Blind Desire Episode 35


I eyed him disgustingly. I felt insulted. What does he take me for? I hated him already, how dare he? I smiled as an idea entered my head. This fool just made getting rid of him easy for me.
‘oh really? So i should date you?’ i said dipping my hands into the pockets of my pajamas ‘whats the time sef?’ i asked pretending to check the time. I clicked on recording and put it back into my pocket.
‘not dating actually….i can never date a shameless woman like you, i’m in a serious relationship and i love my girlfriend’ he held my waist and pulled me closer to himself.
I smiled wickedly ‘so you want to be sc.rewing me behind your father’s back?’
‘exactly baby’ he licked his lips seductively.
‘do you realise that i am actually your father’s wife?’
I pushed him back ‘go to your girlfriend. She’ll satisfy all your cravings…since you claim to love her’
He laughed ‘you cant resist me for too long Ivyy, no girl resists me…its only a matter of time till we get under the sheets, bet me’
‘i’ll never stoop so low as to cheat on my husband with a lowlife like you. I love my husband and cheating on him is the last i will do’
‘lets watch and see…’ he laughed wickedly and left the kitchen still holding the cooler in his hands.
I smiled and removed my phone from my pockets. I paused the recording.
‘Rooney or whatever you call yourself, its a pity you’re getting on my bad side on our first day of meeting’ i thought.
A phone rang and i looked at my phone, it wasnt mine. I saw a phone on the counter where Rooney had stood and i knew immediately that it was his. The fool had forgotten to pick his phone.
I picked it up with the thought of smashing it to pieces. But out of curiousity, i decided to check the caller.
Henna Luv.
My heart skipped a beat. Henna? Henna was Rooney’s so called girlfriend?
My heart raced faster and i mentally slapped myself. It certainly couldnt be the Henna i knew, there were so many Hennas in the world.
Someone snatched the phone from my hand and i looked up.
It was Rooney.
He eyed me and looked at his phone. His face suddenly broke out in a smile and i suddenly envied this HENNA girl to have attracted a hot looking man like Rooney…just that her boyfriend was an as.s. I envied and pitied her at the same time.
‘hello honey…’ he said picking the call and walking away ‘i’ve been waiting for your call….yes i arrived safely, how’s it over there….’ that was until he was completely out of earshot.
I became more than convinced that it wasnt my Henna since his Henna was abroad. But didnt Henna say she was leaving the country immediately she was done with her secondary education, and wasnt Canada the country we all loved and always wanted to visit? Henna was born in Canada and had always boasted that she was a Canada citizen and was going to marry a Canadan citizen too.
I wondered if Rooney was a Canadan citizen.
I rolled my eyes. Henna wasnt an overly attractive lady facially as far as i could remember, though i knew her hips, bust and as.s was something to die for. There was no way someone like her could attract someone like Rooney. I suddenly envied his Henna and for a moment i wished i was the one in her (His own Henna) shoes.
I changed my mind about giving the recording to Chief.
On a second thought, maybe i could flirt with Rooney a little. Chief was very boring in bed. He was nothing like Ralph, even if it was a one time thing with Rooney but the problem was, was he going to keep his mouth shut?
I decided to surprise Ifeanyi a little. I missed my daughter and recently, workload and some other things had prevented me from seeing her on a daily basis.
So i decided to pick her up from school. On my way i had dropped by Delicious n Fruity getting her her favourite ice-cream and strawberry cakes.
I decided to park my car opposite the school gate instead of driving into the school.
I came down with just my phone and handbag and crossed the mainroad as a car was coming speedily.
I hadnt seen it quick enough but when i finally did, it was almost close so i had to increase my pace as i ran and i bumped into someone as i crossed over.
The person had smeared me shirt with something ‘Oh my Gosh!’ i screaming trying to clean off the stain from my expensive white top, if only they knew how much that top cost.
When i looked up, i didnt see anyone. I looked ahead and i saw someone…someone really familiar, he was looking at me but turned almost immediately our gazes met and ran away.
I suddenly went dizzy, my sight became blurry at who i saw. It couldnt possibly be him. It couldnt possibly be Ralph.
I remembered falling and someone catching me as i blacked out with one face in my memory…Ralph’s.