Boy With Luv Episode 15


“you know, Wilbur told me that you weren’t a fan of entertainment and fashion and all these celebrity stuff so I didn’t think you’d know me” she added with the bright smile

“I… I have a… A friend who’s really crazy about celeb… Celebrities” I stammered. I was nervous because I felt like an ant in front of a giant. I felt like nothing. From the look of her she’s high bargain, not my category of people I could talk with.

“here are your magazines” I stated and forwarded them towards her. She took them and exhaled

“are you in a hurry to go back? I really need to speak with you” she said

“about… about what ma’am?”

She chuckled and dropped the mags

“you really have to be free with me. I’m in your age group. Just two years older I think. You don’t have to call me ma’am” she said and tucked her hair behind her ear

“wow, okay” I muttered.

“tomorrow’s Saturday, I need you to meet me at Dalton’s by 8pm. We need to talk”

She gave me an envelope
“that’s for you to use and get ready. You should go now, I don’t want your boss to fire you” she smiled again

“thanks” I said with a smile and bowed a little before walking away. I got to the street in no time and hailed a cab.

When I got back to the store, I looked at the envelope and it was money as I expected. I told Eliza and of course she almost tore me to pieces by her disturbance. She was just too excited like she was the one going to the restaurant and she couldn’t stop talking


I got home from an agency meeting and I met Kate waiting for me in the living room. It was like I saw the giver of the headache I had that afternoon

“what Kate? What are you doing here?” I asked trying so well not to raise my voice because I was weak and tired

“I missed you baby. I haven’t seen you for about a month. How are you?” she asked seductively while moving towards me

“Kate, you have to leave now. Just go. I’m tired and I can’t entertain a visitor now” I said and closed my eyes because they hurt

I felt her hands on my shoulders and I immediately jerked back
“what are you doing?”

“I wanna give you a massage. Come on” she pulled my hand and began to rub my chest
I exhaled and pushed her off

“I have a masseur, thank you” I said

“why are you doing this Will? We both know we’re attracted to each other”

I laughed and sat down
“attraction is the opposite of what I feel for you” I answered. She sat down and placed her hand around my arm

“don’t say that baby. You’re not being honest. Let’s just be free with each other”

She ran a finger down my lips slowly and bit her own lower lip. Her hand around my arm moved to my lower region and began to make funny movements

“Kate, get out of my house” I simply said

“you look cute with that expression” she remarked and brought her face closer to mine, probably trying to kiss me

“Kate… Out!” I yelled and she flinched

“hey!” she said as I stood up

“just get the hell out of my house and don’t ever come in here again!” I barked at her and brought out my phone

“I’m calling security in five minutes, if you’re not out of here by then… Sorry!” I threatened and dialed my Chief Security personnel’s number

“okay okay I’m going. You don’t have to be harsh” she said and took her bag then stood up

“but I will be back. I love you Willy” she blew me a kiss and left. I sighed and ruffled my hair, the headache got worse

And I must deal with this girl, she’s going to ruin things for me big time. If Eduardo catches her making advances towards me, there’s no way he wouldn’t believe that there’s something between us. He would say I’ve been screwing the whole time behind his back and that might bring war. I have to stop whatever is wrong with her

I went upstairs and as I was walking to my room, I stopped at the door to my studio and stared at it. I have since stopped what I was working on because I had no zeal. I shook my head, exhaled sadly and went to my room for a warm bath and then a long sleep

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My heart beat was faster than that of Usain Bolt. I was nervous, that’s if nervous isn’t an understatement. If not for Eliza who kept pressurizing me, I wouldn’t have decided to meet Winifred.

“you look great, so beautiful” Eliza remarked with the cutest grin as she clipped my hair with a very beautiful hair clip.

“gosh, you’re sparkling baby girl. I bet WiniRed is going to deliberate whether she is the millionaire or you are” she said and helped me stand up from the bed where she was making me up to face the mirror that hung on the wall.

“voila!” she exclaimed as I looked into the mirror

A smile or should I say, a grin, tore through the folds of my frown as I saw my face and my hairdo

“gosh!” I exclaimed with awe
“Eliza where did you learn this?” I asked and touched my face

“a beauty magazine”

“I love the hair”

“I know right. It’s really lovely”
“thanks dear” I appreciated and hugged her

“well, it’s almost 8pm so we gotta get going. I’m accompanying you to the restaurant just to peep at her.”

I chuckled and picked my purse.

Actually, Eliza made us go shopping after work yesterday. She said that I was going to a five star restaurant and I needed to dress like someone who attends balls with princes and princesses. We had some savings, which was bigger than it should be because of Will and we also had the money Winifred gave me.
So we bought a dress and shoes and few accessories. I look good though she didn’t add lots of makeup.

“time to go!” Eliza said, holding the door. I smiled and walked through it

We went out into the street, entered a cab and headed to Dalton’s

“when you’re done, you have enough to transport you back?” Eliza whispered
“yeah” I replied

“and I hope she gives you more money” she whispered again and we laughed

When we got to the Dalton’s, my breath seized. It was gigantic and lit up and beautiful. It was really five star

“gosh I’m nervous”
“you don’t have to be”
“but I’m scared, what if she’s actually trying to make me stay away from her brother. I’m quite sure that’s the reason”

“your insecurities are back but they’re too late now because we are here. Now let’s go through the door”

She slid an arm under mine and I sighed nervously. We walked through the door that opened on its own accord and got to a receptionist counter first. We walked to her

“good evening and how may I help you?” she asked with a smile that I think has been glued to her face all day

“I’m here to see Winifred Sanders. Uh, we have a meeting” I stated and before she could answer

“well it isn’t really a meeting, it’s more like a date” her voice rang in as she walked down towards us with a black dress that reached her knees, it had only one arm, the other shoulder was bare. Her shoes were tall red heels and her fingers glittered with two rings on the index finger and pinkie finger on both hands.
Her hair was now jet black and she wore red studs on each ear.

I felt Eliza’s grip on my arm tighten. Gosh, this girl is boiling with excitement

“oh, thanks Ms” I thanked the receptionist who nodded and we walked to Winifred

“hi” she said to me
“hi” I replied with a smile
She looked at Eliza and back at me

“oh, this is my best friend. Eliza. She actually accompanied me here so she could say hi to you before going back home. She’s a huge fan of yours” I introduced

“a really huge fan of you and your twin brother” Eliza added

“gosh. Wow, that’s really lovely. It’s nice to meet you Eliza” she said and stretched her hand for a handshake. I smiled at Eliza’s joy.

“well, let’s take a picture to commemorate this evening, shouldn’t we?” Winifred stated and one of the two bodyguards behind her gave her her purse and she brought out her phone.
The three of us took a picture and I was so grateful that Eliza wasn’t wearing a shirt and trousers and sneakers. She actually wore a white dress and her hair was in a neat ponytail. So she didn’t look too cheap, if you know what I mean

“I’m definitely posting this picture. MariGold, your best friend is very pretty even without makeup”

“she’s the Snow White” I said and we laughed

“thank you. I’ll be going home now. It was really nice meeting you WiniRed”

Wini hugged her
“next time, we’d have dinner together. The three of us”

I just kept smiling. I suddenly felt at ease. But I couldn’t stop wondering why she was being nice. Or why she wanted to see me.

I waved at Eliza as she walked away bubbling with joy.

“come on Mari, let’s go to our table” she said and slid an arm around my arm and we walked into the restaurant proper


I was downstairs at the bar drinking a glass of orange juice. I just felt like taking orange juice that evening though I still stood over my bar though it wasn’t in the bar.

My phone vibrated and I checked. A message from Wini

open your front door

Does this girl want to disturb me by this time?

I replied
✉ go away

Then she called

? Will, just open the door. Stop being a jerk


I hung up and took my glass with me to the front door, I took the glass to my mouth and was gulping down when I opened the door. I saw her standing there through my peripheral vision but weirdly, she looked shorter.
I dropped my glass and my eyes fell on someone I didn’t expect to ever step on my front door

“HI Will”

To Be Continued