Blind Desire Episode 33


I sat on the bed crosslegged with the phone on my ears ‘i’m just tolerating them aunty…’
‘you dont have to tolerate them!’ Aunt Chime said from the other end ‘give it to them the way they deserve it! Ivyy, its your husband’s house and you are going to living there forever, you dont have to tolerate nonsense in your house!’
‘isnt quarelling with them so low?’
‘low my foot! It cannot be called low when you are in your own house my dear, give them what they want. And if you need my help just call me, i will bury their heads in my pocket!’ Aunt Chime snapped.
I laughed. I heard the shower stop running from the bathroom ‘okay aunt, i’ll call you tomorrow, take care of Ifeanyi’
‘bye’ she said and hung up.
Chief came out from the bathroom almost immediately with a big boxer around his fat laps and a white towel around his neck. He smiled sitting beside me on the bed.
I quickly wrapped my hands around his shoulders massaging them softly with a smile on my face.
He laughed and pulled me closer ‘tell me what you want my darling, you only do this when you want something from me’
His tobacco filled breath disgusted me but i didnt show it.
I rested my head on his shoulder ‘its about your wives and Rina’
‘my wives and Catherina?’
‘yes, especially Didi and Olamide…they sieze every opportunity to constantly taunt me, they abuse me always and they always say i bewitched you and that they are going to do everything humanly possible to throw me out of the house’
‘what?!’ he looked at me ‘is this true?’
‘yes Chief, would i ever lie to you?’
‘how long has this been going on?’
‘ever since i came into this house. The taunting is becoming too much and i cant bear it any longer, thats why i’m telling you’
‘so all this has been happening in this house and you didnt deem it fit to tell me?’
‘i just didnt want to cause problems between you and your wives but now, Mide is threatening my life….’ i lied ‘she threatened to kill me’
‘Olamide?’ he seethed in anger ‘dont worry, i know what to do with her’ he stood up, went to the wardrobe, brought out a white caftan and pulled it on.
He left the room and i ran after him.
He marched to Olamide’s room banging her door hard. I stood behind him.
Olamide opened the door with just a wrapper tied across her chest and her body dripping wet showing she just left the shower.
‘ah my husband, this one you’ve come to see me today, i hope all is well?’
Chief held her hand dragging her ‘come here’ he dragged her downstairs to the sitting room.
I followed steathily.
‘Maria…’ Chief said to one of the servants in the house ‘i want you to go to this woman’s room…’ he said pointing at Mide ‘pack everything you know belongs to her and bring them downstairs immediately’
‘ah Chief!’ Mide gasped covering her mouth ‘Chief, ah…why? What have i done wrong?’
‘shut up you miserable woman!’ he landed a slap across her cheeks. My heart danced in excitement..God was overthrowing my enemies one by one.
Olamide fell on the floor her wrapper loosing from her chest, she quickly dragged it to cover her nakedness.
By this time everyone had come out of their various rooms.
‘Adetola, what did she do?’ Madam Oge asked clutching her long nightwear, why is she unclad?
‘this filthy woman had the guts to threaten my wife! This woman had the guts to maltreat my wife in my own house!’ Chief said breathing heavily in anger.
‘which of your wife are you talking about?’ Madam Oge asked.
‘Ivyy of course!’ Chief snapped.
Madam Oge and the other wives directed their gazes at me. I rolled my eyes in a nonchalant way falling on a sofa with my legs crossed. Mide looked at me in tears and i winked at her. I had warned her to stay away from me but she hadnt listened…this was just the beginning for the other wives. I looked at Didi and the look on her face was priceless…i could tell she was nervous probably thinking i had reported her to Chief as well.
By this time Maria and two other servants were dragging Olamide’s heavy boxes down the stairs.
She wailed and held Chief’s feet crying profusely ‘please Chief, they are all lying against me, i didnt threaten anyone, please Chief, dont send me out i beg you’ Chief slapped her hands away and she crawled to me ‘please Ivyy, tell them the truth, tell them i didnt threaten you, anything i’ve done to you please forgive me, please beg Chief for me’
I rolled my eyes.
She crawled back to Madam Oge’s legs crying and begging. Madam Oge looked at Chief with a pleading look but he was adamant.
He called one of the male servants and they dragged Olamide out that night, without a penny, just a wrapper tied loosely across her chest.
The night was dangerous but who cares?