Blind Desire Episode 34


Rina tried so many times to be close to me but i always ignored her. I didnt want to be close to anybody apart from Chief of course because of my plans. I didnt even tell Aunt Chime of my plans in inheriting al of Chief’s properties in due time. I already had everything mapped out in my brain, what i needed was an alibi. Certainly not aunt Chime.
The cashier packed my things in a nylon handing them to me. I quickly paid for it and as i turned to leave, something caught my attention.
My eyes were drawn to someone wearing a white dress. The person passed me, his arms slowly grazing mine in a knowing way. But by the time i squinted my eyes to be sure of who i saw, he had disappeared. My heart pounded loudly against my chest. I was suddenly scared for no reason.
I hurried to the car, the uniformed chauffeur openning the door for me. I quickly entered and we zoomed off.
I relaxed my head on the seat. A sudden headache appeared from nowhere.
My phone rang and i quickly picked ‘hello?’
There was no sound from the background.
‘hello? Ivyy Adetola speaking’
‘hello? Who’s this?’
‘you must be really jobless…’ she hissed and hung. Must be one of those female scammers looking for male prey.
I got to the house and noticed everyone was in festive mood..everyone was around at home including Chief. He embraced me in a bear hug immediately he saw me ‘my son is finally back home’ he whispered into my ears.
‘which son?’
‘Rooney, my first child’
Oh! The 27 year old boy who had resided in Canada for almost fifteen years. I rolled my eyes nonchalantly. He was back so what? Was that why everyone was so giddy with excitement? What was the big deal about him?
‘Chief i want to rest i’m so tired. Where’s he anyway?’ i asked.
‘around the house. Let me introduce him to you’ he said tugging my arm.
I sighed and followed him upstairs. We stopped in front of Rina’s room and pushed the door open.
Rina was chatting and laughing with someone, a male.
I looked at him carefully and my heart missed a bit. The guy had the face of an angel. He was brownskinned with large eyes and long lashes, he was seated on the bed but i could tell him height was good. His long straight legs were stretched on Rina’s bed and the red tshirt he had on showed his firm and hardlooking chest.
His hair was short and curly…clearly artificial but it fitted him.
‘Ron’ Chief called wrapping his hands around my waist ‘meet Ivyy, my new wife, we got married three months ago’
I saw the displeasure in his eyes as he regarded me. He suddenly frowned, looking cuter ‘yet another one?’
Chief only smiled saying nothing.
‘this must be Rina’s agemate dad’ there was a note of anger and irritation in his voice.
‘i love her. Age doesnt matter when it comes to love…’ Chief said ‘now greet your stepmother and stop looking at her accessingly’
Rooney eyed his father, then me, exchanged looks with Rina, then shrugged ‘hi’ he said simply. No smile on his face, nothing.
‘hi you too’ i replied and turned to Chief ‘now i’ve seen him, can i go to the room now?’
‘sure i’ll escort you. Come my love’ we walked out of the room.
I thought about Rooney, he didnt seem to like me too much…probably because i’m his father’s new wife, but who cares? I didnt give a about anyone in this family, i only came for what i could achieve.
I yawned as i descended the stairs tiredly. Chief’s snoring couldnt let me sleep. Sleeping by his side for two months hadnt gotten me used to his pig-like snore.
I settled on the sofa looking around for what to do. It was late and everyone was asleep. I suddenly felt like eating so i tiptoed to the kitchen. I opened all the pots and it was empty.
I opened the fridge looking for anything chewable. And i settled for some fried turkeys i found in a small blue cooler in the fridge. I poured myself a cup of apple juice and whistled as i chewed slowly.
‘that belongs to me’ came from behind.
I jerked and turned ‘you?’
Rooney walked towards me snatching the cooler from my hands ‘what right have you to go around ransacking people’s houses?’
‘excuse me?’
‘this kitchen doesnt belong to you. It belongs to my mother. So what are you doing here?’
‘are you kidding me? This is my house-my husband’s house’
‘which husband? The one you stole from someone?’ He chuckled ‘you are even more shameless than i thought’
‘what?! Me, shameless?’
He eyed me ‘you are beautiful though, the prettiest among my father’s house. Maybe we could hang out one or two times without father’s knowledge’
He winked.