Boy With Luv Episode 27



I tried to push her off but I couldn’t. My hands even refused to lift
It was like sleep paralysis, I was awake but couldn’t help myself.

“OH gosh! I love this” Kate moaned on top of me.
Why is she even doing this? And what is she enjoying from this?

“Kate stop… Stop this nonsense please” I pleaded and she laughed
“don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this” she said and lowered herself then kissed me.
She ran her hands over my chest and up to my face and hair

“we should do this some other time baby” she said and giggled
“in your freaking… in your freaky mind” I managed to say, She laughed and began to ride faster. I groaned, not really out of pleasure but out of anger and frustration. I despise Kate so much and I find this disgusting.

And Marigold… Damn! I feel so bad

“this was the least I expected of you” that was Eduardo’s voice. That’s it… Another trouble

Kate looked back and stopped riding. She didn’t climb off of me neither did she make any move at all. She’s probably tensed and she knows she just entered hell

“get off from my brother you whore!” Wini barked and she immediately ran off me. So Wini is here too

I groaned and the next thing I heard was a slap, then another one then another one

“it’s not my fault… It was him, he seduced me” Kate cried

“OH shut up! I know you Kate. I wish I had come here in time, you wouldn’t have had your way” Wini said and she covered my body with my towel


I was being made up by make up artists for a photoshoot. The photoshoot might last all night and there’s a lot of work to be done.

I looked into the mirror and smiled then suddenly frowned when I saw Clara Salvador approaching me. I don’t like that girl and she doesn’t like me either but she’s always being nice to me because she wants Wilbur to notice her. Unfortunately, Will doesn’t even know her face.

“Winifred” she called to me with a smile. I turned to her and smiled back

“Clara, how are you doing today?” I asked

“I’m fine as you can see. Can you please tell your workers to excuse us, there’s something I want to tell you and it’s important to you” she said with a serious face. I looked to my workers and nodded and they left

“what is it Clara?” I asked She cleared her throat

“Kate… Eduardo’s girlfriend is planning something bad against your brother” she said in a whisper

“I don’t get you. What type of something bad is it?”

“well tonight she saw him at the mall and according to her, he embarrassed her in front of people. So she called Sonia Mont and told her to get some drugs for her. Drugs that could weaken someone and make that person sexually aroused. She said she was going to have her way with him tonight and record it too” she said

“wait… What? Are you serious about this?” I said and stood up quickly

“yes I am. Sonia called me herself and told me but she made me promise not to tell anyone what our friend was going to do with Wilbur. But I just can’t let that happen, he’s too innocent to go through that” she said with a pout

“OH my God! She said it’s tonight?” I asked trying to calm myself down

“yes. She’s planning on sneaking in to his house and working with a maid” Clara stated and I breathed in

I took my phone and called him but he wasn’t picking up. I sent him a text to stay away from the house and not drink or eat anything at home until I arrived.

“thank you so much Clara. I owe you one” I said and hugged her then pecked her two cheeks

“don’t worry. I’ll tell Wilbur how you helped him” I said and quickly grabbed my purse

“yes you should tell him. Tell him he doesn’t have to thank me that I care about him, that’s why I couldn’t hide it” she said and I mentally rolled my eyes

“thank you so much Clara. I’m off now, I’ll call you” I said and ran off quickly. I went to my manager who was speaking with a lady

“Jenifer, let’s talk please” I said to the middle aged lady. She excused herself and we walked to a corner together

“you have to help me speak with the director to postpone this shoot” I said

“what? But everything is in place. Besides, the publishing would be in two days and you know we don’t have a right to postpone the publishing” she said

“I know Jenifer. But we have to postpone this shoot to tomorrow. Even if it’s in the morning I’m okay with it” I pleaded and she looked surprised. I know why, this isn’t my usual way of talking. It’s usually sophisticated and professional not like a fourth grade pupil begging her teacher to go and use the toilet

“but what’s with this sudden hurry from you? Is anything wrong?” she asked

“it’s Wilbur. He’s not okay” I wined and she gasped

“Go. I’ll speak with the director. But be careful okay” she said and I hugged her
“I will. Bye” I said and hurried outside. Jenifer is really kind to me

I got into my car and drove to Will’s house. I hurried inside and met Eduardo in the living room eating sushi

“where’s Wilbur?” I asked. He didn’t answer me but kept eating

“where’s Wilbur!” I yelled impatiently and he looked up at me

“in his room. Why?” he asked
“OH no! I hope it’s not too late yet. Eduardo come with me” I said and began to run up the stairs. He stood up and followed me but I was in front. When I got to Will’s door, I heard moans. Loud moans from a lady

“OH my God!” I muttered and covered my mouth

“wait… Isn’t that Kate’s?” Eduardo asked and pushed the door open.

Kate was riding Wilbur and she was somewhat naked. She was wearing a bra and I think she wore a G-string

Eduardo glared angrily and thank God he saw that it was his super duper girlfriend that was doing the action just in case he’d say Will raped her.

“this was the least I expected of you” he said and she looked back very shocked. She couldn’t move as she gawked at us with her mouth wide open

“get off my brother you whore!” I yelled at her and she immediately left him. I walked to her and slapped her three times that she began to sob. Stupid girl, I went to my brother and covered his nakedness. I was so angry I didn’t come in time

“it’s not my fault… He seduced me” she said, holding her cheek and crying

“OH shut up! I know you Kate. If only I had come here in time, you wouldn’t have had your way” I said and properly covered Will.
I sat beside him and held his face

“Will, are you okay?” I asked
“I… I can’t see clearly” he said with a very weak voice

“what in the world happened!” Eduardo barked
Kate was just looking like a moron

“I got information that your petty cheap girlfriend here wanted to seduce my brother. She drugged him.”

“that’s a lie. He was the one that picked me up from the mall and begged me to come home with him. Then he seduced me and I couldn’t help but fall” she lied. She’s such a terrible liar

“OH really? How come he’s so weak and looks helpless?” I asked and she didn’t reply

“Kate I was with Will. I came home with him and he said he was going to shower few minutes ago. Now explain why you drugged him and why you’re denying before I rip your lungs out!”

He waged towards Kate on the bed and gripped her neck. She began to choke. At first I didn’t say anything but when I saw she could be dead in a minute I quickly ran to Eduardo and held his hand

“please don’t hurt her. Please let’s hear her side of the story first. We don’t even know how she got in here and managed to drug him. Let’s hear her out please” I pleaded and he released her. She began to cough and almost puked

I went to Will’s bedside table and took the wine bottle up plus the glass

“this should be the drink she drugged” I said and showed them to Eduardo

“let’s see what the police has to say about you raping someone. I also heard you were gonna record it, there should be a camera here somewhere” I said and dropped the bottle and glass, She got on her knees crying

“please. Please don’t report me to the police. Please forgive me. I’m so sorry please”

“OH, so now you admit it?” I said and laughed

Eduardo already called the police and he was giving them the address of the house. She held his leg and cried, pleading that he shouldn’t do it but he kicked her away

The police came and arrested her. Will was taken to the hospital and the maid who helped her was detected and she was also arrested.


“aren’t you going to admit that you love him?” Eliza asked

“please stop talking and let me read for my exams” I pleaded

She shrugged and looked into her own textbook. She was lying down on the lawn and I rested my back on a tree while sitting down. We were in campus and getting ready for our exams Few minutes later she looked up at me again

“but at least you can admit that you missed him” she said and I groaned and threw a water bottle at her. She chuckled

“Marigold, why don’t you even call him? Or go to his house to check up on him. He took you shopping and bought you sushi and you didn’t even call him back for appreciation.”

“he had said he was gonna give me my space to think” I answered

“and have you even given that issue a thought since then? You’re so annoying most times” she said and scoffed

She doesn’t understand that I’m scared. I’m scared of heartbreak. I’m scared of crying again. So many things have soften me in my little life and I’m afraid of adding more pain to my pain.

“why don’t you at least just give him a chance? I already told you what you could get in that relationship.” she said and sat up

“I don’t want to be a bad girlfriend. I don’t want to be a gold digger”

“then what do you want to be? At least give it a thought” she said and picked up her book and continued reading

“Mari, you’re the most beautiful girl ever. I love you so much”

“I promise it won’t hurt okay. Everybody is doing it, it’s enjoyable trust me”

“Caleb I love you so much. Don’t leave me”

“what! Caleb you bas***d! I thought you loved me”

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!” I screamed loudly and popped my eyes open. I looked around me and didn’t seem to know where I was until after five minutes that I realized I was in my room, on my bed and not falling off a bridge….again
To be continued