Blind Desire Episode 37


I missed Chief.
Yes i did, his business trip to the states had taken longer than expected. Not that i missed his company, i just missed his presence in the room. Lying on the massive bed alone ever night all alone was very boring and i found myself rolling on the bed every night. Most times i stayed awake thinking of the events from five years ago.
I wondered where Ifeanyi, Henna, Ije and Oma were now. How did they turn out? Were the successful? Were they already married like me? Do they have kids like me? Had Ifeanyi gotten over me? Certainly…five years was such a long time.
I sighed rolling my thumb on the glass cup in front of me.
I sipped down the hot liquid..i didnt know why i felt like drinking alcohol that particular night…perhaps to forget about my sorrows.
Chief had called earlier that day and i had reported everything that had happened earlier that day to him and of course spicing up the story.
‘they made mockery of me and my aunt…’ i had said tears choking me..fake tears of course ‘they called us thieves and that we are only using your money to give ourselves better lives…’ i sobbed ‘Chief, i try to be nice to my co-wives, u can attest to that…what have i done? Why do they hate me this much? To the extent that they had involved my aunt this time around, i fought back Chief, i couldnt take this anymore…especially from Wanne and Didi, i injured Didi yes…that was only out of defence, you know how much i love my aunt Chief, she’s like a mother to me..she took care of me when i lost my parents…please Chief you need to stop this something, i cant tolerate this anymore…i will fight back next time and i’m going to leave this house for them…!’
‘…no my princess, please dont say that…’ Chief had said immediately..’please, dont leave the house, just ignore them, i will handled them when i me’
‘Chief you have to…please warn Didi and Wanne to stay away from me, something bad is going to happen next time i swear it’
‘i will my love, i will. I’m sorry…i’m really missing you my darling…what do i get for you on my return?’
‘uhm…let me think…’ i wiped my fake tears.
I was glad i could bend Chief to do my wishes. Wanne and Didi was going to get a shocker. One by one, they would soon leave the house. I was setting a bigger trap for madam Oge.
I had come to realise that Chief had great respect and admiration for madam Oge and i didnt know why. But he never joked with her..and she was someone he always listened to whenever she had something to say. Getting rid of her just like that wont solve problems, it would only create more. There had to be a greater plan.
‘seems someone is thinking..’ someone suddenly said behind me and i jerked.
I turned and found Rooney in a white robe with a bottle of whisky in his hands smirking mischievously.
‘what…what are you doing here?’ i stuttered…the guy was smashingly hot, ever since the other day at the kitchen, we had never spoken to each other.
He moved towards me and slightly brushed my cheek with his index finger. I swallowed…the closeness between the both of us was doing some strange things to my system.
The last time i had felt something like this was with Ralph…there was this sexual tension between us that i couldnt explain.
He sat opposite me filling my almost empty glass with whiskey and filling his ‘your aunt was a handful today’
I rolled my eyes ‘your stepmothers were also a handful today’
He chuckled. I loved the sound of his chuckle ‘my stepmothers? I love the sound of that’ he swallowed his drink in one gulp..then he smiled ‘what about my proposal? Have you thought about it?’
‘what proposal?’ I feigned ignorance.
He winked ‘a secret affair just betweeen the both of one knows’
I stood up ‘you are mad’ i made to leave but he held my hand.
He pulled me closer to him my breas.t.s on his broad hard chest. I suddenly felt weak as he covered my lips with his.
My head screamed for more as he kneaded my as.s softly.