Blind Desire Episode 43


‘my love..’ Chief said looking up at me the moment i entered his office.
I faked a smile and sat on the chair opposite him ‘Chief, chief’
‘iyawo mi, how are you doing? This one you came to see me in my office today, i hope all is well’
‘if mohammed doesnt go to the mountain, the mountain goes to mohammed na’ i said.
He slapped his forehead a little ‘i’m so sorry my love, just that…’
‘na so we go dey dey? Haba Chief, you are deserting me oo, i havent even seen you in the room for almost two days now, haba Chief, are you forgetting that i am a woman?’ I asked pouting.
He smiled apologetically.
‘you now spend all your time in madam Oge’s room, its not fair oo, remember i was the one who was there for you before? You are depriving me of a husband’s love’ I said making it look like i was going to burst into tears anytime soon.
He stood up from his seat and came to, his hand on my shoulder ‘baby, please dont be mad at me, dont make me feel guilty than i already am’
‘you should feel guilty Chief. Imagine, you’ve abadoned your wife because of another woman. How many years has madam Oge been living with you? Almost 28yrs, but we’ve only been together for four months Chief, only four months, atleast let me enjoy you before another woman comes and takes your time. Knowing you very well, its only a matter of time before you get another wife. Or are you tired of me already?’ I forced tears into my eyes.
He squatted beside me with a small smile on his face, he wiped the tears with his hands ‘my love, i have no intention of getting married to another woman after you…’
‘because of madam Oge abi?’
‘this is not about Ogechi. I married eight women after her remember? This is about you, i love you so much Ivyy, your arms is where i want to be in my death bed, no body else’s’
In my mind, i was like, an old man professing love words to a girl old enough to be his daughter. I would make sure that his marriage to me was going to be the biggest mistake he had ever made, because by the time i would be through with him, he would have no one else by his side, not even his family. Then he would be alone on his death bed, and he would die a miserable death, i smiled inwardly.
‘Chief, you’re not showing it. It seems you love madam Oge more than you love me. I cant let another woman contend for your love with me Chief, i wont, thats how much i love you’ i said in a tearful voice. I never believed i could be such a wonderful actress.
‘no my love, please dont cry, dont cry, i’ll make it up to you with anything you want’
‘what is it about madam Oge that you dont see in me? I am still as fresh and beautiful as ever, and i’m ever ready in bed, just the way you like it, what then is in her thats so special, whats so special about her?’
He smiled as if saying you would never understand.
‘send her away Chief’ i said placing my head on his shoulder ‘i swear, i would make you the happiest man on earth, i want to bear you kids Chief, i love you so much, my love for you proved to me that age is nothing but a number, do this for me Chief, please’
He held me in his arms as i wept ‘you and i know that i can never send Oge away, she’s my life’
‘then what am i? Your deathwish? Your greatest nightmare?’ I’m going to be your greatest nightmare.
‘Ivyy, you are my love, i love you so much’
I stood up and straightened my dress wiping my tears ‘its of no use talking to you, because you just proved to me a second time that you love madam Oge more than you love me’
‘Ivyy…’ he said rising on his feet.
‘i didnt come here to cry in the first place. I came on behalf of my aunt’
‘Ivyy, lets not do this, we can settle things…’
‘she needs some money, she asked me to lend her some money Chief, but i’m totally broke right now, i dont have up to the amount she’s asking for’ I said ignoring him.
He shrugged his shoulders as if giving up, then he walked back to his seat ‘how much are we talking about here?’
‘twenty million’ i lied. Ten million was for aunt Chime and ten million was mine.
‘what does she need it for?’
‘business trip’ i simply replied.
‘i’ll see what i can do before the end of today’
I turned back and started to leave.
I stopped without turning back.
‘i’m spending the night in our room tonight, so prepare yourself because you’re going to be sore tonight’
I hissed inaudibly and walked out.
My phone rang almost instantly. It was aunt Chime.
I picked ‘hello aunt’
‘hello Ivyy i change my mind, i’m going to Dubai first thing tomorrow morning and i no longer need ten million, i need twenty..’
My countenance changed.