Blind Desire Episode 42


‘you should have let her go!’ Aut Chime said ‘why did you have to beg for her?’
I smiled iwardly, she didt kow what i had i store for that family, chasig madam Oge out like that wast goig to solve ay problems, rather escalate it. I kew what i was doig or so i thought.
‘chief really loves madam Oge auty, you eeded to seehow he wept beggig her ot to leave’
‘thats because that stupid woma has tied him dow with a charm! She’s ot eve pretty’
‘well accordig to her, she ad Chief wet through alot i the early days of their marriage’
‘that is o excuse!’
I laughed ‘dot worry auty, i’ll get her out of the house very soo’
‘you’d better do!’
‘so auty, i came as quickly as i could. What is the problem? Why were you soudig desperate over the phoe?’
‘hmm, my dear’ aut Chime sighed ‘its ot a big problem oo. Just that, i have a customer that i supplies most of my goods. He said he gets goods at cheaper rates in Dubai, he said he goes there himself and purchases goods, he said i’ll make even more profit if i buy my goods from there’
‘hmm’ i said ‘so, what do you want from me now? Money?’
‘of course dear! I need to travel to Dubai and i need cash for it’
‘how much would you be needing?’
‘roughly ten million’
‘ten million naira?’ i gasped ‘where do you expect me to get that kind of money from aunty?’
‘what kind of a question is that? Arent u married to one of the wealthiest men in the city? Dont u head one of his companies? What do mean by how do i expect you to get that kind of money from? Ten million naira is chicken change where Chief Adetola is now’
‘hmm, so what are you saying?’
‘ask him for the money now. I’m sure he will readily give you’
I sighed. Aunt Chime’s request for money were getting much. Most times, i wondered what she did with the money she got from the large supermarket i opened for her ‘okay, i’ll see what i can do’
She smiled broadly ‘i trust my niece, if you cant do it for me, who will you do it for?’
‘no one’ I said and got up ‘i have to run now aunty, greet Ifeanyi for me, i cant wait till she gets back from school’
‘ah, no problem, i know you are a very busy woman now, she dont forget to ask Chief for the money, i need it by next week. I’ll be taking Ifeanyi along with me, so, you’ll have to get two tickets, and yes, the ticket fee isnt part of the ten million oo’
‘ah! Anyways, no problem! I’ll speak to Chief, in the meantime,’ i dipped my hand in my purse and brought out two bundles of money ‘this is for Ifeanyi’s school fees and just incase she needs something else’
‘eh-hen, i took two packets of chocolate from my supermarket for Ifeanyi oo, you know how much she loves chocolate, you’ll have to pay me for that, you know, there’s no family in business’
I was shocked to my bones, does it mean that i have to pay for everything Ivyy collected, wasnt i the one who opened the supermarket for her?
‘i dont understand aunty’
‘what i mean is that, you owe me six thousand naira because one packet cost two thousand naira’
‘but aunty…’ i wanted to say something but i changed my mind ‘okay, collect it from this money’
‘no oo, the money wont be enough oo, Ife’s school fees is a hundred and fifty thousand, whats remaining is fifty, i’ll have to buy some other things for the house’
‘aunty, dont you use your money for anything at all, do i have to provide for everything?’
‘of course na! Are you not the one who’s marrying a rich man? I took care of you when you had nothing, now its your turn to take care of me’
‘thats why i opened a supermarket for you, so you can fend for yourself and that of Ifepams, though i’ll still give you money periodically to take care of…’
‘what kind of rubbish is that?’ she fired, the smile no longer on her face ‘are you telling me to use my own personal money for your own child’s welfare?’
‘dont let me say you are mad Ivyy! My money is my money, the supermarket you opened for me is compensation for all the thins and all the money i spent on your head, why then should i use my money to take care of Ifepas when you, her mother is alive and wealthy, so i look like one who do not have use for her money abi? Money miss road na’
She was visibly angry now.
‘ah, aunty, it has not gotten to that now..’
‘dont let me call you an ingrate, after everything i did for you’
‘aunty i’m sorry, it wasnt my intention to annoy you’
She held up her hand ‘i dont blame you at all, i blame myself. I could have just abandoned you after the death of your parents but no, i didnt, i took you into my home, fed you, clothed you, housed you, even took care of you in your pregnancy time, i paid your ante-natal bills and i got baby things for the baby, infact…’
‘aunty, its okay pls, i’m sorry’ I dipped my hands into my bag and brought out more money, then she smiled broadly.
‘thats what we are talking about here,’ she said smiling ‘wete the money no pasa’
I faked a smile. Now i could see aunt Chime for who she really is.
Money concious.