Blind Desire Episode 49


The ward was full with people from Chief’s family, that included his wives and kids and his brother’s wives. Elder Conrad also married plenty wives just like his brother.
Chief had woken up already and he was being pampered from all angles. All they wanted was to stuff him with foods of different kinds thereby irritating. I mean, why would anyone bother their heads over an old man who deserves to die?
‘God alone gives and takes life’ Elder Conrad said after a very long and irritating speech ‘my brother, please take heart. We know much Ogechi meant to you but we cant possibly lose you now. Her death is a great loss to us right now but losing you will be an even greater loss. Your children needs you. Your wives needs you. We need you, you have to be strong for us’
I rolled my eyes. Strong for us indeed.
I was irritated but i had to play my part too.
I cried and went into Elder Conrad’s arms.
‘please elder, please tell Chief, he shouldnt kill himself too. I dont know why he’s not putting us into consideration too. Does he think he’s the only one hurting? I wasnt able to sleep last night. I was very worried. I dont want to lose him. He just doesnt know how much he means to me’ i said in tears.
‘come here…’ Chief muttered weakly with a smile.
I left Elder Conrad and went to chief’s bedside.
He reached for me and i rested my head on his chest.
‘i’m very sorry for putting you through stress Ivyy, you dont know how much you mean to me too. You mean alot to me as well and you’re the reason i’m giving life a second chance’ then he sobbed ‘i dont know how i’m going to live without Oge in my life’
‘shhh…’ i said placing my index finger on his lips ‘you wont have any cause to miss Madam Oge anymore as far as i’m here. I’m here for you Chief. I’ll always stand by you’
‘aww…’ said Elder Conrad ‘Tola, i must say you are very lucky to have an understanding wife like Ivyy’
Chief only laughed.
Understanding wife my foot!
I walked quickly in order to meet up with Elder Conrad who was about entering his car.
I knew how much respect Elder Conrad commanded from Chief and he was going to be an instrument in my plans.
Should Chief die today, almost all his properties was going to go to him, his children and Hilda being the eldest wife now. And i wasnt going to allow that.
Hilda was going down.
And after Hilda comes Elder Conrad. He was going down and i meant it.
‘elder…’ i said with a smile approaching him ‘i’m sorry, i dont mean to take much of your time but can i have a word with you?’
‘okay Iyawo, i’m all ears? I hope there’s no problem?’
‘no, not at all. Its just..its just for the betterment and safety of our family’
‘okay i’m listening’
‘its about Hilda’
‘what about Hilda?’
I knew how much he disliked Hilda, Chief always spoke about it.
‘i carried out some investigations after madam Oge’s death…’
‘and i found out Hilda is responsible for her death’
He raised a brow ‘how sure are you?’
I handed a ring wrapped in a hanky to him.
‘what is this?’ he asked.
‘proof that she’s responsible for everything. She cut off the brakes by herself and accidentally forgot her ring. This ring no doubt belongs to her’
He nodded and i knew what would happen next.
I smiled inwardly.
Whoever said i wasnt a smart girl?