Boy With Luv Episode 19



“OH my God I can’t believe this” she said as her arms wrapped around me. It’s been awhile I had this type of encounter. I haven’t really met up with fans for years, it’s either I’m in my tinted car where they can’t see me or I’m in a place they can’t reach me

“you’re going to drain the air out of him Eliza” I heard Marigold’s voice say. I looked up and she was standing there with her hands crossed

“uhmm… Can I… Come in first?” I asked the hugging girl. She began to move backwards and I moved along until we both were inside and I shut the door with my free hand

“Eliza, stop the hugging already” Goldie said as she walked towards us. She pulled her friend away from me and I released my breathe and exhaled

“I’m so sorry, just that I’m so obsessed about you!” she squealed and in less than a second, she was hugging me again. Goldie groaned and walked to her room. I just stood there, not knowing what to do. Either to pull her off or tell her to stop the hugging

Marigold returned with a broom stick and began to poke her friend on her back

“stop it! Stop it please… Ahh it’s ticklish” she said and let me go. She walked to Marigold and slapped her arm

“ouch” said Gold and I at the same time. Eliza looked at me “I just felt it would be painful since she’s sick.” I said to bail myself out

“oh right. Go inside and lie down Mari. And you please let’s go inside. There’s a witch laying on her bed, unconscious in her room. Let’s not wake her up” she dragged me to the room

“Eliza you’re being overdramatic, if there’s a word like that” Marigold muttered and I chuckled

“it’s nice to meet you Eliza” I said

“it’s a huge pleasure meeting you Will. I love you so much. Your movies are so hot. And you’re hot too” she cooed and gave me a stool to sit on. I sat on the high stool and held out the bag I carried to Marigold

“eat up, before the nurse comes back” I said and she collected the bag and smiled at me. That smile ricocheted into my brain and everything in my system was viewing only that smile even after about ten minutes of the smile.

I was so into that smile that I didn’t know Eliza had been talking to me

“are you listening Will?” she asked and tapped my leg.

“what? Were you talking?” I asked

“yes I was. I was telling you about your movies and dramas I’ve watched and the ones I hope to watch” she stated

“OH.. I didn’t know. My mind drifted away” I gently told her

“are you this quiet? In real life?” she asked with her face in her palms

I chuckled and replied “no”

“Eliza let Will be for now. Maybe you can bombard him with all your talks next time” Gold gently said as she was eating the spaghetti I bought. It was in a plastic can and hot

“can you get me water?” she asked sweetly

“I hope I can eat that with you, it smells so good” Eliza said standing up from the floor where she had been sitting

“I think there’s another can of it” Gold replied as Eliza went out

“you’re feeling better already” I said with a chuckle as she removes her woven head cover and slides her hair to one side of her shoulder

“suddenly feeling hot. And this food is spicy” she answered and bit her lower lip before eating again.

“I wanna take you out tonight” I said out of the blues

“take me out? Where? Why?” she asked and I sat beside her on the bed

“you need fresh air. I’ll take you to a park. Or the beach. Which do you prefer?”

“I’ve never been to a beach. The year I was to go there, my mom….” she paused and looked down

“I want the beach” she continued and looked at me. I wanted to ask what happened to her mom but I sensed it was tragic so I decided to leave that topic for another day.

Eliza came in with water and gave her.

“I think Simona’s awake. I heard rumblings in her room” she said and sat on the floor by Mari.

“she’ll still freak out and go back to her faint mood” Eliza added and they laughed

“what’s with you guys and Simona?” I asked

“eww, don’t call her name.” Eliza said with a face that spelt ‘gross’

“she’s a real witch. A big witch” Mari said and I chuckled

“just like Lovina in your drama Broken Up. In fact she’s worst than that” Eliza said and opened her mouth for Mari to feed her which she did

“I don’t like witches even when I obviously have one in my life since the day I was born” I stated and they laughed

“I actually like Wini, she’s so open hearted. If she likes you she shows it, and if she hates you, she shoes it” Mari said

“and she’s so pretty” Eliza said with spaghetti in her mouth. She’s really cute even with her way of life. I think she’s the open hearted one too

A knock came on the door and Eliza stood up to answer it. She snatched the plastic can from Mari and ran off with it. Mari didn’t complain

“I was even full already” she said and that made me chuckle

“let me braid your hair” I said and moved closer to her

“you can do that?” she asked with amused eyes

“FYI, I’m a girl in a boy’s body. I know how to do things girls do. I can braid, apply makeup, do my nails, and all those girlish stuff. I learnt all those in my teen days” I said and she sat closer to me and I arranged her hair first then began to plait it down.

“you sound like someone who could possibly be gay” she said and I paused and gulped. She tinted her head and looked at me

“are you gay?” she asked and I laughed and shook my head

“I’m not gay” I said and she nodded and smiled.

Eliza came back with Layla.

“HI I’m back” she said and waved at us

“hi” Mari said

“I see you’re in a personal hair salon” she said and opened the bag she brought

“manual beauty salon” Mari joked and we laughed

“okay I brought your drugs. I wrote the doses in clear language so you can easily read them. You’ll have to finish them in just two weeks” she said and brought them out

“thank you Layla” Gold said and I stroke her hair down.

“thanks Lay. I’ll see you off” I said and stood up. Layla and I walked out of the room

“so, who is she Wilbur?” she asked as soon as we were outside the house

“she’s Marigold” I replied and Layla chuckled

“I like her. Don’t break her heart because it seems that’s what you’re here to do” she said and beeped her car

“don’t think towards that Layla, that’s not even why I’m here. I just…”

“you don’t even know why you’re here. You should figure that out before you loose focus”

“why do you care about me and what I do”

“because I don’t want any girl to go through what I went through with you” she answered and kissed me directly on the lips.

“take care of Mari” she said and opened the door to her car then entered and closed it. She drove off and I heaved a long sigh. I ran my fingers through my hair and stood outside for up to seven minutes. I only became self-consciousness when I started seeing people staring at me. I quickly went back into the house and met the Simona girl in the living room

“wait… Are you Wilbur Sanders or his look alike?” she asked

“look alike” I said with a much different voice

“gosh you look exactly like him. Your face, your stance, everything. Wow” she said and began to move closer to me

“wow, I’ve been told. I’ll see you another time” I said and quickly walked to Mari’s room

I entered and shut the door gently.

“I just met Simona” I said

“did the b***h faint?” Eliza asked

“I told her I was a look alike”

“I really don’t want you to meet her anymore. I don’t want any questions or investigations” Marigold said

“no no no, he should meet with her and even tell her who he is. It’s for our own good” Eliza said and I chuckled

Marigold stood up and stretched

“ahhh, I feel better” she exclaimed and I smiled

“how about we go out now?” I asked

“sure” she simply replied

“go out?” Eliza asked

“yeah, uhm Will wanted to take me out. It’s a beach, you can come with us if you wish” she answered.

No, I don’t want Eliza to come with us. It’s not because I don’t want her company but I just want to be alone with Mari.

“no no. You two go have fun. I have to cook for you. So I’ll be here when you come back, just buy some snacks for me” Eliza said and my heart leaped for joy. Thank God

“are you sure?” Mari asked

“yeah, super duper sure”

“all right then. I’ll go home and change then come back for you, okay?” I said to Mari and she nodded.

“I’ll go now” I said

“I’ll see you to the car” she declared and I nodded.

We walked out of the room and luckily, no Simona in sight. We came out of the house and the neighborhood was empty.

“how is Wini?” she asked

“she’s fine. I received her call earlier”

“and how’s that your best friend. Edward right?”

I chuckled “Eduardo. He’s fine. I saw him when I went to get you food”

I remembered what he told me, that I couldn’t get a girl. And what Layla said, that I shouldn’t break her heart. It made me start thinking more about my reason for being Mari’s friend. My friendship with ladies whether erotic or just normal has always ended up in the gutters. It has never been successful. I guess that’s why Layla thinks this one would also crumble. Do I want that?

“I’ll see you later then” Mari’s voice came echoing through my head. I looked at her

“yeah… Yeah you will” I muttered and she nodded

“drive carefully” she said and I chuckled and opened the door to my car

“be a good girl” I said and she laughed and moved backwards. I closed my door and started the car before driving off.



I walked back into my room and brought out a white shirt and a pink flayed skirt. The outfit is quite cute.

I brought out my white flip flops and cleaned them.

“isn’t he the cutest thing ever” Eliza said standing at the door

“yeah” I simply replied

“and I deliberately didn’t want to go with you. Just so you could have your privacy you know”

I looked at her and she winked. I just smiled and shook my head

“I think he likes you” she said sitting on the bed with a chocolate bar in her hand

“what type of like?”

“you know… The like” she said and I laughed

“you’re something else Eliza. Stop thinking about stuff like that” I said and took a towel to go and bathe.

I bathed and got dressed. I packed my hair in a cute pony tail and used my body cream to rub my edges and make it shiny. I don’t have any hair oils.

“he’s here” I heard Eliza’s voice from the hallway to my room.

“okay” I said and rubbed my palms together. I took one last look at the mirror and walked outside. He didn’t enter the house, he was leaning against a black car. It was different from the other one he brought earlier

He looked at me and smiled. I was nervous because I was going to the beach with a celebrity. What if paparazzi invaded us? What if people judge me of my looks? What if my people know I hang out with him? My life would never be the same

“hey” I said and he brought out a cap and gave me. It was white

“you have to wear that too. It’s quite sunny and you don’t want us to be recognized. It’s not a private beach” he stated and I nodded.

He opened the door to the car and I sat in.

I inhaled the sweet cool air in the car. It also smelt really nice. I looked around the car and I smiled. This is swell

Will entered the car and started it.

“you look really beautiful. I had to control myself not to stare too much” he said as he drove out

“haha, and what should I say about you now? You’re so cute” I said and he chuckled

He was wearing a black shirt and black short trousers but his shoes were white. I was wondering if he wasn’t going to wear a cap too.

As he drove on, I wanted to ask him questions about his sister and him. Why they look so alike when they are actually of different gender. That’s like scientifically impossible.

Will suddenly parked the car by the roadside

“what’s wrong?” I asked and he looked at me then at the steering wheel

“I’m troubled. I …” he stopped and looked at me again

“Marigold” he called

“what’s wrong Will?” I asked and he cleared his throat and started the car

“I’m okay. Let’s go” he said and started the car and drove back into the road.

But I feel something is wrong with him



To Be Continued