Blind Desire Episode 38


I pulled away from his arms and landed a hot slap on his cheek.
‘jeez! What was that for?’ he gasped.
‘thats for your stupidity!’ i cursed ‘you are very stupid! Who the hell do you think you are to touch me? The next time you lay your filthy hands on me again, i’ll make sure your father hears of it, fool!’ i cursed and walked away purposely adding sway to my hips.
Rain entered my office smiling. He was wearing an obviously new white packet shirt and a black pencil trouser, new haircut and shiny black shoes. He looked amazing.
‘hi Rain. Resumed today?’ i asked arranging my table. I just arrived office and i was preparing for a meeting i had in an hour time.
‘good morning ma’ he said, hands in his pocket ‘yes ma, i resumed today, thank you very much ma’
‘for everything. You really changed my life ma, i can never thank you enough. I dont know how i can ever repay you for your kindness. You just dont know what you did for my family and i’
‘jeez Rain, let it go already. I did what i had to. You are a young and promising individual that could contribute greatly to this company with your skills and knowledge. And besides, cleaning isnt supposed to be your profession for life. And i would be eternally grateful to you if you drop this gratitude of yours and the ma ma ma of a thing, its getting me really uncomfortable,you know’
He smiled apologetically ‘i’m, sorry, Ivyy’
I laughed mildly ‘thats good..beside i cant be older than you are. You are obviously older than me’
‘i’m 26’
‘good. I’m 22’
He raised his brow in surprise ‘really?’
‘yeah’ i nodded ‘surprised?’
His eyes darted to the shiny diamond ring on my fourth finger..and i tried to hide it ‘that..well, lets forget about it’
‘you look more matured than your age Ivyy’ i could tell he was forcing himself to pronounce my name.
‘really? I never knew’
He just smiled, saying nothing.
‘lets have lunch together later’ i blurted out before i could stop myself.
He looked surprised.
‘lets celebrate your new job’ i added.
He nodded and smiled ‘yes ma Ivyy. Uhm i’ll head back to my office now. I’ll…i’ll see you during lunch’
I laughed ‘alright mr Office boy, get to work’
He smiled and left the office.
I let out a breath i didnt know i’ve been holding. I brought my fingers to my face. The ring was still there, not like i was expecting it to disappear into thin air anyways…sometimes, especially today, i wished it was never there.
Rain and i settled on one of the tables in the company’s canteen, we placed our orders and settled down to eat.
I noticed he kept staring at me in a surprising way though.
‘why are you staring at me that way?’ i asked.
‘because you look so beautiful and ravishing’ he simply replied in a way that i couldnt find it in a way to judge him or something like that. He quickly looked down on his food.
I blushed and placed my hand under his chin raising his face up to meet mine ‘days ago, you had looked so brave speaking to me in my office. Why do you look so timid now? Are you in any way intimidated by my presence?’
‘not really…’ he said forking his plantain ‘i..i’m not just used to having lunch with someone higher than me’ he blinked his eyes in a way that made my heart fluster and i found myself gasping for breath.
My eyes, on their own freewill traveled their way to his red sexy and kissable lips. I suddenly had this desire to run my hands all over them, kiss them, feel them, lick them. I looked around the canteen and noticed some people were staring at me in a way i didnt like and i knew exactly what was going on in their minds THE CEO’S WIFE HAVING LUNCH WITH AN EMPLOYEE, HOPE ITS NOT WHAT I’M all seemed to be written on their faces.
‘lets rush our lunch..’ i said looking at my wristwatch ‘lunchtime is almost over’
‘okay’ he replied simply spooning rice into his mouth. I loved the way his lips moved while chewing.
‘uhm, where do you stay?’
‘uhm..i..’ he called the name of a local area very far away from the company.
‘thats far! How do you cope with transportation?’
‘uhm, now that i work, it shouldnt be a problem’
‘wow…’ i looked down on my food. There were so many cars in Chief’s compound and i wasnt using my old car anymore, he wouldnt complain neither was he going to notice if anyone leaves the compound.
‘can you drive?’ i asked.
‘okay, i’ll see what i can do, but for today, i’ll drop you off at your house at closing hour’
‘but Ivyy, you dont need to…’
‘i insist’