Blind Desire Episode 40


Chief stood in our middle like a confused man, he sighed andrubbed his temples ‘you both shouldnt dothis to me, you are both importantto me’
‘no Chief,’ i said firmly wiping myfake tears with my hands ‘in a ship,there cant betwo captains, i cannot live here if madam Oge stays and its obvious shewont livehere ifi stay, you dontreally have to choose Chief, because i’m ready to leave this house for her..’ i made to walk away but heheld me.
I knew Chief lovedme andhe didnt want to lose me and i was going to use that to my own advantage.
‘Ivyyplease, Ogechi, please you both should be reasonable…Hilda, please help mebeg…’
Hildaraised up her uglyand wrinkled hands ‘save it. Now listen, i dont care if Oge is staying or this little brat leaves, just know i’m leaving this house too, today..let the bi.tch win..she has succeeded in tearing this family apart with her devilish lies’
‘please dont talk to me that way madam Hilda’ i said, both hands on my hips.
‘and what if i do?’ Hilda asked coming closer to me like one ready for war.
‘then you’ll be seriously incurring my wrath!’ i retorted.
‘what will you do?’she shoved me backwards.
During this time, i noticed madam Oge leave with the corner of my eyes and Chief followed her immediately. I felt hurt a little, does it mean that Chief still loved madam Oge? More than he loved me?
Hilda was still ranting and shouting on the top of her voice, i got angry and i pushed her with all my strength, saton top her and gave her the pounding of herlife.
The other wives held me, some siezing opportunity to rain slaps and blows on me since i couldnt tell who was doing it coupled with the fact that i was focused on Hilda.
By the time the other wives had succeeded in tearing me apart from her, i saw madam Oge heading down, carrying some ecolac boxes. Titilayo, Hilda’s eldest daughter w as behind her carrying some boxes as well, it was either they were hers as well or she was just assisting madam Oge.
Chief was behind her and from his countenance, i could tell he was pleading and i was very surprised and shocked when i saw tears in his eyes.
He came to Oge’s front and fell on his knees, he held her feet and cried ‘please Oge, dont leave me. I beg of you. You mean so much to me, you dont even know how much you mean to me’
Madam Oge paused and looked at him sympathetically ‘you showed me how much i meant nothing to you when you decided to bring home breakers to me home,’ she said ‘i tried to bring peace and happiness to this family even when i wasnt happy myself..i wanted everyone to be happy…but what do i get? You are choosing a little girl over me? One who’s definitely marrying you because of your wealth, wealth which we both acquired by our hardwork, wealth which she knows nothingof how it came about, where was she when i had to hawk just so we could feed?! Where was she?’ Tears rolled down her cheeks as she spoke with so much emotion ‘where was she when we had to go through trials and challenges in order to become successful? She wasnt even born yet! Because i knew at that time, i had only Rooney who was about two years old then. A little child…a little child who wasnt even born as that time, who would have known that someone who wasnt even born as that time wouldwant to ruin my family?’
Chief’s cries increased.
It had been long since i saw a matured man like him, wealthy and affluent cry like a baby because of a woman,on her feet for that matter. I knew that instant that no matter what i did, no matter how hard i tried, madam Oge was one woman i can never compete with. She had Chief’s heart completely and even though he claimed to love me, it could never compete with the one he has for Oge.
‘Oge please…’ he wept.
Hilda hissed, went upstairs and came down with her belongings..she held up a car key ‘as your soon to be ex wife Chief Adetola, i’m at least entitled to one car. Titi, lets go. Edna would meet us there’ she gave me one last look, then said ‘markmy words when i say, you will live to regret your actions’
I hissed.
She left the house with Titilayo. Chiefdidnt evennotice her as he w as only concerned with Chief.
I figured out that my first plan wasnt goingto work out. I needed another plan.
I went and knelt beside Chief withmy hands together. Madam Oge looked at me in surprise.
‘please madam Oge,’ i pleaded ‘please dont leave. Dont leave this house please. I’m sorry for all my mistakes, i promise, it wont happen again. I know just how much you mean to Chief, please dont leave him, he’s going to be shattered. I begyou in the name of God, Chief needs you, this family needs you, we need you, i too, need you. Please, i know you have a good heart, dont do this to Chief and to us…’
I faked a sob.