Blind Desire Episode 46


I held Chief tightly as he wailed like a baby ‘Chief, you have to take it easy’ i said tears falling from my eyes ‘its not the end of the world’
‘i loved her’ he cried like a baby. Have you ever seen a fifty eight year old man weep like a baby? It was a sight to behold ‘i loved her so much. I never treated her well, i wanted to use the opportunity to make up for all my mistakes but fate had a different plan’
Rina was weeping at a corner and Rooney was all alone staring into space with unshed tears in his eyes.
Chief’s brother, Elder Conrad came to his side and i moved away to Rina’s side. I knew we were not on good terms but i just felt like consoling someone. Didnt the bible say mourn with those that mourn?
I agree, madam Oge was a nice woman and a mother to all, but in order to achieve my aim, i had to get her out of the way, and surprisingly, i didnt feel guilty like i thought i’ll feel, meaning i could do this again and again. I could get rid of anyone who tries to stand in my way of success.
‘Rina’ i called softly.
She looked at me and started crying again.
I hugged her wiping the fake tears from my eyes.
‘i miss her. I miss my mum’ she said relaxing in my arms ‘she was the most understanding mum ever’
‘i know. We all miss her. She was a very nice and understanding woman’ I meant that.
‘why did she have to leave for Abuja today? Why? Oh God, why my mum? How do i cope without my mum?’ she wept.
‘dont cry anymore Rina. We might be agemates but i want you to know that i’ll always be there for you. I’m sorry about everything that happened in the past. I want us to become friends, we would conquer the world together’
She wept aloud.
‘how did it happen? I only heard she was involved in an accident but i didnt get more details’
‘she was on her way to the airport, she wasnt driving, the driver was, then they were involved in a motor crash, the car was checked and it was discovered that the brakes of the car were cut off. Its obvious someone did it on purpose, someone tried to kill my mum, my mum who would never hurt anyone’
‘Jesus!’ i exclaimed ‘why on earth would anyone try to kill madam Oge? Why are humans this wicked?’ i cursed crying ‘God will punish the culprit, that person will never go scot free’
In my mind i was like, God was going to punish Rina and her entire family and not me.
‘do you have anybody in mind as a suspect?’
‘no, i cant think of anyone that would want to hurt my mum’
‘what about Hilda?’
She looked at me surprisingly then shook her head ‘Hilda would never do that’
‘never say never Rina. Remember she was never in good terms with your mum, and she would have been jealous of your mum, just look at her…’ i said pointing towards Hilda who was seated at one corner, her hands on her cheek, nothing like a pained expression on her face, her face was indeed plain and void of emotions.
She looked shocked.
‘look at Didi. Look at Chisom, look at Wanne, are they not all crying? Why then is she not crying? Even the most heartless demons would weep at this terrible and sorrowful sight. Is her heart made of stone? Check it out na Rina, Hilda is the one responsible for your mother’s death!’
Her face changed instantly.