Boy With Luv Episode 17



I feebly knocked on the door and hoped Eliza was still around. Soon the door opened and she smiled at me

“hey” I said with a smile

“you have to tell me everything. Everything…” she said and drew me in then closed the door

“so how did it go?” she asked

“lovely. Take this… It’s from Will” I said and stretched the paper bag to her

“Wilbur? You met with him?”

“yeah” I answered and straightened my hair

“gosh it’s barbecue” she whispered happily

“let’s go inside” I dragged her hand into my room

“I’m so tired”

“tell me everything” Eliza said and I smiled and sat down

“okay.. Well at the restaurant, we were eating seafood…”


“so you’re in your first year right?” Winifred asked with a smile


“so what’s your major?”

“information technology”

“wow, awesome. So now let’s talk about Will. How do you see him?”

“well, he is nice. And cute” I stated and she smiled

“and aren’t you surprised he likes you?”

I stopped eating and bit my lower lip. I don’t really know the definition of that ‘like’ she used

“aah, don’t get any wrong ideas. What I mean is he actually wants to be your friend. Look, my brother and I are like Tom and Jerry. We fight a lot and just can’t stay together. But then we can’t do without each other, I know him inside out, in fact all his secrets and he knows little of mine” she said and we laughed

“and I know that he’s not the type to make friends. He has only one friend, Eduardo, and I don’t like him. I always wished Wilbur could find someone else to spend his time with. And when he told me about the janitor that gave him his phone, I was so surprised that he could actually talk with someone else and tell me about it. To be honest whenever he talks about you, he has this smile on his face and within me, I was happy.”

“wow” I muttered. I was really surprised

“and lately, he’s been kinda down. Really down and it’s because of you”.

“me? How could it be me?”

“Marigold my brother really wants to be friends with you. I know it feels like he’s unreal but at least, give it a chance. He won’t take you for granted. I really want him to be happy and to have a good friend. Someone like you, you’re different and unique. You’re not desperate at all and you have manners. Please be his friend and be my friend too. You’re a rare gem and I don’t think I want to let a diamond go”

I smiled, I really felt glad she saw me that way

“I really don’t know what to say” I mumbled

“you don’t have to say anything now. Save it for when you’re going to see Wilbur. I’ll drop you off at his place and he can drop you home”

“what? Tonight?”

“yeah. I just want him to be happy” she beamed with smiles

“okay then” I replied, I didn’t want to displease her

“should I order another round of periwinkle and lobsters?” she asked and I laughed and nodded


“awwn. She was really sweet” Eliza cooed

“yeah, she was”

“so you went to see him?” she asked and I nodded

“I just said hi and checked his living room out. It was nice. He bought those when he was bringing me home and said I should give it to you” I said and yawned. I was really tired and sleepy

“I’m eating these now plus I’m spending the night here” she said and ran out of the room

I removed my dress and laid on the bed. I couldn’t tell her about everything that happened with Wilbur, she wouldn’t let me be if I did.

I remember the chills I got when I felt his arms around me. In fact, I’m getting those chills again.

He really made me feel jiggly, like I was out of earth. I was scared too but I didn’t know why.

I kept wondering why he did that and why he refused to let me go for almost twenty minutes until I said it was getting dark and I had to go home.

He had then released me and smiled then hold my hand and pulled me along. We went straight outside and we entered his car with non of us saying a word. He only spoke to me when he asked if my best friend liked barbecued chicken and I said yes.

When he dropped me off, he told me good night and gave me the sweetest smile ever. That smile was striking and I couldn’t help but wish I’d see it again.

“OH shoot!” I exclaimed as I felt cold shivers running around my whole body like electricity.

“you want some?” I heard Eliza’s foodie voice. Her mouth was filled and she was chewing like her whole life depended on it

“yeah, just a little” I replied and sat up

My mind went back to Will, how he fed me. I felt chills around my body again

Throughout that night, I kept having chills. I woke up slightly and my mind went to Wilbur, chills and chills and chills.

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“wakey wakey. It’s time for church baby girl” Eliza’s voice rang out

I tossed around the bed and hugged myself. I felt cold and hot at the same time

“whoah, your temperature can boil eggs” Eliza said again

I opened my eyes and breathed out

“good morning” I greeted and sat up. My eyes were swollen

“you look sick” she said and touched my face

“I feel sick” I stated

“you can’t go to church like this. I’ll make you some hot soup. Cover yourself up if you’re feeling cold. I’ll be right back” she said and quickly left the room

I yawned widely and covered myself properly.

I heard Simona’s voice and then Eliza’s voice. I chuckled, Simona will always bring words out of someone

I closed my eyes and the next time they opened were when Eliza’s hand touched me.

“here, I had to rush it though. Just take this one to make you warm” she said and I sat up and nodded. I took the plate and began to drink the soup.

Minutes later she came back with a white bag. She lifted it up with a smile

“what’s that?” I asked

“gosh tell me to love him more” she said and began to fan herself dramatically

“I don’t get you” I stated

“Will just sent this. It’s a bag full of chocolate. It was just delivered now by some delivery guy who said it was from Mr Sanders” she said and sat beside me. I dropped the soup on the table beside my bed and opened the bag.

“wow, he asked me if I liked chocolate yesterday. I didn’t know he would order them for me” I said as I smiled

Eliza looked through all the content

“there’s chocolate candy, cream chocolate, chocolate powder, chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, wow… There’s a heart shaped chocolate candy here. Awwn, this is so cute. You’ll eat that, just in case there’s a love potion in it” she winked at me and I couldn’t help but smile. I’m happy

“and there are plenty of this chocolate. Well, I’m making hot chocolate for you now with one of this chocolate powder. Be a good girl and don’t eat anything before I come”

“when it comes to that, you know I’m a bad girl” I said and she giggled and left

I took a little candy and just put it in my mouth then laid down and waited for her to bring my hot chocolate

If only I had Will’s number, I would have called to thank him



I ran my fingers through my hair and listened to Eduardo blabbing about the award he was nominated for. I just listened cause I wasn’t in the mood to talk. I kept sipping my drink and looking at my reflection in the bar mirror

“and I’m thinking of taking Kate out tonight” he said, changing the topic

“why don’t you tag along?” he asked. I looked at him and chuckled. He just wants me to see him and her together and doing couple stuff. He thinks he’s one step ahead of me since he has a girlfriend and I don’t

“I’ll be busy tonight” I simply replied and took a sip.

“why? I want you to tag along and you’re coming whether you like it or not” he said sternly and left for his room.

I smiled, I know I’m not coming. If not because of him, then it’s because of Kate.

I looked back at the door when I heard the sound of heels on the floor

“speak of the devil” I muttered and looked away

“hey Will” she said and walked to me. She took my glass and gulped down the content

“where’s Eduardo?” she asked and I nudged my head towards the stairs

“okay, I’ll be right back”. She said and rubbed her hands seductively on my arm. I grinned and watched her climb the stairs.

I took my phone and called Wini

?hey brother…

?you’re the naughtiest girl I’ve ever seen

?tell me about it. So how was your night, like, with her. She’s fun right. I hope you didn’t do anything silly? You know she’s naive, take it easy on her bro

?you’re crazy

I said and laughed

?anything for you bro. I love you. Kisses

I chuckled and hung up. Last night was fun for me, really fun. I loved every moment.

I took my keys and left the house.

Maybe I should check on her. I took my car and drove off to her house. I knocked on her door and a tall plum girl with short hair opened the door. I didn’t know her

“uh hi. I’m looking for Marigold…”

The lady gasped and fell down. I was alarmed

“OH my God” I exclaimed and didn’t know what to do.

I looked into the room and saw Marigold coming, she was wearing a jacket and a head warmer, she was also wearing socks. But it’s not cold today

“oh my God! Why’s she on the floor?” she said

“she just fainted, I think. Who is she?” I asked and crossed her then entered inside and stood beside Gold

“she’s Simona, my roommate”.


To Be Continued