Boy With Luv Episode 14


“how do you get a girl to like you in reality?” I asked again when she didn’t reply me but went back to her exercise

“what type of like?” she asked, not even looking at me. Maybe she thinks I’m just bringing up one of our numerous random chats

“like to like someone. To like the person’s company” I answered and placed my hands on my waist

“you can’t really make someone like you, but you can try by being what they need” she said and finally stood up. I heaved a sigh and leaned against the door

She took a bottle of water and gulped it down then looked at me

“so who’s this person you’re trying to get to like you of all people. I mean, you’re the one who is always liked”

“I never said this was about me Wini” I opened the door and wanted to go out

“so her name is Marigold Cruz, she’s twenty-two years soon to be twenty-three by December. She’s of medium height and she has dark brown hair, and she’s actually pretty”

I turned and looked at her, surprised.

“I’ve been doing some research on the lady you’ve been going to see. Plus I saw it and I also saw her name at the bottom. Gold was in capital letters while Mari wasn’t really in capital letters, just the M” she said and twitched her lips

“why did you go in there?” I managed to ask

“duhh, cause I wanted to see what you were working on. I always do that” she replied and took a towel then wiped her face.

She walked to me and opened the door

“it’s time for dinner, you’re spending the night here” she said and walked out

I breathed out deeply and palmed my face.

Why is this really affecting me? Her attitude. Why can’t she just like me?

I breathed out again and left the room



“so I’m going to get a movie tomorrow, it’s not really a movie. It’s actually a seasonal drama about two families who hate each other and their children fell in love and began to rebel against them. It’s really thrilling” Eliza said. She’s been talking for like forever about different things and to be honest, I only heard the last thing she said

“so what do you think?” she asked with a smile

“I’ll watch it with you” I gently replied

“great!” she exclaimed and flipped through the pages of the magazine placed on her thighs. I was lying face down on the bed with my head resting on my arms that I crossed. I’ve been thinking and my conscience keeps blaming me for how I treated Will this evening. It was too bad, I literally rebuffed him. He might have felt bad. I know how I would feel if I was the one who got shut out like that.

I’ve been thinking whether to apologize or not, or maybe tell him that I’ll make up for it.

But why do I even care, it’s not like it’s wrong to turn down an offer.

But I did it in a wrong way. Gosh!

I squeezed my face and breathed out

“okay, what’s wrong?” Eliza asked

“nothing” I replied and laid on my back

“yes there is. Come on, tell me” she said and stood up from the floor then laid on the bed

“it’s just that I’m thinking of getting another part time job” I lied, I didn’t want her to know that I was thinking about Wilbur

“why? You need extra cash? Will is…” I immediately cut her short, I didn’t want the conversation to go to Will’s side

“it’s because I’m tired of staying at home for hours before another class. Especially with somebody like Simona” I said

“so which job do you have in mind then?” she asked

“something that’s less stressful” I answered, trying to take my mind of Will but that image of him grabbing me by the waist while I tried to run was just playing in my head like it was a video on replay.

“I think I know the perfect job. I’ll look into it tomorrow” she said then yawned

“I wanna sleep” she muttered and closed her eyes

“me too, I’ll turn off the lights” I said and got down from the bed, I looked at the telephone for about a minute then looked at my palm. The number was already off. That kind of broke my heart. It must have gone off completely during my shower this evening

I turned off the lights and climbed the bed then got under the blanket with Eliza. I closed my eyes and said a little prayer. I opened them and closed them back only to see Wilbur’s face.

“oh God” I muttered inaudibly and flapped my lashes



“gosh! Will what is wrong with you?” Wini yelled at me. I gulped down the full glass of tequila shot and tried to pour in more.

“stop it, you’re gonna get drunk!” she yelled and hit my hand then grabbed the bottle

“I can’t get drunk!” I yelled back and ruffled my hair

“but you’re already getting tipsy. Besides you can’t come here and finish my drinks!”

I blew out air and rested my head on the counter that I sat against

‘‘the last time I saw you like this was when Phil broke up with you” she stated and I looked up at her with a dangerous glare

“don’t you dare talk about those times again! Don’t you dare!” I barked at her. Nothing makes me mad like talking about my stupid past and she knows it

“don’t scold me in my own house you moron” she retorted and scoffed. She dropped the bottle in her fridge and came back to me

“so you really like her this much?” she asked in a rather soft tone

“I don’t know” I answered

“it’s like you’re falling in love with her” she said and I shook my head

“no, it’s not that. I just want her to stop shutting me out. I feel like I’m a nobody. No one shuts me out! No one!”

“you’re really drunk right now”

I groaned and held my forehead. I feel my temperature rising

“why don’t I talk to her for you? Make her my friend then she might like you too”

I chuckled to her suggestion, WiniRed, the blazing furnace, trying to make friends with a low class girl? No way

“I’m serious” she said, as if she heard my thoughts

“don’t worry, I don’t even want her around me anymore. She’s not worth it” I fumbled and stood up

‘‘I need to sleep” I said and began to walk away from her kitchen, I staggered a little but soon gained my balance and found my way up to the guest room



It was just after noon on Friday. I finished early with my I.T class and I was heading to the administrative block to summit an assignment to one of my professors.

As I crossed the street, somebody that might have been running bumped into me from behind and the next thing I heard was squealing in my ear

“my eardrums!” I screamed and wriggled free from Eliza’s tight grip around my waist

“you won’t believe it, I found us jobs already!” she squealed and jumped up

“I hope the pay is good” I said and began to walk very slowly while she followed me in equal pace

“forget about the pay girl. It doesn’t matter in this case” she said and flipped her hair

“what’s the job”

“we are going to be sales girls in a magazine shop! Gosh!”

“magazine shop? Is that the reason for your excitement?”

“of course. Do you know what this means? It means we can read magazines without even buying them. The vendor said that we would have to go through the different types of magazines and comics there so when a customer comes and asks for details, we would be able to give information”

“wow, nice. You don’t have to buy magazines to know what’s inside anymore” I said with a smile

“yeah, and you would also like it because there are also other interesting mags there. Like science, computer and technology which is your field, comics which you love, there’s even food and nutrition there. You would love it too” she chirped and jumped up. I smiled brightly and hugged her tight.

I was grateful because she was not selfish. She is never selfish except when we go and block fruits while we were still in Tondo. She would hide some and cheat me. But I usually end up catching her and taking them then we just pursue each other trying to get it back

I released her from the hug and kissed her cheek

“you’re pretty” I said and she blushed. She always blushes if I tell her she’s good looking, but she would never ever blink if a boy is telling her about her beauty. It just doesn’t budge on her

“I have to summit my assignment, wait for me under the tree. I would be right back” I said and hopped off to the block to meet my professor


I flipped through the pages of a magazine on different sea food dishes and preparation, this was my second time going through it and I still can’t get enough of it. I wish I had the money to prepare all of it

I looked through the delicious looking pictures and wished my mom was still with me, she would personally cook them and we would have them for breakfast. Gosh, I miss my mom

“OMG Mari, look at this hottie. She’s the sexiest thing ever!” Eliza yelled in a low tone. She sat beside me and showed me the picture of a perfect looking lady with red and black hair. I’ve seen that lady before, it’s Wilbur’s sister

“she’s been made the top super model of Unique Runway. That’s like the best thing. Her salary per month is like half a million peso”

“what would she do with all those money?” I asked in awe

“get more dresses and steal the spotlight. Hahahaha”

“they’re born lucky” I muttered

“and you are too. I can’t actually believe you know Wilbur Sanders personally. That is the luckiest thing ever, I’m sure if Simona knew, she would wash your feet” Eliza said with humor in her voice

“you’re crazy” I said with a laugh

“do you know you would really fit being an actress” she said and smirked

“you or me?” I asked with a furrowed brow

“you of course. Your English accent is superb and you have a very good memory, you can’t forget your lines”

“that’s not enough reason Eliza” I said and dropped my magazine

“yes it is…” she was cut short by our boss’ voice

“Marigold, come and deliver two of this cooking magazines to a lady that just ordered”

“okay sir” I answered and stood up

“I’ll be back” I said to Eliza and walked to the office

“take these, a lady from this address just ordered. Deliver it and be back in thirty. This is for a cab to and fro” he said and I nodded and took the books and the money.

I left the office and went outside, hailed a cab and gave him the paper where the address was written.

He said it was pretty far and that the money I would pay is 200 peso. I wanted to say it was too much but then I looked at the address too and I was surprised. It’s McDiamond neighbourhood. And as the name implies, it’s for those who are diamonds. It even has a private beach for its occupants

The driver began to drive and I began to wonder who would order cheap magazines from our store. The person can just download the PDF online.

Or maybe a servant ordered it. Yes, that should be it. A servant

After about fifteen minutes drive, we got to the house and I got down and paid the driver. Thank God my boss gave me 500 peso.

I looked at the beautiful house in front of me, surrounded with ornamental trees and sweet smelling flowers

There are also fruit trees here.

“Wow” I muttered as I walked towards the front door, looking all around me.

I pressed the door bell and minutes later, a maid opened the door

“hello, I’m here to deliver this magazines to…”

“come in, the mistress is in the yard. You would meet her there” the Maid cut in

“mistress?” I asked myself. She came outside and closed the door then beckoned on me to follow her.

I followed her to the back of the house and I saw a lady looking into a mirror. She was sitting under a tree with three more chairs round her table

We walked and stood behind her because she was facing the front and backing us

“thank you Mrs Joel” she said. She must have seen us from the mirror

“good afternoon. I’m here to deliver your magazines” I managed to say because I suddenly lost my nerves

She turned around and smiled brightly at me. Her lips were bright red and her hair was short and brown, like she just washed it.

“HI Mari” she said with bright eyes

“Winifred Sanders” I muttered in recognition, though it was loud enough for her to hear

“great, you know me” she said and stood up, walking towards me


To Be Continued