Boy With Luv Episode 18



“she’s my roommate” I answered and hugged myself because I was getting cold, from the open door

“do you know how she fainted? Did she see you?” I asked and looked at him

“yes she did, I even told her I was looking for you” he replied

“no wonder” I mumbled. She definitely fainted seeing a top celebrity standing in front of her house door and asking her a question

“are you going to leave her here or…”

“of course I’m leaving her here. I’ll just close the door” I cut in and sniffed. I closed the door and turned to him

“so what are you doing here?” I asked

“I thought I’d see you. Know how you’re doing” he answered

“well, I’m… I’m fine” I simply replied

“you’re sure? You don’t look so good. You look pale. Are you all right?” he asked and moved closer to me, he took my hand and I sighed

“I’m a little ill. Just caught a cold” I said and adjusted the thick woolen head cover I was wearing. I got that from a flee market recently

“should I call you a nurse? I can call my nurse to attend to you” he said

“no. I’ll be fine in no time” I said, rejecting his offer. Right then I sneezed terribly and I’m sure my face turned blue

“that’s it. I’m calling my nurse” he said and pulled out his phone. I didn’t object this time. Maybe I really need medical attention. I’ve been battling pneumonia for years without a touch from a proper health personnel and I can’t reject any help now. I even feel sicker than I used to be today

“I… I need to lie down” I muttered and took steps towards my room

“uhh can I… Can I follow you in there?” he asked and I chuckled and nodded

He followed me and we entered my plain and simple room I looked at his face to see any sign of disgust, or that rich kid attitude but I didn’t see it His face showed just care, the same face he wore a minute ago.

I sat in my bed and covered my legs. He sat at the edge of the bed. I looked at the bag of chocolates and smiled

“thanks for this” I appreciated and he chuckled

“it helped keep me warm this morning. Eliza made hot chocolate for me” I added

“I guess Eliza is really nice to you” he said looking into his phone

“just whenever I need help. She’s really mean and bossy whenever I act like I don’t need her help” I said and chuckled when I remembered how she would pull my ear and smack me whenever I don’t wanna do something that she wants me to do or whenever I claim I don’t need her help with making my own decisions. Especially during this Wilbur thing.

I laid down when he began to make the call to his nurse and telling her the address. He hung up two minutes later

“she’ll be here in ten” he said and I nodded

“thanks for coming to see me yesterday”

“you really don’t have to thank me”

“you have no idea how you helped me yesterday”

“the inhaler? That was nothing”

“not just the inhaler Goldie. It’s more than that”

I looked up at his face and he was staring at me like he wanted to see through my face, or that he was actually seeing something already

“can… Can I… Can I ask you a question?.. Please?” I stammered

“yeah, sure”

“why?” I asked. He furrowed his brows

“I mean, why all these care and wanting to be my friend. I see no reason why you’d want me to be friends with you when I’m literally of no benefit. And we being from different backgrounds and social status, it just doesn’t make any sense at all”

He exhaled and palmed his face while I just looked at him. After minutes of silence, he spoke up

“I don’t know”

He looked at me and dropped his hand
“I just don’t know Marigold. I… Hmmm, I don’t want you thinking I’m here for selfish reasons. Because I’m not. I just… Look I don’t know okay” he said and exhaled again

“maybe you should figure it out. I know why your sister wants me to be your friend now but I don’t know why you want that. And I need to know” I stated and breathed out.

A knock came on the door
“that should be her” he said and stood up

“don’t worry, I’ll go” I said, rising from the bed.
“no no! I’ll go. You need to rest in bed okay. I’ll go” he said and walked out of the room. I sighed and laid back on the bed.

He came back with a beautiful lady who was smiling

“hi” she greeted
“hi” I responded

“so you’re feeling a little down. Apart from the cold, what else?” she asked and sat down beside me then opened her kit

“weak and dizzy” I replied.
She brought out a thermometer and put it in my mouth. I pouted and Wilbur chuckled softly.

“do you have appetite?” she asked
“not really. But I do feel empty in the stomach” I answered with the thermometer still in my mouth

“you feel intense cold right?” she asked and I nodded

“you have symptoms of pneumonia. But it could be something else” she said and brought out a syringe. Oh no! I hate shots

“it’s pneumonia. I’ve been diagnosed with it since teenage hood” I stated and Will looked at me I smirked and looked at the syringe

“I’ll run a few tests, give you some pills and one injection to get the cold out” she said and pulled out the thermometer


“give me your arm please”
I stretched out my left arm and she wiped a spot with a soft and cold cotton wool, then she gently injected the needle head and I winced.

“you hate it don’t you” Will asked and squatted beside me. I nodded. “I hate it too” he stated and smiled at me

After the injection, she brought another syringe and took a sample of my blood.

“I’ll be back by evening. You’ll feel warmer by then”

“thanks nurse” I appreciated and she stood up

“you can just call me Layla. And what’s your name?”


“I’ll see you later Mari” she said and smiled

“thank you Layla, I’ll see you to the door” Will said and stood up then walked with her.

I exhaled and soothed my arm where I was injected.

My God! What about Simona? Is she still lying down at the door?

I took my blanket off and stood up, I walked out of the room and she was lying on the couch, still unconscious. I walked over to her and looked at her funny face, I chuckled and walked to my room but this time I sat on the bed

Minutes later, he came back.
“hey” he hailed
“hey” I answered

“I should get you something to eat. What do you want to eat?”

I chuckled
“sardines and tuna salad. Also, some hot chili and any local soup for cold” I stated

“can I order the local soup online?” he asked and I laughed

“you can give it a try” I replied

“I’ll be back.” he said and surprisingly he pecked my cheek and stood up before leaving. I bit my lip and felt like my face just got warmer

I laid down again and just ten minutes later, someone walked in

“hey” she hailed
“Eliza” I said and sat up

“how’s your health now? Sorry I took so long at the dorm, some girls were fighting and I needed to know the cause so I’ll know who to join in the fight” she said and brought out a can

“I got a few cash from someone and I decided to buy you this” she said and handed me the can of sardines

“gosh, thanks. Though Will just left to buy some too. Then we’re gonna have extra for dinner”

“Will was here? Again?”

“he called me a nurse and he’s gonna get me some food” I stated and she stood up and started dancing.

“wait! Did Simona see him?” she asked
“yes and she fainted” I replied and we laughed

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I bought all the things she asked me and I even bought extra grocery for her. The place I shopped was a huge and expensive mall owned by Eduardo’s uncle, single-handedly. It’s very expensive and average people are not really customers here.

I ran into Eduardo at the entrance

“and there’s the man who has other plans for tonight” he said with his hands in his pockets

“how’s your date going to go?” I asked

“great. I’m actually thinking of proposing to her one of these days. I need to settle down and be my man” he said with a tint of pride

“you know, not everybody has the luck of getting a girl” he said and chuckled

“if you’re referring to me, you might be wrong Eduardo” I stated

“and how I’m I wrong? We both know you can’t talk to a girl in real life. You’re only a man in your movies and you might end up being single even at fifty. Hahaha” he laughed

I laughed too

“good luck with your date tonight. I have to go get these for my girl, she’s a little ill” I said and walked out. I had no idea what prompted me to say that but it felt good.

I entered my car and drove off to Gold’s house.
I knocked on the door and a beautiful girl with dark, full hair opened the door. She was a bit taller than Mari. I wanted to talk when she squealed so loudly that I think the screen of my phone cracked
To Be Continued