Blind Desire Episode 41


I sat on top of the bed crosslegged in my sexy lacy blue nightie. I had no bra underneath and what i had on was a black thong.
Chief was yet to retire to bed. After madam Oge had decided to stay back after having me promise to do everything to get Hilda and Titilayo back to the house for i was the reason i left. I had accepted but of course i wouldnt do that. By the time i executed all of my plans, there would be no one left in this house but me and my aunt and my wonderful daughter.
I looked at the time, itwas 09:50pm, i knew Chief was around in this, in Oge’s room to be precise. I had plans for him tonight. I had slipped some drugs into my juice earlier, so i could enjoy the s-x we were having tonight and also to make me horn.y.
My phone rang beside me and i reached for it. It was Chief, why was he calling me when he was around the house.
I picked ‘hello Chief’
‘my love..’ he sounded like he was panting ‘where are you?’
‘where else would i be? If not the room’
‘ok oo, i need you to do something for me. Pick any of my robes, give it to any servant to bring it to Oge’s room for me or better still, you could pls bring it for me’
‘pardon? You are passing the night there?’
‘yes love i am’
‘this is serious’ i muttered under mybreathe.
‘you said something?’
‘, i didnt. Just that, i had prepared a wonderful package for you, i’m kind of disappointed that it’ll all go to waste, but nevertheless, you’ve neglected your wives for too long, maybe you should spend sometime with her. I’llbring the robe to you’
‘thats why i love you. You are very understanding. Thanks a lot, i need it now. Andplease, bring my shower gel too’
‘no problem’ i hung up.
I hissed loudly. This was stupidity..this was madness..instead of thing to get better, things were getting worse, who’sthis madam Oge, whatkind of hold did she have on myhusband, it was beginning to irritateme, i had to getrid of her fast before i go crazy.
I flung the wardrobe angrily. I picked up a simple black sleeping gown, took off the skimpy lacy nightgown, threw it at one corner of the room, took one of his lemon robes, his shower gel and left the room.
I knocked on the door. There was no response.
I knocked again.
The door opened and Madam Oge stood in front of me with a satisfied smile on her face. She had a wrapper tied across her chest.
I resisted the urge to slap that satisfied grin of her face.
I handed the things to her and turned to leave.
‘thanks’ she said.
‘you’re welcome’ i said without turning back.
‘goodmorning ma’ Rain greeted rising on his feet as i stepped into his office. I didnt know why i was there but i had nothing to do at the office and Cherpet had called in sick else i would have invited her to my office for a chat.
I smiled and sat gesturing for him to sit as well.
He sat ‘what do i owe this august visit? Its surprising’
I laughed ‘really? I head this particular branch and i can visit any office i like’
‘yes correct, pardon me ma’
‘you’re crazy. Who’s ma? I’m Ivyy’
‘sorry madam Ivyy’ he laughed.
‘what are you doing? Lets go out for lunch’
‘uhm…’ he looked at his desk ‘i