Blood And Water Episode 13


Dad heard the screaming and came back running , he held me tight .

“lt’s okey! it’s okey ” he held me leading me out I could not get the chance to see her clearly and I was not sure she did either. she as too shocked with my screaming.

I was in so much shock . I didn’t pay attention to dad’s wife staggering and almost falling , her eyes popped like she had seen a ghost .

“What’s happening Ackim ?” she asked dad in a shaky voice. Dad looked at her with so much hatred , l could see even in my shock state , he didn’t answer her , instead he lifted me up like a baby to the car and drove off .

I sat crenched in my seat. I could feel my whole body tremble with fear . At that moment it was like I was experiencing the whole murder again. Dad asked if I was okay and I couldn’t say anything . I sat in deep silence fully aware of what was going on around me but unable to respond . Dad stopped the car after driving for some minutes away from his house .

He got out of the car and came to me.

“Joy !Joy!” he called me.

“Are you okey ? ” he asked panicking.

I looked at him but said nothing.

“Baby please talk to me , are you okey ? ” He got panicked his skin turned pale. I could see his panic as he picked his phone and dialled someone .

“Yes, I don’t know she won’t talk to me ,” he said on the phone . I assumed it was granny on the other side .

“Okay, right away” dad said hanging up . He ran to the driver’s seat and drove at a high speed .

He turned and we found granny waiting by the road side on the way home . She came running to the car before it could even stop .

“Hey, Mwazi !” she called out , opening the door and grabing me . “Talk to me my child what happened? please say something ” she pleaded.

Inside myself I really wanted to speak to her and tell her I had seen that devil but I couldn’t . I just looked at her with wide eyes .

“She’s in shock Mam” dad explained .

” She saw that woman and now she won’t talk . it’s my fault I took her home . I swear I didn’t know she will be there , am sorry, oh God what do l do now ?” Dad cried pacing the ground in confusion.

Granny told him it wasn’t his fault , “it’s the fault of that devil in your house , ” she added.

” let’s get her home now” granny told dad ,

“help me get her in the back seat.”

Hours went by and everyone was just watching me . Dad gave me some pills and made me drink .

” It will help calm her down” he told granny .

“I just got it from a doctor friend ,”

I had not even realised dad had left for some time . He went to get help am sure .

I startled , like someone who was in deep sleep about 30 minutes after l took the pills dad gave me . I looked around and saw everyone in the room . Granny, dad, Joe and Chile too .

I looked at granny and my senses where back .

” I saw her amama” I spoke up , “just like in my dreams I saw her.” I said bursting out and crying .

” I know mwanangu , I know” granny sighed sadly coming closer and holding me tight .

“lt’s okay you are safe now, look everyone is here . We love you and will protect you I swear. That woman will never hurt you again” she said wiping my face.

Dad came close too ,

“sorry baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you , please don’t scare me like that again, Oh my God, I couldn’t hold it , I can’t loose you too. Please Joy ” he said wiping a tear dropping from his eye.

” We are here for you don’t worry you will be safe ” he said .

Everyone came to comfort me . Chile was heavily pregnant but she put my head on her laps as I lay on the floor mat . She stroked my hair softly. l knew those people in the room were all I had and they loved me . I foll asleep on Chile’s laps feeling exhausted maybe because of the drag but I felt at peace too .

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I woke up later in the night and dad was still around .

“How are you feeling ?” He came to me immediately i opened my eyes.

“Am fine dad I smilled at him . what are you still doing here ?” I asked him .

Worried that it was late and he had not left yet

“he refused He insisted to wait for you to wake up” , granny told me .

“He’s been sick worried he won’t leave you .” I sat up , I was now sleeping in my bed . l didn’t remember how I even got there . Chile left and Joe was dozing in the corner of the bed .

“Am okay now, everyone please , stop worying already don’t worry next time she will see the real Mwaziona” I joked and everyone laughed sighing with relief.

Joe patted my back and went to sleep in his room .

“You are full of drama little one” he said before leaving .

“Go home now dad” I told my father ,

“it’s late ”

“Oh so that you put up another drama , no way.” He shrugged sitting comfortably .

” Stop, please am fine I promise, If anything I will call you on granny’s phone ”

“Okay fine ,” he said finally after I convinced to.

“l will go but first thing tomorrow morning am coming back. Be good and take care of yourself”

“Yeah sure Sir. I mocked with a smile .

Granny came with a plate of food that very moment ,

“you need to eat mwanangu” , she handed it to me

“Amama you never stop with your eating thing aii .” I nagged hating the process of eating.

” No way am letting you sleep without eating child , now get on it and finish that food” she said seriously .

The next morning dad came with a new phone in a small box and gave it to me that I would use it to be calling him

“whatever you say dad, thank you , so how is your wife now that she saw me ?” I asked him.

“Oh that , believe me you are doing much better than her today . She’s all cooked up , she cannot sit in one place . She asked me what was going on . I told her I ‘ve no idea what she was talking about and she’s all pissed now , you should see her face” dad giggled .

” I guess she thinks you are a ghost ” dad teased and we all laughed so hard ,

“by the way dad . She’s not your type” I said winking my eye ,

“She’s too urgly for you.”

Dad laughed so hard at that comment he could not stop.

“You are really something my dear Joy he shook his head,

“you really are your mother’s child.”

Weeks passed and my life was really changed. I stopped selling and was starting school . Joe quickly found a place at a secondary school , it was easy cause his results for grade 9 were good . Dad paid all the school expenses . Joe couldn’t stop saying thank you, whenever he saw him .

We had all we needed at home with dad supplying us. Granny went back to Chipata , she said she had to go and hire people to start cultivating and promised to come back immediately that was done . She told me she left mr Mbewe in charge of the farm and wanted to be there to make sure things were okey.

Dad was mostly at our place since I wasn’t ready to move in with him yet . We got really close and I came to realise he was an amazing dad , not only did he supported us financially . He cared a great deal for me too .

“What if we give your wife a better visit” l told him one day .

” l need to face her again dad if l have to live a normal life . l won’t be able to sleep peacefully knowing she’s out there. Planning God knows what .”

After talking over it for some time, Dad agreed and we came up with a plan .

“Let the show begin” ,smiled dad, giving me a high five.

…to be continued