Blood And Water Episode 15


Dad was devasted to hear the ranting of Sofia .

” How can she honestly do that? ”

“I don’t know dad , all I know is she’s suppose to pay for her crimes ”

I told him i was suspecting she could have been the one who killed my father too ,

“now that you have mentioned, it I think that my father’s death was a mystery , he died in a car accident after his vehicle supposedly lost control. We were shocked because he never was a fast driver and besides That, he just drove a few meters away from his house .” He explain

Dad managed to get my mom’s case opened by the police and they promised to get her for questioning and probably lock her. I was the only witness , though dad said my testmony wouldn’t carry so much weight since I was still a baby at the time . One officer assured us the recording was evidence enough and told us to see him the following day after he discussed the case with his superiors .

Unfortunately the officer in charge refused to proceed and arrest Sofia , supposing the recording could be a forgely.

According to them, they needed more time to analyse it . lt was so disappointing . Dad was so furious he almost caused a scene at the station but unfortunately we had no alternative but to wait .

The following weeks, dad was even staying at a hotel . Granny came back and was too disapointed with the police , she only stayed a week and went back .

“Since your father is around let me go and finish up the farm work” she told us before leaving .

Dad was suspicious and hired someone to follow Sofia and find out if she had a hand in the delaying of the case , for sure she was . The Chief of police was infact her cousin and she paid him off to delay the case and probably destroy the evidence.

” we have to find another way” dad complained .

” What kind of justice system do we have In our country”

I was now going to school at a private school and my dad would sometimes pick me up after school .

He dropped me home one afternoon . After saying our good byes, I walked to the house and upon seeing the door open I assumed Joe was back . I opened the it and someone grabbed me, helding my mouth . I felt all my strength run out and my sight became dark.

I woke up with a terrible headache. I felt dizzy as I tried to stand up , slowly I opened my eyes . Sofia was there smilling like a witch she was . I quickly jumped up and she grabbed my hair pushing me down .

” Not yet you idiot , where do you think you are going ?” She snarled.

” What did you do to me you devil !” l shouted pulling myself away from her .

“Now let’s see how brave you are baby Joy” she teased with an ulgly grin .

I realised she had kidnaped me , two men standing by the door in a room . lt looked like a hotel or guest house room . There was a double bed where Sofia sat and I was on the floor. I tried to escape her grip but she slapped my face so hard I felt dizzy again . I crumpled to the floor crying .

” Cry you stupid child , soon we will see who is an idiot. How could you ever think you are clever enough to have me cornered ?” Her lips were smiling.

” Dad will send you to prison you witch” I said in her face

“you are an evil woman , you will pay .”

I know what to do with your dad crazy small girl don’t worry , I ‘ve always had my way with him . Way before you showed your nosy face . So dont raise your horses so high cause this time I got You” she was laughing ,

“so now let me tell you what is going to happen, Today you will join your mother and please if you will, pass my regards .”

” What are you talking about?” I asked sitting up again.

“Oh Joy, I feel for you , you are too young to die but you gave me no choice, so as it is l will kill you and everyone will think you committed suicide” she laughed again .

” Oh sorry poor Joy you are such a depressed girl and couldn’t handle your mom’s death” she poured out her plans.

I could bet she had it all planned. She iritated me so much that l felt more of hatred towards her than fear. I felt my mouth drying up . I needed water but I dared not give her the pleasure of begging her for water.

“Watch her” , Sofia told the two men by the door

“,let’s wait till it gets dark . This idiot child will soon commit suicide .”

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I sat folding and hugging my legs . I felt so trapped . I remembered I carried my phone in the pocket of my school uniform , I touched my pocket and there it was intact .

I knew removing it would expose it so i slid it out a bit and went straight to dialled numbers and redialled dads line. I quickly placed back the phone in my pockets and started shouting ,

” let me go please , let me go ! Why did you kidnapp me? Please let me go!”

One of the men told me to shut up or he will kill me.

“Dad will give you more money than Sofia,please listen to me and let me go, please!” l was shouting .

Ofcourse, trying to give dad the chance to do something . The man tied my mouth and hands. I cried bitterly.

A few hours later, I noticed it was dark outside the window . Sofia came back and instructed the men to put me in the car outside ,

“it’s time, ” she told them.

I was dumped in the trunk of the car still crying and feeling so desperate and powerless.

…to be continued