Blind Desire Episode 50 Final


I stood at a distance smiling as Hilda’s things were being thrown out of the house. I smiled inwardly.
She cried and begged but Elder Conrad would have none of it. He had even given her two slaps sef. Chief was sitting on his wheelchair (the doctor claimed he should be zero stressed that even walking might be a problem, so he was to remain on the wheelchair for at least two weeks).
He just watched Hilda whilst shaking his head.
Hilda crawled on her knees towards him, she was crying and sweating profusely ‘i swear Chief, i’m innocent, why would i want to kill Oge? I swear on my children’s lives and destinies, i didnt kill her. This is a setup, i was framed, i dont know who did the this but i’m innnocent! Ah….only God will judge, my God will vindicate me no matter what happens’
‘you are a very shameless woman…’ Elder Conrad’s wife, i cant remember her name said ‘how could you kill your mate out of jealousy, how?’
‘i swear i didnt kill her….!’
‘shut up!’ Chief barked and i ran to him. He wasnt supposed to shout ‘Ella…’ yes, i remember now, Ella was the woman’s name ‘i want this woman out of my house! I totally believe you guys, she’s is capable of killing Oge. She had always been jealous of her. Remember she seduced me back then and i put her in the family way, then i married her, that was because she wanted to enjoy all her cousin was enjoying….’ Chief said with so much annoyance.
‘only God will judge you Chief…’ Hilda wept ‘my God will judge all of you. I’m totally innocent but since you’ve all decided to turn it against me, then my God will judge and punish all of you. Only God knows the truth. Ogechi is her grave also knows the truth. I’ve never killed before and i will never kill till the day i die. God will punish all of you and mark my words, you’ll never go scot free!’ she wept.
Then she stood up and started to leave with Titilayo and Bidemi.
‘the plans have changed Hilda…’ Elder Conrad said. She stopped and turned ‘i’ve already called the police and they are already on their way. You have to be arrested and locked up for the rest of your life. Since you’ve started laying curses on us, who knows, we might be your next target, we arent safe any longer’
Titilayo fainted.
I sat on his laps and he wrapped his hands around my waist, i twisted my neck and placed a simple kiss on his lips ‘all this would have been impossible without you. You’re right, killing Chief as at that time would have been a bad plan’
He kissed me again ‘i told you didnt i?’
‘you’re yet to tell me how you found out about my plans..’
He pretended to think for a while ‘lets just say God whispered it to me in my dreams, lets forget about that. You’ve not told me when i’m going to see my daughter’
‘very soon honey. She’s currently in Dubai with my aunt and i dont know when they would be back’
‘i can see you’ve done so well for yourself my dear’
‘you’ve still not told me how you…’
‘how i survived?’ i nodded ‘it was Oke who found me, remember Oke, my elder brother?’
‘yes i do’
‘he found me that night. I had a temporary memory loss, but then, how could i ever forget you? When you’re the love of my life?’ he pinched my chin lovingly.
‘tell me the truth, is Ifeanyi dead?’ i asked.
He nodded sadly ‘yes he is. He committed suicide’
My eyes bulged ‘what?! When? How? I mean, why??’
‘shortly after you left. Henna said he left a note. He killed himself because of you. She said she was never going to forgive you’
My eyes watered and i climbed down from his laps sitting beside him on the bed.
‘aww…dont cry babe, dont cry..’ he said pulling me into his arms.
‘can you take me to Henna?’ i asked. He looked surprised ‘i need to talk to her. I need to apologise. I also need to see Ifeanyi’s grave…’ i was weeping now ‘i feel so guilty right now. Ifeanyi was such a nice guy Ralph, he was the one i truly love and will ever love, but i killed him!’
‘no baby, you didnt…’
‘i did! I’m responsible for his death. God!! I’m so devilish. I’m possessed!’
Ralph hugged me and when i opened my mouth to talk again, he kissed me again and this time i couldnt resist.
Soon our clothes were flying in the air. His touch was swift and unresistable. And i realised i missed him. He was good at what he did. I couldnt resist it.
And when he finally eased into me, it was like heaven came crashing on my feet.
‘you are not very tight baby..’ he whispered into my ears.
‘thats because never gives this puvssy rest. He fuvcks it every night’ i replied.
He giggled and inserted a finger in my as.s ‘ever had it in there?’
I shook my head. Then he turned me over immediately ‘relax, while i disvirgin this beautiful as.s honey..’ he smacked my as.s. I moaned.
He inserted another finger.

Before i knew what was happening, i had spent almost everything i had in my account. Dont ask me how. Ralph!
Ralph had constantly decieved me into withdrawing large sums of money from my account and that of the company for meaningless things which i didnt bother to find out what it was for.
I had the money so the finances wasnt the problem, coupled with aunt Chime’s extravagant fees. Today she called for twenty million, another day she called for fifteen, twenty five. And the so called business she was investing all the money in, i didnt know. And i wasnt seeing the outcome. If she was throwing the money into the deep blue sea, i did not know.
My affair with Ralph increased everyday to the extent that i told Chief i was going for business meetings abroad then Ralph and i travelled abroad for a whole month, just being with each other.
And when i found out i was pregnant, i was more than convinced it was Ralph’s. I wasnt sad, infact, it was a moment of joy for Ralph and i. That was when we decided to have our last strike.
We killed Chief. Chief was murdered in cold blood by assasins sent by us.
After he was killed, Elder Conrad was also killed and then we faked a will stating he willed everything to me and his unborn child. Rooney and his other children didnt get a pin.
That was when Rooney brought out the pictures of Rain and i hugging. He stated that i was having an affair and that i wasnt worthy of his father’s chain of companies.
But surprisingly, Rina stood by my side. She told him she knew Rain was an employee in our company and i would never stoop so low to sleep with a common employee.
I sold all of Chief’s properties, everything and fled the country with Ralph. I left Ifeanyi with aunt Chime and i left them with a huge amount of money.
If i had thought that my life was already fulfilled, then i was just joking. My life only started.

END OF Season 1
Season 2 starts next yr by God’s grace. I thank you all for your supports, advice and encouragements, if not for all of una, what would i have do? Lol
Bye and i love you all. Merry Xmas to all of you. Muahhhhh