Blind Desire Episode 45


I closed the door behind me breathing faster. I was looking messy, my hair was rough and my clothes was rumpled.
I had run out of Ralph’s grasp thereby hitting his head in the process. I had run out of the room, flagged down a cab and had gotten home.
I couldnt exactly tell why i was running away from Ralph, whether it was because i believed he was a dead man or because of what happened in the past. But i knew that i was better off staying away from him. He was trouble and he was going to ruin my life again if i let him.
I sighed and fell on the bed tiredly.
‘you’re back?’
I jerked at the sound of the familiar voice. I looked up only to see Chief standing by the entrance to the bathroom with a towel on his neck.
‘Eh…Chief…’ i forced a smile.
‘you’re late, where have you been?’
Then i began to stammer ‘i…i..i…aunt Chime, i…aunt Chime called, my daughter wasnt feeling well so i was with her’
‘your aunt?’ he looked confused.
‘yes my aunt, any problem?’
‘but…well, forget it’ he said approaching the bed ‘just dont stay out late again’
‘i’m sorry’
He sat beside me and pulled me into his arms, he sniffed my hair and asked ‘why are you sweaty?’
‘i..i knew i was late so i ran up the stairs, i thought you’d be mad’
‘i am mad…’ he said slowly ‘i’m just trying to understand, please dont stay out late again, it looks very suspicious. I dont want to suspect anything that i know you are not capable of’ he said looking away.
‘i’m sorry Chief’ i snuggled closer to him ‘i promise that it wont happen again’
‘are you telling me the truth?’
‘of course Chief, it wont happen again’
‘what i mean is, were you really with your aunt and daughter?’
‘of course Chief! You think i’m lying?’
‘i never said so’
‘i was with Ifeanyi, i swear it’
‘please dont lie to me Ivyy’
‘Chief, whats all this for?’ i asked softly feigning annoyance ‘you think i’d lie to you using my daughter’s health?’
‘i never said so’
‘forget it Chief, i know i was wrong for coming late and i’m sorry, it wont happen again but its okay if you really dont want to forgive me’ I said trying to stand up but he held me closer to himself.
‘i’m sorry, i didnt mean for it to come out that way. I love you’ he reached for a kiss but i backed away.
‘sorry Chief, i’m not in the mood for this. I want to sleep, i’m very tired’ I said wonderinng why a matured man like this loved s-x to the extent he could have it everyday.
I stood up and dragged myself to the bathroom.
I handed aunt Chime the cheque. She looked at it and hissed, picked up her handbag and made to leave without a word.
‘aunt’ i called softly.
She stopped but didnt turn back.
‘i’m sorry’ i said ‘i’m so sorry’
‘sorry for yourself!’ she snapped and reached for the door knob.
‘aunt please’ i said and walked to her hugging her from behind ‘please forgive me, i know you’re angry at me, i beg you’
She released a breath ‘okay, no problem, just promise it wont happen again’
‘it wont’
‘fine i forgive you. But i have to leave now, i have something very important to take care of’
I released her and she left without turning her back to me. I was supposed to tell her about Ralph but something held me back.
I just turned and headed back to my seat.
My phone rang.
‘madam, job carried out’
I laughed satisfactorily ‘alright, i’ll send your balance over to you’
I hung up and laughed heartily.
Yes, i knew i was becoming heartless but one had to do what he had to in order to survive. All i needed was the money, nothing else.
I picked up my phone and car keys, i needed to celebrate and Rain was the best person to celebrate with.
I was chatting and laughing with Rain when my phone rang, it was Chief.
‘hello Chief’
‘Ivyy, where are you?’ he sounded stressed and it looked like he was crying.
‘i’m at the Chief, whats the matter?’ i asked pretending to be alarmed.
‘Oge…Oge is dead!’
‘what?!’ i screamed.
‘she died in an automobile accident few hours ago. Come home right now Ivyy’ he said and hung up.
I dropped the phone and smiled inwardly.
There are so many ways to kill a rat.