Blind Desire Episode 44


‘aunty, what is all this? You told me ten million yesterday and now you are telling me twenty million, does it look like i pluck money from trees?’ i asked angrily.
‘meaning what?’ she asked almost immediately ‘Ivyy, whats the meaning of that? I cant ask for financial help from you anymore? After everything i’ve done for you?’
I rolled my eyes, here we go again ‘thats not what i meant aunty, just that i already told Chief about the ten million, its going to be somehow if i should go back in and tell him you need twenty million now?’
‘did you tell Chief i was the one who needed the money?’
‘yes i did’
‘why?’ she asked angrily ‘arent you sensible enough? Why did you mention my name?’
‘i dont understand’
‘what dont you understand Ivyy? Eh? You this child, when will ever have sense? Are you sure you ever going to be sensible in this your life?’
I frowned ‘care to explain better aunty, what do you mean? Why wont i tell Chief you were the one who needed the money when you’re the one who needed the money?’
‘bia nwata, do you want to give me the money or not?’
‘aunty, i…’
‘just answer me biko. Are you giving me or not? If you dont want to give me, then its fine, i’ll cope, i’ll manage’
‘aunty, its not like that…’ i said suddenly feeling guilty about the way i spoke to her ‘i’ll give you the money, Chief already promised to give me before the end of today, i’ll forward it to your account immediately, i promise’
I heard her sob before she ended the call.
I felt really guilty, she had done alot for me in the past five years, and now it was my turn to pay her back.
‘i need to put my plans into action already, the earlier, the better’ i said to myself.
I moved away from where i stood to a quiet place, then i placed a call to a familiar number.
‘hello?’ his baritone voice was heard from the other end.
‘i need you to carry out the job now, i’ll send you all the details you’ll need’
‘at your service ma’am’
I hung up with a devilish smile on my face ‘chief Adetola, you dont know what you are in for now’
I had the feeling that i was being watched. I felt it. Though i wasnt scared because the garage had a little people here and there, each minding their businesses, but that didnt mean anyone would be able to hurt me there.
I was fumbling my handbag for my car keys when someone bumped into me throwing my bag on the floor thereby scattering my belongings.
‘!’ i cursed. I was ready to slap whoever blindly bumped into me. But by the time i raised my head up, i knew there and then that if didnt die there, i would never die again.
My hands shook. My knees suddenly felt weak and it suddenly looked like i was going to collapse anytime soon. I rested my back on my car to prevent myself from falling.
‘Ral…Ralph’ i stammered.
‘hi madmoiselle’ he said with a smile.
That was all i remembered before my sight became blurry and i collapsed.
I heard the moans loud and clear in my dreams.
A sexual activity was going on and all the girl could beg for was more. I also heard the male’s grunt.
I couldnt exactly tell who were having s-x but i knew the female’s voice sounded like mine.
And the grunt was very familiar.
I felt a heavy weight roll off my body and collapsed beside me.
Then my ears opened.
My sight was blurry at first and i wasnt able to make out where i wasnt able to make out where i was.
But i knew the room was small and well decorated, painted white with just a small wardrobe and a center table.
I looked around me and i noticed i was totally unclad. My clothes and other male clothes were scattered all over the floor.
I cringed in fear and looked for something to cover my nakedness.
Then i looked beside me and i just felt like fainting again.
He was there smiling at me. He was totally unclad and sweaty and there was no need telling what had already gone down between us.
‘yeah baby’ he said holding my cheeks ‘i’m sure you enjoyed our encounter once again’
‘Ralph…you…you are not dead?’
‘hahahaha, can a dead man have s-x with such a sweet and stunning woman such as you?’
I was speechless.
He moved forwards and planted a simple kiss on my lips ‘i missed you. I missed you so much. I cant believe i was able to stay away from you for five years, i cant live without you Ivyy’
My head started banging again ‘let me go Ralph, you’re a dead man’
‘on the contrary, Ifeanyi is the dead one here’
‘what?! Which Ifeanyi?’
He laughed ‘your Ifeanyi’
I couldnt believe my ears. Ifeanyi was dead?
‘you are lying to me. You are the one who is dead, not my Ifeanyi’
He tried moving closer and i slapped him.
‘stay away from me you devil! Our sexual encounter was a mistake, i didnt even know what was happening around me, i was unconcious, why do you like taking advantage of people? Will you ever change’
‘i would never change when it comes to you. You know why? Because i love you so much Ivyy. I want my kid. And you’ He said with a devilish smile.