Blood And Water Episode 14


The days that followed we spent them planning my meeting with dads wife. The plan was that i met her alone and record the conversation between us. Dad told me she liked being at the company office.

“she’s trying to control my finances, so deliberately I have let her believe she’s in charge of the finance department. I want to catch her stealing the company money. I know she’s been working with some workers to steal money, so for me to get evidence I needed her to get so close to that department. That way, we can easily link her to the fraud..” dad explained..

I had to look a bit older, so that i looked so much more like mom. I told dad we needed to go shopping again and we went to an expensive boutique as it was the trend then. I got myself a high heels in black, an office skirt, a short sleeved office jacket in black and a silk pink top for inside.

Dad even suggested a wig, but I wasn’t for the idea.

“The natural, the better” I told him.

“Besides, I don’t want to hide my facial features.”

I tried the clothes on and dad marvelled with satisfaction. He got me some other office clothes.

“just in case you want to change” he laughed.

I prepared myself early in the morning and Chile’s friend did the trend with my hair, she even relaxed it and curled it to make it even more beautiful.

“am cutting it after this I told Joe.. “I like my natural hair.”

“cut it and you are out of here !” Joe warned me.

” oh so now you are the boss? You will even dictate what i do with my hair huh? we will see ” I challenged it as we waited for dad to pick me up.

Joe was so excited about the whole plan.

“my only worry was that we don’t really know that witch. what if she throws some juju on you and boom ! you disappear?” he joked

“what? You are mad” I scolded him “how can you even think like that? you want to scare me you idiot” I ranted chasing him around the room. It was imposible to catch him like I always did cause of the high heels I had on.

“You are lucky you silly boy am all smart or else..” I yelled giving up and he was so happy at that.

Dad picked me up at 10 hours in the morning, he was to drop me in town and then I would get a taxi to the company, the driver had to wait for me there and take me back home when I was done.

Dad held my hand a bit and assured me he will be close. “Besides, the office is the best place cause there are lots of people and she can not do anything stupid ” he said. I was a bit nervous but had lots of courage too, knowing that dad would be close gave me confidence.

“I get it dad” I assured him

“I can do this don’t worry.. ”

“may God help you” he said as he checked the recording device inside my jacket.

I got to the company a few minutes later and held my head high. I got my pink hand bag, which felt so off hanging on my hand and headed for the offices. Dad gave me a name to use, so the Secretary could let me in.

“say Monica Owen, the lady has an appointment with her but I called her to cancel ” dad had informed me.

That was a good move, the Secretary couldn’t have allowed me in without an appointment or good reason.

As I walked I could feel a few faces glancing at me. I chuckled inside. “How silly men can be, am just 15 you idiots” I shouted inside my head.

I saw Mr Botha on the other end of the corridor carrying files to some office and tried to hise but was glad he turned before reaching where I was. I didn’t want him picking a conversation with me there , someone might have overhead us.

I announced to the Secretary, “Monica Owen, am here to see” I cleared my throat

“Mrs Chisonga.” I wondered why dad let her use his last name when the two of them weren’t even married officially. The Secretary glanced at a book and smilled.

“oh yes, she’s waiting for you ” she said showing me the office.

I knocked softly on her door my nerves almost shaking visibly,

” come in!” I heard her call out to me.

I was standing there for a few seconds, collected my breath and opened the door. upon entering I turned to look at the figure before me, there she was, seated majestically in an armed chair looking into some files.

” morning ” i greeted her in a soft voice, sounding more calm than I actually was.

she lifted her head to look at me and boom! She almost ran out. I blocked her way with my hand.

“what is it Sofia.?” I asked sounding so matured.

“are you glad to see me?” i added moving closer to her.

“what? Who ? Whe. …..” she stammered moving backwards..

“you are supposed to be… ”

“dead?” I finished her sentence.

” yeah since you sent me to the grave am sending you there too.. ” i smiled enjoying her facial expressions.

Sofia started talking like a mad woman.. “am not afraid of you ChiChi, I killed you before and I will do it again. I took everything from you idiot, your husband and your future am here running the company and having all you never had you idiot. you thought you are more beautiful yea? well he left you for me, see, yes I will kill you again if I have to” she repeated panting angrily.

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I felt so much rage to look at her taking pride saying she killed my mom. she actually thought she was untouchable, I had enough of her and lost it.

” indeed you are a devil…” I shouted shaking with anger.

“you killed her and you are even proud? who do you think you are to take away a mother from her child? God? ” I asked sitting down. “you will pay for this you witch!” I cursed.

“Wait?” she started, gaining courage and standing up.

“who are you? Oh I see you are the stupid girl I saw at the house the other day. who are you ? ” She shouted getting close to me.

” you are not chikondi you idiot” she called me.

“She’s dead and burried I attended her funeral and saw her burried.” She smiled pleased with her revelation.

I couldn’t help seeing her so close. I stood up to her face. I was only 15 but I was taller than her.

“am your worst night mare Sofia. i won’t rest until I see you in jail you evil woman, you are so shameless.” I spat.

She grabbed my hand roughly lifting me up.

“I know now” she sighed

“yea ! you are that idiot Chikondi’s daughter, no wonder you were with my husband.”

“your husband?” I answered her pulling my hand away.

” you have no shame, he’s not even married to you, you are just a silly prostitute.” I popped my eyes at her with a teasing smile.

Sofia got so furious she held her hand to slap me.

“don’t even dare!” I shouted holding her hand.

” I may be young but belive me am stronger than you can imagine.”

“What do you want you stupid girl? If you think you can have your fathers wealth, you are mistaken ” she said

” am now in charge of both your fathers life and his money. So you won’t get a dime. ” she shook hwr head.

“oh, that is your problem woman” I snapped…

“it’s all about you, let’s see how you will have all that in prison.” I stood to walk out and she blocked by way.

” we are not done here small girl. if i managed to get your mother. what makes you feel you are untouchable. I will deal with you and you will regret ever messing with me you have no idea what am capable of..!” She breathed in my face.

” let me go Sofia” I said, pushing her away. she held my shoulders tight and started shaking me.

” I will deal with you little brat.. I will deal with you..” she pressed hard sending pain in my shoulders.

“let go of me you witch !” I screamed, at the moment dad banged the door open.

“let her go Sofia or you will regret it!” He shouted angrily, she let go and dad held me.

” are you okey Joy?” he asked checking me.

” Am fine dad, I said looking at Sofia standing behind me.

” sweety, whats going on here ? ” She asked dad desperately.

“You will pay for killing my wife Sofia, I swear you will pay” he responded instead as he held my hand and left the office.

some workers from other offices stood outside watching, am sure my scream alarmed them. We just passed them silently.

Dad drove me home and he played back the recording…

“we got her baby! well done” he smiled proudly.

I sighed with relief, “it was almost over…”

…to be continued