Blind Desire Episode 48


I smiled wryly as Rina started dozing off. Though she was trying hard to remain awake.
‘Rin?’ i called ‘you should just sleep, dont fight it’
She shook her head and reached for her father’s hand.
I reached for her free hand and helped her up. She stood up weakly, the medicine wasnt just going to make her feel sleepy, it was going to make her weak.
‘come here..’ i said leading her to a long couch at the end of the room.
‘sleep. I’ll take care of Chief. If he wakes up, i’ll wake you up’
She smiled weakly at me ‘thanks alot Ivyy, what would i have done without you?’
I just smiled and she turned her back to me and before long, she was snoring away.
‘Gosh! She snores, yuck!’ I hissed.
I reached for my bra and brought out the injection and the red liquid. It was in a small transparent nylon. I injected the needle into the nylon and injected the liquid.
I smiled devilishly.
I walked towards Chief’s drip.
I glanced at Rina once more and she was snoring away.
On a second thought, i walked back to the door and securely locked it.
Then i walked back to Chief’s side. I smiled and kissed his forehead.
I carressed his arms. This man had done so much for me.
Ever since i stepped foot into that town five years ago with a baby without money or a house or a job and a quality education, he had been there for me. He didnt know us yet he took us in, sent me to school,provided a good house for us. He took care of my baby and i. He was so nice to me.
But today, he would have to get out of my way.
It was
no fault of mine, it wasnt my intention, but i never wanted to return to where i came from, abject poverty, one had to do what she had to.
In order to survive.

I kissed his forehead again rubbing his arm ‘oh Chief, i’m going to miss you believe me…’ i said staring into his closed eyes ‘and i’m going to mourn so dont feel bad. Since you really love your beloved wife so much, wy not just join her. You’ve been rich for a very long time, its time to go so people can enjoy your wealth. You’re fifty eight afterally’ i shrugged and wiped my left eye ‘my oh my! I cant believe i’m tearing up even when you’re not dead. What about when you die?’ I laughed wickedly.
I stood up, and held his drip, caressing with my hand.
I laughed again.
As i raised the injection in my hand, my phone rang.
I cursed in my mind, who the hell was calling me for goodness sake!!!
I hissed angrily and walked up to where i dropped my phone.
It was an unknown number calling.
‘Ivyy, what you are about to do right now shouldnt be done now’ the very familiar voice said.
I panicked. How did he…how did he get my number? How did he know about what i was doing?
‘killing Chief right now will only make people point fingers at you. You’re not making a smart move at all. I expected you to be smarter than that’
My hands shook.
‘lets meet tomorrow. I already have laid down plans on how you achieve your goal. Dont ask me how i found out about your plans. I know about everything. Everything’
I hung up in fear.
I looked around the room scared as if someone was watching me.
I quickly switched off my phone.
But when i sat down to reason all Ralph had said, i realised he was right. Killing Chief at this point wasnt at all a smart move. Fingers would point at me and i would be a suspect. And that was the last thing i wanted.
I let out air.
I ran my hands through my weave and stared at Chief..
Then i cursed again.
I tried to think of something but nothing came to my head.
I decided to take the risk. I picked my phone and typed a quick message.
“London cafe, 1pm tomorrow. Be prompt”
I sent it to Ralph.