Boy With Luv Episode 12




That was Eliza’s scream or squeak or squeal.

Just know that if I have any complications with my ears, Eliza’s responsible.

“OH my God I can’t believe this! Gosh!” she finally said after she finished screaming. She grabbed my arm and gawked at my palm where Wilbur wrote the number

“oh my God! He really wrote this?” she asked rhetorically

I rolled my eyes and snatched back my arm.

“Mari do you know what this means? Wilbur Sanders gave you his number. His private number. OMG!”

I sat beside her on the bed

“so what does this mean?” I asked her

“it means you’re the luckiest babe alive girl. He even took you on a date. He took you to a French restaurant. Do you know what French food means to Will? Gosh” she said and hugged me

“why are you yelling so much? For crying out loud I’m trying to take a nap!” that was Simona’s croaky voice

Eliza stood up immediately

“excuse me Mrs First Lady of the Philippines! We’re not in your room and if you’re having problems with our voices, go buy earplugs!” she yelled back and sat down on the bed then rolled her eyes

“don’t let me come in there and pull your tooth out!” Simona yelled and banged on my door

“and what are you going to use to pull them out? Your skeleton hands?” Eliza retorted and I laughed

‘‘guys it’s enough. Simona just go back to your room and sleep. We won’t make noise, okay?” I said amidst laughter.

We heard her huff and hiss then I’m sure she left

“you should tell Will to get you a private house so you don’t get to live with snakes” Eliza whispered and I laughed

“Will is going to do that. I know” she whispered again and I pushed her away from me

“you’re imagining things.” I said and began to run fingers through my hair

“Mari, could you please call Wilbur?” she asked like a little girl talking to her teacher. I looked at her

“and why should I call him?” I asked sarcastically

“because he said you should. Come on its almost twenty four hours since then.”

“I can’t call him. It would be like I’m desperate or something” I replied and laid on the bed with my belly

“you know that’s not true. You’ve already been a nuthead for months. If you were the desperate type, you would have collected his business card that first night you saw him. And you would have called him immediately” she stated and laid down too

“I still don’t want to call him. I can’t bring myself to” I told her and puffed out air from my mouth

“sometimes, I wish I could open your head, reset some things in your brain and close it back” she said relentlessly.

I laughed and played with her cheeks but she pushed me away and I fell from the bed. She was frowning

“ouch that hurts!” I winced and held my waist

She sat up on the bed

“you know the crazy thing about this whole drama? You’re the one seeing him and still misbehaving. And I can’t even get a glimpse of him. This is so unfair!” she blurted out and pouted her lips. I burst out laughing

“gosh, that face was so cute” I said and she smacked my head. I laughed and placed my hand on the spot

“I have a class in thirty minutes. I’m leaving. And I won’t come here again. Or talk to you. Or see you as my friend” she was pointing at me with a stern face

“and why?”

“because you’re so stubborn and don’t know what’s good for you and I. You’re misusing a golden opportunity” she said and stood up, took her jacket, wore it and took her bag

“bye” she said and huffed before storming out of my room

“you’re being ridiculous!” I yelled out but I heard the front door closing loudly.

How did she get to the front so fast?

I shook my head and chuckled. Eliza, always so dramatic!

I looked at the telephone on my table and then looked at my palm. The black numbers were still written there despite the fact that I showered. Or maybe I deliberately left it unwashed.

I ran my fingers through the numbers. He wrote this himself. With his girlie hand, so soft and smooth.

I stood up and walked to the table, I took the phone and wanted to punch in the numbers but I hesitated. I didn’t have the courage to.

What would I even tell him? That I wanted to hear from him?

I sighed and gathered up courage then imputed the first number. A knock came on the door and I lost my courage again. I dropped the phone and strolled to the living room. I’m quite sure it’s Eliza. She has probably come to give me another warning

I opened the door and my eyes widened as I stared at the brown eyed man standing in front of me

“hey” he flashed a sideways smile

I flapped my lashes and breathed in

“how did you… know here?” I asked

“you entered here yesterday. I decided to check on you” he said gently and licked his lips.

“uhh… Come inside” I said and made way for him to pass though I didn’t expect him to. I thought he would object since the house isn’t so luxurious. My expectations were dashed when he passed beside me and entered the living room.

“wow” he muttered as he looked around

I wonder what he’s wowing at.

I looked at the room. Not bad. There’s a television, a nice table, a couch and the rug is blue. Not bad at all

“I like here. It’s comfy” he said and looked at me. I smiled and closed the door.

“you can sit down” I said and he sat down on the couch. I scratched my head not knowing what else to do. I don’t even have a drink to offer him. Should I just give him water? Wouldn’t that be disrespectful?

“Goldie, did you stop working at KFC?” he asked looking up at me

“yes, I couldn’t combine it with school work.” I replied as I walked to the front of the room.

“school work?” he asked

“yeah” I replied as I sat on the rug just few steps from him

“I got an admission into this University” I added and he smiled

“congrats” he simply replied


We were awkwardly silent for five minutes. I was thinking of things to say but I didn’t want to say them.

Then the thought of Simona came up, she could come out any moment from now if she hears a masculine voice. There’s no way I can let her see Will.

I looked up at his face and got stuck in my bones. He was staring at me and smiling with his teeth shining. Why the heck is he looking at me like that?

“any… problem? Sir?” I stammered

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She sat on the floor and I chuckled within me. This girl amuses me in all ramifications. Even when she was acting stubborn, it amused me cause I haven’t gotten such attitude before. Not from friends, not even Eduardo acted stubborn like that. Just Wini and I could always curtail her stubbornness.

It amused me that she who was, well, less privileged than the people I know, would act stubborn

I stared at her face as she looked at her fingers after we talked about her admission.

She has dark straight hair, the same color with Eduardo. Her hair is long, it’s shoulder length I think.

Her eyes are dark and large with long lashes.

She’s a cutie

Her eyes fluttered and met with mine. I was smiling and she was taken aback

“any… problem? Sir?”

“nope, why’d you ask?”

“nothing” she replied and looked at the direction of a hallway.

“what’s your favorite seafood?” I asked

“grilled salmon and cheese” she replied

“can you cook it?” I asked and she nodded

“I have to go now. When will I see you again?” I asked as I stood up.

She stood up too

“I don’t know. You’re the busy one” she replied and I smirked and took her hand. She shuddered and let out a little scream

“did I startle you?” I asked out of courtesy. Of course, I had startled her.

She didn’t answer though

“I’m sorry” I mumbled and drew her close with my hand that held hers. I used my index finger to push back the strands of hair that had covered her right eye.

She looked up at my face and our eyes locked. It was obvious she wasn’t comfortable and neither was I. But hers was more visible.

I smiled and opened her palm then kept an envelope in it. She looked at her hand

“make sure you get yourself some salmons” I said and released her.

“I’ll be going now” I said and shifted back. I brought out my car keys and walked to the door

“make sure you lock the door when I leave” I said to her frozen self. She looked at me and before she could say a word, I opened the door and walked out, closing it and wearing my sunglasses. I also put on a base ball hat so no one would easily recognize me among the teenage girls sitting and chatting loudly on the facade of the other flat.

I walked to my car and entered then zoomed off

I’m not busy anytime soon so I’ve got enough time for myself. But in the next four weeks I’m gonna be as busy as a bee. Photoshoot, cameos, movies, and interviews/awards. I won’t even have time to breathe freely.

I parked in front of my house and sauntered inside. I took off the hat and held it in my left hand with the glasses that I took off in the car. It’s almost time for my lunch and I’m sure Val is already in the kitchen.

As I walked through the hallway heading to my room, I stopped in my tracks and looked at the door to my studio. I thought for a while and decided to enter instead of going to my room.

I entered and closed the door. The room was chilly.

I looked to the part of the room where I paint. I walked there and dropped the hat and sunglasses on the table. I took a board and hung it on my stand near my table of brushes and paints. I drew my stool and sat down facing the board.

What should I even draw?

“hmmmm” I hummed thoughtfully with my hands crossed and one resting under my chin.

I smirked and took my vase of pencils.

I already know what to paint, not what you’re thinking though.



I stared agape at the door even though I knew I couldn’t see Will through it. After minutes of staring, I shook my self back to reality. I looked at my hand and it was the white envelope. I gulped down and opened it.

My jaw dropped

“money“ I mumbled out and wiped a little sweat that had fallen across my face from my hair

The door opened and I quickly looked to see Eliza

“I’m only here because I forgot my pen” she said

I chuckled and held her hand to drag her inside

“hey leave me” she protested

I pulled her along and threw her into my room on my bed

“I’m so going to kill you for this” she growled and stormed off the bed. I quickly closed the door and whispered “he was here”

“what?” she asked for clarification

“Wilbur was here just five minutes ago” I added

“what? Stop joking with me. You’re just saying this because you know I’m angry with you” she said and crossed her arms

“how then did I get this?” I asked waving the envelope in the air

“what’s that?” she asked with bugging eyes

I brought out all the money and fanned myself with it. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. She squealed and began to jump up. She jumped on me and hugged me tight

“you’re taking the breath out of me Eliza” I said when I couldn’t take the squeezing anymore

“OH sorry” she apologized with a smile

“so he was really here?” she asked looking at the money that were already in her own hands. She would qualify as a pick pocket because I don’t even know how and when the money left my hands.

“he came here two minutes after you left and he stayed for just ten minutes” I replied and sat down on the bed

“gosh! Why I’m I so unfortunate? And when did he leave that you said?” she said as she sat on the floor

“just five minutes or less before you came back” I replied

She inhaled the scent of the money deeply and let it out with a long sigh

“he smells so good” she cackled

I snatched the money from her and she glared at me.

“it’s not him that smells so good. You’re inhaling the scent from the money” I yelled at her

“am coming back here immediately after class. We’re gonna party” she squealed and threw her hands up in the air

I chuckled quietly and returned the money to the envelope. Thank God my auntie isn’t here with me or else I’ll be looking for a way to keep this away from her

“bye, I love you” Eliza said, blowing me a kiss and going through the door.

I smiled as I rolled my eyes. What a girl



I stood by the balcony of my house and stared down at the pool that sparkled as it moved. It was night time so the lights were reflecting against the waters

A cool sweet wind was blowing gently and my hair which was in short bangs shivered like they had a fever. Even the trees were moving rhythmical.

At several intervals, I sipped from my champagne flute and enjoyed the night.

Sometimes I smiled and sometimes my face was expressionless. I was thinking about something or rather someone. I don’t know why but my mind has been preoccupied with thoughts of Marigold since I got back from her place. Her shy and stubborn nature. I just like her.

It wouldn’t be bad if I become friends with her right?

I smirked and twirled my drink while looking into it. My thoughts drifted to a plan I made sometime ago, about a picnic I would like to go on with my twin sister. But what if I just take Gold instead. It would be fun right?

I’ll be the one to do the cooking. There will be cakes, chocolates, drinks, ice cream, and of course sea food. I’m sure she’ll like it. Girls love it when guys feed them with ice cream. I wonder her reaction if I decide to feed her

I let out a gentle laugh and covered my face with my second hand.

I bet the look on her face would be hilarious

I gulped down all the content of the glass and wanted to refill it when my private phone began to ring. I looked into it and it was a strange number. I didn’t pick just yet, I filled the glass to the middle and took the phone and picked the call


?uhm hello. I’m I speaking with Will… Wilbur San…


She was quiet


I heard a little chuckle in the background then a sound like someone got smacked. Then an ‘ouch’. She’s definitely with someone

?HI Will

?how are you?

?am fine. How are you doing?

?am fine too . You finally called

?yeah. Well my frie…. I called to say thank you for

I knew what she was going to thank me for and I didn’t want to hear it so I cut in immediately

?would you be free tomorrow night?

?tomorrow night?


?oh. I’ll be busy. Any problem?

?I wanted to… Uhm never mind that. Since you’re busy it’s not important

?okay then. Good night

?good night Gold

I kept the phone to my ear until I heard a beep signifying the phone call was over.

I took my glass and brought it close to my lips but I didn’t take it.

I ruffled my hair. What in the world is she busy with?

To Be Continued