I wasn’t going to post them

When it was getting late, I drove her home. We bought groceries and other needful stuff at home. She was really grateful and I was glad she didn’t object like before

“good bye Goldilocks. Be a good girl” I said and she smiled

“thanks Will. I had super fun today” she said and I chuckled and pecked her cheek and they turned pink almost immediately

“my regards to Eliza” I muttered as I stared into her eyes

I unlocked the door automatically and she heaved a sigh and pushed it open and stepped down

“good night Wilbur” she said
“good night Gold. Don’t forget to take your drugs” I reminded and she nodded with a smile. She closed the door and waved at me before I drove off

I toweled my wet hair vigorously when I stepped out of the shower. I entered my room still drying my hair when Wini spoke up

“get ready to give me the full gist” she said as she brought out different clothes from the one I intended to wear out of the closet

“Wini, you should stop barging into my room this way. What if I decided to come out naked from the bathroom?” I asked

“Eduardo and Kate went on a dinner. I saw them” she said, ignoring what I was saying

“you should go on an official date soon” she added

“Wini, excuse me”

“we’re going to have dinner together. I’m spending the night here because I wanna talk about Marigold” she said and dropped the clothes in her hand on my bed. She left the room and I heaved a sigh

What did I do to deserve such a sister. She acts like my mother sometimes.

I got dressed in the outfit she brought out and walked downstairs. She was drinking my wine

“I would change my password because of you” I said and she chuckled and sat down on the cushion chair

“tell me about Mari”
“why do you want to hear about her?” I asked and sat down

“because she’s the only lady you’ve had interest in, in two years” she replied and sipped from the glass.

“the type of interest you’re talking about is not why I’m with Marigold.” I said

“and what are your interests?” she asked

“I don’t know. But I know I like her” I replied and she smiled

“ask her out Will. Make her your girlfriend and see if things would …..”

“I can’t make her my girlfriend. And it won’t work out. It would crumble again” I said

“will you remain like this forever? You have to get settled except you wanna go back to your old life”

“stop talking about my old life Winifred” I said and bowed my head into my palms

“I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to talk about that. But Will can I ask one question?” she asked

“you already asked one question by asking me if you could ask one question” I said and looked at her. She was frowning

“Wilbur I’m serious” she said
“ask your question” I said

“what do you feel for Marigold? Is there any weird feeling?” she asked and I thought about it. I do get weird feelings

“answer me”

“Wini I know what you’re driving at. I’m not in love with her. I can’t fall in love with a girl” I protested

“I know your past efforts failed. But I feel this one wouldn’t. I feel something different about Mari. She’s the light to take you off your gloomy world. Come to think of it, since she came into your life, you no longer follow Eduardo about like a tick on his skin. I really love that” she brought out and I shook my head

“stop bringing your disapproval of Eduardo into this” I said and she dropped the glass

“just give Mari a chance. Please love her Will. For the sake of mom”

“we don’t know her”

“but she died because she couldn’t withstand us during delivery. Can’t you honor her”

So she’s trying to make me do her wish. Why does she like Marigold so much?

“do me a favor, try to find out why you like her. Just do okay?” she stood up, tapped my shoulder and left with the glass
To Be Continued