Boy With Luv Episode 13



Eliza hit me on my bare thigh and it hurt so bad

I screamed and hit her arm. She pushed me and I pushed her back

“you’re the stupidest person ever!” she yelled at me

“stupidest is an old fashioned word” I said and rolled my eyes

“and so are you. You’re so old fashioned”

She stood up and began to pace about dramatically as she spoke

“I force you to call Will and force you to try to start a conversation. But i can’t force you to have sense” she stood akimbo and faced me

“I really don’t know what I did wrong this time. I called him and spoke with him, didn’t I?” I asked, trying to back myself up

“yes you did. But why did you say you were going to be busy? What if he wanted to take you out? Or come and see you?”

“well, that’s what I was trying to avoid” I replied and rubbed my palm on my thigh where Eliza hit me. She truly came back here after class and she’s spending the night.

“great! Here she goes again? You’re avoiding him. Why?”

“I’ve always wanted to avoid him. If it was my way, I wouldn’t even have anything to do with him. I just want to be on my own. I don’t want to make new friends, talk more of someone like him. We’re so different and such friendship doesn’t blend in” I explained and stood up from the floor where I was sitting

Surprisingly Eliza didn’t talk back. I looked back at her and her face spelt defeat. Like she was giving up.

I didn’t say a word, I just picked her pen. The one she forgot and came back to take only to leave without it again

“Your pen” I said and dropped it on the bed. I walked out of the room to get water from the filter in the kitchen.

I met Simona taking soup. She was leaning against the cabinet and the plate was in her hand, raised up to her chin.

I simply walked to the filter on the counter and filled a cup with water.

“so you’re having problems with your boyfriend?” she asked with her usual tone of mockery. I didn’t answer her though

“Eliza is really wasting her time on you. You’re not supposed to be liked by any guy in the first place. I think you’re just saving yourself the shame of him breaking up with you first”

“you listened to our conversation?” I asked, a little pissed

“maybe I did. Maybe I just eavesdropped. And maybe it’s none of your business if my ears are working perfectly”

“yeah you’re right. It’s non of your business. You even misinterpreted what we were saying. So your ears don’t have the problem, it’s your brain”

I took my cup of water and walked out of the small kitchen before she finds her voice and replies me.

I gulped down the water on my way to the living room and entered the living room with an empty cup. I sat down and turned on the television. A Philippines drama was showing and I called on Eliza to watch

“what?” she groaned as she walked out of my room

“I thought you would like to see this film” I said and pointed to the TV with the remote in my hand

She looked at the screen for a while and gasped

“OH my God it’s Friday Night! Gosh! I’ve seen the thriller” she exclaimed and rushed to sit beside me on the couch with her eyes peeling out

I rolled my eyes and breathed out.

Simona came in and looked at the television

“I never knew locals like you had interests in movies like this” she said and crossed her arms

“I wonder why I didn’t move in here with you.” Eliza said, ignoring what the other lady stated

“I’m glad you didn’t. You wouldn’t study” I replied

“gosh he’s so cute” she cooed and dreamingly palmed her cheeks

“what’s his name?” I asked

“Luis Casio”

Of course she knows his name. I looked at Simona and noticed she had interest in the movie. I nudged at Eliza then pointed at Simona who was looking at the screen. We both burst out laughing while staring at her. She didn’t know why and she stared back at us with clueless expression

“I never knew international girls like you watch our local movies like this” Eliza said between laughter

“I don’t have your time” she retorted and walked to her room

“good riddance!” Eliza yelled and focused on the TV.

I looked at the window. The curtains were down. I stood up, walked to my room and wore my trousers and hoodie then left the house. Eliza didn’t notice, she was really engrossed with whatever she was watching.

I covered my head and buried my hands in my hoodie pocket. I wore my flip flops and strolled around. The houses each had bright lights and some had noises coming out from them.

I looked up at the sky and it was pitch black. No stars no moon. Thank God for electricity

I kept walking till I reached the tarred street. I walked and jogged at certain points.

A car was coming so I left the middle of the street and walked by the side slowly for it to pass before I go back to the middle and continue my jogging and walking.

The car sped and stopped right in front of me. I screamed and covered my eyes because of the light

The driver came out and stood by the door. I tried to look at him and something told me it was Wilbur.

I breathed in and out then immediately turned back and ran off.

He followed after me and in just two minutes I was snatched from the ground.

I yelled and wriggled my legs in the air so he would free me but he still held me.

“ssshh” he whispered as I was making too much noise

“let me go” I begged, still trying to wriggle free

“I wouldn’t have caught you if you didn’t run” he replied with a chuckle

“why wouldn’t I run? That was frightening” I stated and stopped struggling

“I’m sorry about that” he replied and freed me. I faced him and breathed out

“what are you doing around here?” I asked

“I wanted to see you” he answered

“you saw me today”

“it’s not a crime if I see you again, is it?” he asked and bit his lower lip at the edge

I didn’t answer, I just tucked my hands in my pockets

“come with me, I wanna take you somewhere”

“no way. I’m not going anywhere with you. My best friend is waiting for me inside” I replied and began to move backwards

“just for an hour please” he pleaded

“no, I didn’t tell her I was leaving the house. I just wanted some fresh air outside and I’m going back now” I said and turned to go but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back. What the heck is wrong with this guy?

“okay, thirty minutes. Just thirty minutes” he said. His eyes were pleading and if I stare at them too much, I might get hypnotized

“no Wilbur. I don’t wanna” I pulled my arm from his grip and moved back

“maybe another day” I said and ran off. I didn’t stop until I got to the front door. I then paused to catch my breath. I looked behind me and I could still see the bright light from his car in the atmosphere but I couldn’t see the car because of the other buildings.

I breathed in and opened the door to see Simona and Eliza in a combat

“oh my goodness! What is happening here?” I yelled but non of them heard me. Eliza was dragging Simona’s short hair while on top of her

I groaned in frustration and walked to them, I pulled Eliza off her and stood between them

“why are you two fighting?” I asked but non of them answered. They were both fuming.

Simona stood up and slapped me. Eliza waged at her and began to kick her with her legs and her hands. I was holding my cheek and staring

Simona pushed her down and sat on top of her. Eliza punched Simona’s nose and red liquid stained the spot.

I sighed and entered the kitchen, boiled water quickly and took it to the living room in a bucket. The steam was visible and I stood beside them

“hot water here!” I shouted and they both looked at me

“who wants red skin? I can give you one” I added and tinted the bucket like I was going to pour it on them.

Simona quickly stood up and tried to kick the bucket to my face but I saw it coming, I shifted back and pointed it at her.

Eliza stood up and walked to my room while I told Simona to do the same thing. She glared at me for minutes before she went to her room

I looked at the television and the drama was still on. I turned it off and went to the room with my bucket

“and what happened this time?” I asked Eliza

“she ran her mouth again” she replied as she was arranging her hair in front of the mirror that hung on the wall

“and you didn’t ignore her”

“I would have if she didn’t call you a slut who opens her legs for all the professors and lecture givers”

“what! She said that!”

I breathed out and placed my hand on my forehead. Simona sure knows how to run her mouth

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I wanted to run and stop her but I didn’t. It pained me that she refused.

I stood there for a few more minutes before I breathed in and sat in the car. I wanted to start it but my hands were weak.

Why does she keep acting that way? Is it that she still doesn’t like me? Her attitude is not making me happy. I just wanted to talk with her a little

I braced up and started the car then drove to my sister’s house.

She was in her gym, on a yoga mat, wearing yoga pants and following a yoga class from the TV.

“I need your help” I said immediately I entered the gym.

She looked at me before facing the screen again

“what?” she asked

“how do you get a girl to like you in real life?” I asked and she immediately stopped and looked at me


To Be Continued