Boy With Luv Episode 16



“hi” I said amongst tussled breath. I’m so nervous, so nervous.

His eyes held surprise as he looked down at my face then at my dress then back to my face

“Gold” he mumbled and I smiled

“I.. Well, I just.. came to say..” I stammered, not knowing what exactly to tell him about my reason for standing in front of his door by 9pm.

‘‘come in”
He held my hand and pulled me in then closed the door

“wow” I muttered when my eyes caught sight of his living room. It’s really large and beautiful. So luxurious

“let me guess why you’re here” he said and dropped the glass in his hand on the centre table

“Winifred” he said and I laughed and clutched unto my purse

“come, sit” he motioned to the cushion chair in front of me and I sat down

He walked to the wall phone and made a call though I didn’t hear what he was saying. Soon he sat adjacent me with a light pink cushion on his thigh. He looked at me and smiled to himself. What’s he smiling about?

“you have a very beautiful place here” I remarked looking at the white sparkling smooth floor. I remember Eliza said he was called the Pink Model, is that why he has touches of pink in every piece of furniture? They’re pink flowers in small vases at each corner of the room, few of the cushion pillows are pink and some other things are pink. But not dark pink though

“you look really beautiful tonight” he said and I looked at his face which was not smiling, neither frowning, and at the same not expressionless. It held a look that I just couldn’t understand

“thanks” I shyly replied and looked at my fingers.
I looked up when I saw some maids coming with trays in their hands. They were three maids. They dropped the trays on the table and bowed to Wilbur before leaving.

“come on, these are not gonna eat themselves” he said and I chuckled

“I’m full, Wini took me to dinner” I replied and he frowned

“I’ll count to five, you come sit beside me before then or I’ll come and carry you” he said sternly. I didn’t answer

“one… Two… Three… Four… Five!” he stood up and walked towards me. Whoa I thought he’d be joking

He scooped me up and I screamed “let me down! Please let me down”

He smirked
“of course I’ll let you down but it’s gonna be here” he said and lowered me into the chair in front of the table

He squatted before me “I don’t like stubborn girls” he said with a humorous tone and helped me arrange my hair

“you’re making me feel uncomfortable” I stated
“me too” he replied and stood up.

He brought a side stool and placed it in my front then kept one of the trays on it. He uncovered it and it was just short cakes

“don’t worry, you won’t get fat and ugly” he assured like he knew the amount of calories they contained

“you prefer using your hands, or I should get the forks”

“forks” I found myself replying. Well, I’m throwing my attitude into the mud, I must eat this. They smell so good and the looks of it, tells me I can’t miss it

He brought the forks from the other tray and gave me one. I took it and he started eating first before I did.

“so what did she tell you?” he asked
“your sister?” I asked as I took a munch


“nothing, we just talked” I replied. He looked at me

“what did you talk about?”

“girls stuff” I answered and smirked

“nice way of making me to stop asking”

I chuckled quietly.
“so how’s school?” he asked and lifted up his cake

He brought the fork to my mouth “open up” he said. My eyes widened

“what? No…” I protested

“open up” he repeated
I shook my head and kept my lips sealed

“okay then, you feed me or I feed you”
“non of the above” I replied and he chuckled

“it’s just one cake, just one cake. It won’t choke you” he pleaded and I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth. He dipped in the cake and I took it from the fork. He smiled at me as I chewed it

“good girl” he mumbled and I have no idea why that made me blush

“do you like chocolate?” he asked
“yeah, do you have a chocolate fountain?” I asked and he laughed

“no, but I can get one before tomorrow” he said and I smiled, rich people.

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Tonight, my joy knows no bounds. Seeing her sitting beside me is like a fairy dream. I guess I really owe Wini one

I looked at her face as she took another cake. I like her. I feel like she’s special. But I don’t know why I feel that way.

I exhaled and wanted to ask her if she would like to join me for dinner tomorrow night, but then my breathing seized. My chest began to hurt me so much and I felt my hands shaking. The fork fell off my hand and made a noise as it fell to the floor. She got startled and looked at me as I gasped for breath

“oh my God! Wilbur!” she screamed and held me. I pointed to the bar, that’s where I left my inhaler

“your inhaler? Where is it?” she asked and she was freaking out She then traced my hand then ran to the bar and she came back with it and quickly helped me apply it through my mouth. Seconds later I began to breathe again and she was breathing heavily. Both of us were.
Her hands were into her hair as she tried to calm herself down

“thank you so much” I said amidst ragged breath. She looked at me and I sat up

“are you okay?” she asked
“yeah. Thank God for you”

‘‘but why is yours like that?” she asked
“it’s one of the worst types of asthma” I managed to reply.

“you need water” she said
“check the third tray” I said and she stood up and walked to the table, she brought up a bottle and a glass then poured the water in.

“here” she stretched it forth
“my hands are weak” I said and she glared at me. She sighed and sat down then brought the glass to my mouth. I drank the water and smiled

“thanks honey” I said and winked. She bit her lip and looked away. She then dropped the glass and sat down gently. I placed my hand on her hand and squeezed it. She tensed up and looked at me

“thank you” I said and she smiled
“you almost died” she said with a chuckle
“and you almost died with me”
“hahahaha, I really freaked out”

I guess she cares about me. We were silent for awhile
“you still want the cake” She shook her head

“yeah, me neither. Come with me” I help her up with me

“where are you taking me?” I asked
“my balcony”

We walked up the stairs and I just had the urge to wrap my arm around her waist. I don’t know why I just feel like doing stuff I wouldn’t think of when I’m with other ladies

“I love your spiral staircase” she muttered and I looked at her and smiled
“would you like to live here with me?” I asked and she laughed
“in my dreams maybe” she replied

I took her to my balcony
“wow, it’s so cool out here” she said and rested her hands on the railing

“you like it?” I asked and moved closer to her that our shoulders touched

“I do. I like the view of the pool and the trees. It’s beautiful”

I don’t know what compelled me to stand behind her, wrap my arms around her and place my face on her shoulder, snuggled up into her hair.

“OH my God! Will…”
“ssh” I whispered, stopping her from protesting against my sudden change of position

“let’s just stay like this” I whispered and closed my eyes
To Be Continued