Blind Desire Episode 39


‘i am so disappointed in you Oge’ Chief spoke vehemently ‘i thought you could handle your younger cowives in my absence, but instead of handling them properly, you created trouble’

The shock that was written on madam Oge’s face was noticeable. I stood behind Chief, with my hanky on my face. I faked a sob

‘they insulted my aunt Chief, all of them, they made mockery of my aunt and i’ i added.

‘with all due respect Chief…’ Wanne started banging her hand on the table. Chief raised her hand signalling her to stop

‘not even a word from you Wanne else, you leave this house immediately’ Wanne shot me a dangerous look before sealing her lips.

‘i am very disappointed in all of you. You all had decided to turn my home into a warfront in my absence right? To the extent, you now taunt my wife!’ he said pulling me closer to himself.

‘we are your wives too Chief’ Hilda interjected. Chief walked up to her and surprised everyone by landing a slap on her cheek. I gasped.

‘i dont want to hear a single word from any of you here, is that clear?’ Madam Oge rose on her feet, her cool demeanor annoying me more

‘Chief, its very obvious both you and Ivyy want this house to yourselves. Its very obvious that you both do not want us here any longer and because of that, i’m leaving this house with my children, i dont know about the other wives but i know i’m not spending a night more in this house because i’m tired of all the insults and embarrassment……what do you think of your so called wife? A saint?’

Chief gasped, as if the matter had escalated more than he could handle. He suddenly looked pale and sorry

‘Oge, its not like that..this matter can be settled amicably’

‘there’s no settling this matter amicably. I can no longer stay in a house where i’ll be insulted everyday, continously.

No!’ Sweat creased Chief’s forehead..he was sweating profusely. I held his hand as if reminding him that i was here and i was hurting and that he should let Oge and the other wives go if they deem fit. But surprisingly, he withdrew his hand from my grasp.

‘i’m sorry Oge,’ he said and i frowned ‘i’m really sorry Oge, i never meant to insult you, i’m very very sorry’

‘dont beg me. You owe me no apology Chief, you are only living your life but mark my words Chief, you’ll remember me, you’ll soon know my worth in this house because no woman would be able to tolerate you and control this family the way i did. I am the brain behind all of your success and wealth, i married you when you were nothing and i did everything humanly possible to make you something. I stood by you during your woes and failures, i encouraged you. I helped you stand on your feet whenever you fall but what do i get in return? You think i’m happy about sharing my home with numerous women who you bring home as a wife on a yearly basis?’ she spoke fiercely ‘i did everything you ever wanted, i respected you, i did everything a wife would do for her husband and even more..come on Chief, what did this other women have that i did not have? What? Is it beauty? Am i not beautiful enough? Or is it because i’m aging?’ Then she turned to me

‘then this…this little child is here, bent on causing problems between us and you are letting her? She is agemates with Rina Chief and younger than Rooney with five years, five years Chief, why on earth would i want to taunt her? I would only treat her the same way i treat my children and i’m doing just that..never a day have i treated her wrongly….’

‘its a lie!’ i retorted

‘i knew you hated me right from the moment i stepped into this house, i saw the way you looked at me everytime..and the way you hesitated before answering my greetings. You maltreated me in this house, though i never told Chief, taking sides with the other wives whenever they taunt me!’

‘thats not true!’ madam Oge gasped turning to Wanne ‘please tell Chief this little…this little child here is lying!’ Wanne opened her mouth to speak and i quickly continued

‘why wont Wanne take your side when she has equally hated me too?’ i cried and turned to Chief

‘Chief, everyone hates me..from your wives to your children. I wouldnt have married you if i knew i was going to be treated this way by your family…..everyday i get to recieve insults from all of them, i try to tolerate them Chief but i cant take it anymore. They can all stay, everyone of them but i’m leaving..since thats what they want, i’m going to leave this house for them’ i sobbed. Chief held me

‘no my princess, no one is leaving this house for anybody’

‘you are wrong,’ madam Oge said ‘because i’m leavingthis house right now’ Chief released me and went to her ‘Oge please dont do this’

‘go to your other wife’ she said about leaving.

‘no madam Oge stay,’ i said quickly

‘because i’m the one leaving. Chief dont worry, she isnt leaving anymore. I can see that i’m not even needed around here’ Chief came back to me ‘Ivyy dont say that’

‘you have to choose between madam Oge and i chief’ i said.